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  1. yea mine was packed in the mofi box which is intact, as is the shipping package which was very sturdy. the damage must of occurred in the factory whilst being put in the sleeves, they were damaged whilst being packed which I would say could be seen as negligent rather than defective., so I cant see how the above policy from mofi would apply.
  2. Unfortunately I havent been very lucky.. received the boxset last week after a 3 month wait and a further £31 import cost taking the total to near enough £165 only to open it and find the person that packed it must of thrown the lp's into the sleeves as the bottom of them were torn straight through. the sleeves are also covered in marks, some going through the print into the card below. on both lps theres splits in both the inner sleeves too, including slight damage to the edge of one record showing very little care has been taken in packing them. I raised it with Mofi, their response being when the sleeves are available (no indication of when) they will send them out with my next purchase..! no mention of how they'd rectify the damaged lp either. Ive replied with my dissatisfaction at this and await a resolution. luckily i paid with paypal so thats the last resort if no joy.. lesson learnt I think..
  3. Yep, never bought anything directly from them. Hopefully no issues...
  4. Good to hear BOTW is impressing! Ive preordered the one step Whats going on. Looking forward to comparing it to my standard mofi pressing..
  5. Abbey road, Whats going on & lets get it on on vinyl, august and everything after on cd. Favourite is whats going on, inner city blues is just superb on it.
  6. cracking show last year, the Ross Halfin exhibition was a particular highlight. really looking forward to next weekend, I haven't said that about a hifi show in a long time, tbh.
  7. Acs custom in ears for £299 are excellent As above if you have them in for over 2 hours on a commute custom tips whilst not essential will certainly be more comfortable. i have the universal version at £150 and they absolutely sing with an iphone 7/ chord mojo/ tidal portable system. Hugely underrated iems imo.
  8. Christ he was the same age as me, so sad.. Rip Chester, I hope you find the peace you couldnt find in life..
  9. Yep, this is the recipe i use now. Are the results any better than the l'art du son / distilled water mix i used before? Havent noticed any more surface noise or extra stylus gunge so Its certainly no worse and its a lot cheaper. And it tastes better.
  10. Upgrading from passives to active was the largest improvement ive heard in my system. Even the wife could appreciate the sound!
  11. Ive got a mojo, i use it with my macbook or iphone and obravo erib-2a in ears. Personally i think its worth every penny, it drives the obravos brilliantly. Poly's released in March i believe, very interested to have a play, so ill pop into audio sanctuary when its there for a listen.
  12. Yea, my mk2 pro's third switch turns a fan on.
  13. apologies if this has already been posted, but I downloaded the Sennheiser app to try and it gave me the option of a free 3 month subscription to Tidal, including Hifi.. If your not going to carry it on, just remember to cancel the subscription, If you do it straight away, the trial is still live for the three months but doesn't auto renew afterwards.
  14. counting crows at wembley arena in '99 iirc. dreadful sound quality sharp enough to cut glass with. Ian Brown at Brixton academy about 10 years ago. he was atrocious and the crowd were a bad tempered bunch. probably due to his caterwauling.
  15. Ive been using a player/sub/play:1 system for a couple of years now, whilst not DTS or any of the HD surround formats its extremely good, as you've said the waf factor is pretty high too. have to say the white looks nice and will finally be a match for the 1/3/5's in white. My sub is a matte black finish which they seem to have discontinued now? hasn't picked up any marks since I've had it so it seems a shame they've dropped it..