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  1. If it's just for video duties, then I'd recommend a pass. The main advantage of the primare was that it produced a very high quality sound, from its own analogue outputs, irrespective of the disc being Blu Ray, SACD, etc. A universal disc player. On top of that, this series has been discontinued for some while, raising question marks on future mechanism availability, if required. The Primare still attracts decent used prices because of its great analogue performance. You'll be paying a premium for something you don't need. If for video only, then take a look at newish models from Sony or Panasonic, exact model according to your requirements. .Buy it from Richer Sounds and opt for the extended warranty. As good as you'll ever likely need, long life, no repair worries plus you'll be many hunders of pounds better off, if not a grand or so. Sorted!
  2. If you're in the market for this level of player, then the Luxman D06U is the one to be with. I very much preferred it to the Marantz, plus it makes the Marantz look like it was put together by a DIY enthusiast! Drawer and mechanism are absolutely top notch. Smooth and very quiet. Almost impossible to hear and mechanical noise when playing a disc. Frankly, the D06U is virtually as good as you're going to get; yes, there are marginally 'better' players, but they'll need really good systems to show off any improvements. Having said all of the above, there is a Burmester in the classifieds here that is seriously good. Red book only and now a few years old, but if you can live with those caveats the Burmester is probably as good as it gets for CD replay.
  3. In general, interconnects often sell at 30-40% of retail. Of course, it depends on specific interconnect as some are more desirable than others. Your AQ interconnects are popular as they are generally regarded as performing well. However, there are very many counterfeit examples of just such AQ interconnects as yours. When you list them make sure you include quite a few close up pictures. Having rhe original packaging will also help enormously. If you have provenance that can be shared then include that.
  4. I tend to buy ex dem or new bargains from dealers these days. I pay on a credit card to gain Sec 75 protection, but pay the balance in full at end of month. There have been endless for sale listings, here and elsewhere, ober the years that seem to be 'forced' sales; car's broken, this or that needs repair, etc. My advice for financial sanity in general: don't buy high cost discretionary purchase items until you have saved a minimum of 6 months living costs (including a contingency sum), preferably 12 months. Aim to keep your savings at that minimum level. Irrespective of hifi, it'll lead to a more stress free life and you'll better be able to weather the storms that pass your way. It's my experience that sh*t certainly does happen: best be prepared!
  5. The Moon would definitely be an option I'd look at. However, the 10 year warranty does not apply to the CD mechanism; 3 years only.
  6. That's fair enough and entirely your decision. But where does your stance end? Is it just Chinese goods? Take a look at the below and that's just for electronics. How about other areas: fashion and clothing, for example. Along with a myriad others.
  7. t's a gesture which makes you feel good. It won't have any effect whatsoever on China's government or any other polictical agenda. They don't care if a few nerds on a hifi forum don't buy Chinese; they'll just sell something else, if the effect could even be measured or noticed. Gestures and social media fads are all about allowing yourself to do nothing much at all, but feeling virtuous that you've done something. Real political engagement, at all levels, is the only thing that has any potential to make change. Indeed, it could be argued that international trade has forced more change than all the gestures in mankind's history. Perhaps we should have more trade, not less. Then we come on to the moral POV. China, along with many others, certainly doesn't always lign up with how the West consider things should be done. However, on what basis can the decision be made as to who is correct? What value standards would you use?
  8. By suggesting to them that they have over priced, you are potentially implying that they might be attempting to pull a fast one, as it were. They obviously think they've priced accurately, thus your suggestion of over pricing may be offensive. If you are genuinely interested in these, rather than just kicking tyres (as so many in hifi do), then explain to them that they're a little more than your budget, but you would be prepared to offer £x for them.
  9. You could use what you probably already have; a laptop
  10. Bryston speakers are not distributed in the UK, as they would be in direct competition to PMC who distribute Bryston electronics. As this is predominantly a UK forum you thus might not get too many replies. I'd certainly be interested to hear of people's experience of Bryston speakers though.
  11. Indeed. Below is in a completely different league I had a Luxman D06u for a while. Quite superlative, in every way.
  12. This is a valid point. Definitely speakers first. Speakers that you like and that work in your room. Then choose an amp to suit those speakers and that has the facilities you need.
  13. Found my blog post on the Luxman duo, below. Please note comment on pricing. I bough the pair, ex demo from Audio Emotion for a tad under £1K for both. They were originally £2k/piece; over priced, IMO. I've seen similar examples flounder for months and months at £1K each, or thereabouts. If you like swapping kit and don't want to lose a substantial sum, just be careful what you pay for a 250.
  14. Hmmm....£1300? Quite a wedge. If you'd use the pre facility it could be worthwhile. I'm not sure what you paid for the 100, but putting the proceeds of the sale of that with the £1300 would get you in to quite serious DAC territory. As ever, it depends on exactly how you'd use it and what your priorities are. Of course, SQ should never be the sole criterion on kit choice so the answer is, as always; it depends!
  15. I've had both the 100 and the 200, Dom. The 250 added remote control and other slight changes. Indeed, in the early days of this forum in its current form I did write a blog entry of the pairing with a Luxman amp The DA200 was a significant improvement on the 100. The two words that come to mind that characterise the difference are texture and refinement. Marvellously subjective, I know but there you go. How much would be the price to change?