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  1. No, of course the tape out is not volume controlled. It is a fixed level line out, originally intended for recording purposes. It is fine for connecting to a headphone amp, provided the headphone amp has its own volume control. You could even buy a Sugden headphone amp, if you like their presentation. The output that is volume controlled would be the pre out. And it's not a dumb question at all. If you don't know something then ask! Every day is a school day
  2. Absolute phase in a hifi is a complete non issue. I've had various sources that would invert phase at the touch of a switch. Could I hear a difference?. Of course not. Plus, as referenced above, maintianing phase throughout recording and playback is never going to happen. It's just audiophile nervosa stuff. If the switch is there you'll always be wondering if it sounds better inverted or not and changing it on every CD! I've known some who even write the preferred phase setting on each CD. I always look for the carpet grippers whenever I'm around those that claim to be able to hear phase.
  3. Indeed. I really can't see the point if network streaming services don't figure in the requirements. Multi room for a variety of different products? Maybe, if that's a prime driver.
  4. If all you want to do is concentrate on your ripped CDs, Roon, or whatever, is somewhat overkill, IMO, especially as you don't seem to want to listen to internet streamed services, i.e. you'll be using the Auralic purely as a network player. Why not just use the Auralic app? You then do away with having to have a computer on and/or faffing about with software packages. As an additional thought; don't think that Roon or whatever will improve SQ playback if all you're doing is using the Auralic as a network player. Used that way your stored files will interface directly with your hardware; the files aren't 'streamed' anywhere! The Auralic app will purely be controlling your hardware.
  5. There is much very good US gear out there. I've had various from Bel Canto, McIntosh, Ayre & others. The main trouble is that they are just too expensive in the UK, for various reasons; duty, shipping, distributor mark ups, etc. I've never really be keen on PS Audio. Too much hype; their products are often mediocre in performance.
  6. What's all this about powerful PA systems and the like? I could point you n the direction of some 50's and 60's Jazz recordings that really do capture the 'live' experience; this certainly can be very closely recreated on a decent system, even in a smallish room.
  7. I suspect that there are two factors in play here: the Sonos has no earth, so there's a potential grounding issue. The quality of the variable analogue out is probably not that high. If you want to see what the Sonos can do, then use a Naim Pre then on to the 150x. I've got to admit that I had a Sonos a good few years ago and I felt it was poor on the SQ front, whether analogue or digital out. The Bluesound equivalent is a much better bet, IMO&E.
  8. Indeed. However, to qualify for that offer one's account has to be in 'good order'. In which case those that havebeen judged to have infringed ebay's Ts&Cs probably wouldn't qualify
  9. I've found Musicast to be very poor. Avoid if you want stability and proper integration of music services. Bluesound is very good.
  10. Save up a little more and take a good look at this:
  11. @BeeRay I think you might be confusing Bluesound with Bluetooth? Or have I misunderstood? Bluesound does not support UPNP.
  12. @MGTOW I hear what you're saying. It's just that every other post seems to be a question or comment about one aspect or other of streaming/network playing. Many of the answers are confusing, if not complete tosh! On the Chromecast front: this is another method by which the piece of kit connects directly, controlled by an app. Like Spotify Connect, but not service specific. For example, when i was using a Primare product, the optimum method of connection for Tidal was using Chromecast. An advantage of Chromecast is that the service app can be used, rather than the app that comes with the device itself. For example, with the Primare, i was using the Tidal app, selecting Chromecast to playback. The servcie provider apps tend to have more functionality than apps that come with devices. eg the Tidal app has more functuoanility than Tidal through the Auralic app. With the Naim app, service integration is excellent, so just one app is needed.
  13. I'd agree with that. I was merely clarifying the difference, as many confuse the two technologies. It's all wireless, innit! Bluetooth is certainly the poor relation, in terms of a serious hifi. Convenient, but SQ is the compromise. Don't get me wrong, I love Bluetooth stuff, especially my P7x. AirPlay is a pretty good solution. Optimum though is the device itself connecting directly, controlled by an App. I've compared Tidal via AirPlay to Tidal direct. the latter is some way ahead. You're certainly correct in that many think that Spotify Connect is a wireless transmission, rather than a control method. I've often thought that those of us with experience and knowledge of streaming/network playing should band together and compile a list of FAQs as a point of reference on the site. This would be aimed at those looking for a simple to operate solution, that doesn't require detailed networking, IT or software knowledge. Any thoughts as to whether that is a good idea, or just a waste of time?
  14. Perhaps just sort your favourites by Artist? All this discussion on here just further demonstrates that for most users, the controlling app is everything. A poor app or control method will seriously detract from the enjoyment of the product and lead to frustration and dissatisfaction. I've had very many streamers and network players and experienced many different control apps and methods. For those that want a box that does what they want with the minimum of fuss (i.e. not those who are more network/IT savvy who can build systems around various other components), then the top 3 IMO&E are: 1. Naim 2. Bluesound 3. Auralic The Naim app has come on leaps and bounds. Tidal integration is ahead of the Bluesound, not that the BS integration is poor. Many apps do not allow integrated use of all the Tidal sorting, searching or recommendation functionality. Naim covers nearly all the bases. I now use a Uniti Core with my Nova and the duo do make a very powerful, great sounding, easy to use solution. Everything controlled within the one app. As an example of functionality, when using the Core as an UPNP server, ripped music also has an electronic booklet, as it were, with most albums. This shows track listing, album credits, artist information, backgound to album, and the like. This is often 10-15 pages long. Below the album the Naim app shows other albums in Tidal by the same artist and recommendations based upon that album (remember that this is from a music file on the Core, not directly from Tidal) Bluesound is good, but doesn't have UPNP. File shares can be set up though. Tidal integration is good, with sorting of favourites enabled (many apps do not allow this). The Naim has better functionality and is more intuitive, IMO. It's also important to go with a product that has a regularly updated app. Many aren't kept up to date. Naim and Bluesound are excellent on that front. Stability and connectivity are also key. The Naim app always connects, has never crashed, playlists stay in place when coming back to them Ii.e. the currently used playlist, not the saved playlists; obviously they're always available). Bluesound is also very good in this respect, but a little less stable when re-opening, Naim doesn't feature much on this forum when network players/streamers are discussed. Perhaps because they are quite expensive? Havings aid that, the ND5XS2 is the same sort of money as an Auralic. I would also palce the new Naim streaming/netwrok player platform above the Auralic. I would stronly recommend the Naim Atom and Nova as one box solutions. I believe that for many on here they represent all that would ever be required. Drawback is that you don't get to be a HiFi nerd, playing around with boxes, cables, etc! I've had some very serious and expensive kit in the past, but the SQ of my Nova is astonishing. Connectivity and functionality is unmatched. When the time is right, I plan to hold a bake off (well, more of a system demonstration) with the Nova & my Raidho X1s. I think it may surprise many!