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  1. Hasn't this amp been in storage unused? There could be a problem with the pot that is coincidental and not related to the previous incident. Just a thought.
  2. You could take a look at a Blue Aura V32 Hybrid. Deco has an ex dem @ £275
  3. I'd be looking at the pot.
  4. £125,000? Ludicrous. It will never happen. A few hundred, tops, for the 'hi fi' The vinyl collection has probably been badly damaged by having been played on poor turntables. The Rock-ola may well be worth a few grand, but much depends on condition. The Fenders? Again, a few grand, dependent on condition and specific model This is typical collectors stuff. It may well have great 'worth' in the mind of the collector, but very little to the real world general market. He'd be much better off placing it all in the hands of an established, professional auction house that would catalogue, grade & batch properly, before placing in an appropriate auction.
  5. It's all about the journey, not the destination. In hifi, as well as life.
  6. These are great budget amps. This one is end of line though, as 6007 is launched.
  7. This is all you need. True 75ohm termination. Excellent seller. As an aside; you do realise that the digital out won't be DSD, but probably LPCM?
  8. SCM11s are quite large: I don't think they'd look great in that position. Plus they don't really play well at lower volumes. If you like Harbeths, then what about M30.1? Amphion Argon 1 would be my primary recommendation to investigate. Don't get too involved in all the graphs, technicalities, etc. Whilst that type of info is interesting and can provide some compatibility guidance, it certainly will not tell you what the speaker sounds like to you, in your system and in your room.
  9. There's one on the bay, but I think the older version? Be aware that Sugden warranty is NOT transferable so will not apply to private used sales
  10. There are quite a few sellers of this kind on ebay; they seem to take dealers/distributors excess stock and sell on. In that manner dealers do not fall foul of manufacturers restrictions or censure and distributors can have plausible deniability for any dealers who complain about price undercutting. Buyers need to be wary of the probable absence of any warranty. Don't forget that warranty is legally the responsibility of the seller, but that's no good to anyone if they're out of business, etc. Most manufacturer warranties depend on being purchased from an authorised dealer; which is never the case with this kind of ebay seller. If it's a big enough saving then well worth considering. Always remember though that most dealers are prepared to do a deal, especially if no dem, etc, involved.
  11. I don't go along with this idea of certain systems suiting certain types of music. My system sounds excellent with whatever I listen to and, believe me, I have very eclectic tastes! If a system only sounds good with certain genres then I'd be having a look as to the reasons why. I suppose if you've got space and the resources then you could have a system by genre, but why not assemble yourself a system that just sounds good, whatever you're playing?
  12. This amp was well reviewed at the time. The price obviously reflects that it is new, unused in a sealed box. Other examples will have who knows what kind of history. Having said that, I'd be very wary of switching on an amp that could be 20 years old or so. It would probably be OK, but I'd use a pair of cheapish speakers until it was proven to be OK over a few days.
  13. Hello Ron, Good to see you around the place after all these years! I used the Mconnect player when I had a Gato NPM. If you install a UPNP server (you might already have one) where your music files are stored [I use asset UPNP] that would give you Tidal, Qobuz and local files all from one app on your iPhone. Mconnect is a few quid, IIRC.
  14. Fair enough. Have you had a look on ebay? There seem to be quite a few Onkyo ones available.