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  1. Utter nonsense. If you believe that 128kbps doesn't represent a 'drastic' change in sound, then you really have no place on a hifi forum.
  2. For clarity: the Cor has a 5 year warranty. PMC also distributes Bryston amps, which have a 20 year warranty. The Cor is a good amp but seriously over priced, putting it in competition with some seriisuly good competing products. The going price for a good used ine is £2.7k or so.
  3. Yes. Ipad pro 2020 using iPados 15.2. Plus Safari on iMac. I don't view much on my iphone. The video ads look very dodgy to me, possibly even scammy. One looked like an ad for porno 'game' or some such. Video ads also have strange formatting; smaller rectangle within large banner space. They're also full of moving, flashing images. Sorry but not acceptable for me. I quite understand that forums take financial resource to run plus need to provide a return on investment. Is there any milage in a subscription model? £x pa for an ad free experience, perhaps?
  4. Clearly, there's some background work going on to try to better monetise the site; fair enough. However, it is leading to many formatting problems. I'm now getting advert banners between posts, like a few other forum sites. I find this very annoying and intrusive. I don't want to have to use an ad blocker, but I shall be forced to if this doesn't change. Is this new format for adverts permanent? I use Safari.
  5. Care here. Unless this company has gone through the correct registration and follows procedure, then it is highly likely that you'll be hit by UK VAT at the border, irrespective of whether or not Italian VAT has been included. If buying from EU you are better off paying the VAT exclusive price, then you know you'll only pay VAT once. If this is a product with a Country of Origin outside the EU or UK then you'll also be hit with a tariff. You'll also have to pay for customs clearance. I would advise that you add 25% to cover all your potential costs and see if it is still a bargain. It will be doubly so if you end up not having to pay VAT etc. Also consider ramifications for warranty. Many manufacturers will not support out of territory warranty. If you do have to send back to Italy for any warranty, then again you'll have to make sure you follow the correct procedure and paperwork, or all parties run the risk of VAT again! It's not a difficult procedure and it's well established, but worth being aware of.
  6. Is there anyone who really cares about all this any more?
  7. Ah, my memory fails me..one year out, to quote Ken Bruce.
  8. The White Album wasn't in the 70's; 1968 I think? But if we're talking Beatles then Abbey Road it is. 2nd side is very much travelling in the prog rock direction. Outstandingly good album.
  9. Hang your head in shame! "The River', by Springsteen was a double I think? Probably my favourite of his, but I'm not a big fan.
  10. The Lamb and Tales are top for me, but Exile on Main Street is pretty good! "London Calling" by The Clash is also excellent.
  11. These are seriously good at an excellent price. I'd have them, but they're far too heavy fo me to contemplate these days. Someone should snap these up pronto!
  12. Now, let me ponder; a 1m pair of these or a nice, brand new, dCs Bartok? Hard choice.
  13. So, exactly how many angels can dance on the head of a pin?
  14. It would be nice to get the name correct; Max Townshend
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