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  1. simon g

    Hifi Pig

    Looking at Domain Information, I notice that in the status 'clientRenewProhibited' entry. That would tend to indicate some kind of ongoing dispute with the Registrar, perhaps payment related?
  2. Absolutely. Speakers and their interaction with the room will have, by far, the most impact on the sound. The OPs system now seems like a bit of a mullet to me. Way too great an emphasis on front end and just too many boxes/interfaces.; it has become an unbalanced system. I've had the MA252. It's not a bad amplifier at all, but is vastly overpriced in the UK. The P3ESRs are great little speakers, but somewhat over egged, IMO&E. Why not try a Naim system as you liked the ND5XS2? ND5XS2>Supernait 3> Harbeth P3ESR (or other speakers perhaps, in the future).
  3. I would remind you of the Norma amp I recommended to you a while ago. The Norma is exceptional, IMO. You might bag a new one with a bit of haggling, certainly an ex dem or used.
  4. This is currently against Government regulations. See my post above. Couriers are out and about in any case. You should not be out and about delivering or collecting hifi. Why is this so difficult for people to comprehend?
  5. Yes, quite. There are many small hifi dealers and businesses that really need support. Cash is King at present; turning physical stock in to spendable cash is vitally important to many. Indeed, it could be vital and a real lifeline.
  6. It doesn't really matter how safe you might think this is, or reasonable. It is clearly against current regulations. There are just a few legitimate reasons for leaving your house; collecting hifi is not one of those. What many, including you by the looks of it, don't seem to realise that the movement restrictions are not merely there to stop the spread of virus by physical contact, it's also to protect national and local emergency resource. Suppose you have a car accident when collecting your hifi; an ambulance gets called, police get called, etc. These services are stretched; they don't need to be responding to completely avoidable incidents. Same applies to excessive bike rides, using a car to go for a walk, etc. It's very simple; just stay at home!
  7. As courier companies are collecting and delivering in any case then courier delivery is the only option at present. Suggesting personal collection or delivery is a direct contravention of Government guidance, which is now an instruction backed by law. If courier delivery is not acceptable for whatever reason then the sale should just not take place.
  8. Given your circumstances and application, i would go for the Proac Tablette 10 Signature over the Harbeth. Reasons: I've always found that P3ESRs work best with some space around them - looks like you don't have any. Tabs work well with a close rear boundary You already have the Harbeth sound in situ, so Proacs would be a different style of presentation Your musical tastes, IMO+E, would favour the ProAc. Go for the Signatures, as they are slightly different ('better', to my ear), plus you know you'll just keep wondering about upgrading to them at some stage, so just get that out of the way now! There you go; job's a good 'un! Carry on.
  9. This is now sold. Thanks for all the interest.
  10. Hi MIke, Two others in the queue at present, but I haven't heard back from them yet. I'll let you know by end today if it's still available. Thanks.
  11. I received this as part of a deal I did a few weeks ago on some new Naim kit when purchased through an authorised dealer. It is an unused Naim Muso QB, first generation. It is classified as a refurbished unit by Naim (Grade A refurbished Stock, according to the serial number label on the box). I suspect that this is merely surplus stock that Naim is selling off. I haven't opened it so the new owner can enjoy the 'new thing' experience! (please don't ask me to open for pictures as you don't trust me that it's actually there; if that's your level of trust then please don't bother with responding to this ad). I've been on this forum for many, many years and bought and sold lots of kit. If someone wants the serial number then I'm happy to provide that by pm. It is all packaged up as it arrived. I was going to keep this for our next house but I really don't have a use for it, to be honest. Hence the sale. I'll offer this at £250, inc UK non insured courier (please add £10 for insurance if required). [ just for absolute clarity here; I'll send this by reputable courier but it is sent at buyer's risk. If insurance is paid for then I will, of course, submit a claim and forward any compensation once received]. Given current circumstances collection is not an option. My asking price is well below what second hand ones sell for on ebay, so no offers please. First to pay secures, not the first to express interest and then disappear in to the ether!
  12. This method of two volume controls has been more or less standard with Croft for years. Many used an elastic band to join the controls together so that they acted simultaneously. I believe that Croft now offers a single pot option.
  13. The max power handling of the P3ESR is 50W programme (i.e. peak). Given the sensitivity of the speakers, listening level and your position wrt to speakers, then you're probably using around 3-4W from the amplifier. So, no problem at all. In general, people worry un-necessarily over amplifier power output being too high. Most also don't realise that most of the time the power output actually being used is just a few watts. Your Luxman has output level meters which would at least give an idea. Take a look at them.
  14. Does this Melco blog help?
  15. If you're considering amps at this price level then I would suggest you take a look at something from Norma. The HS IPA1, or perhaps an IPA70.