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  1. I struggle with this one. A DAC or CDP has an analogue out that results from its output stage. I quite agree that the output stage, rather than the DAC chip, has a large impact on overall performance. However, if the output is then passed to a buffer, how can that original signal be improved by that? (Impedance matching aside). However good the buffer is, the result is surely determined by the input signal? If we use the loose term 'lost information', then how does a buffer improve that? Given the high price of this device, I would have thought that adding that cost to an existing CD or DAC budget would produce a 'better' result. There are many players/DACs out there with good output stages. Still, I'm in Lincs so if a bake off is organised (Omicron permitting) then I'd be up for bringing my Esoteric DAC along, or my Technics SLG700 SACD player and see what happens.
  2. You need to read the thread at the top of this section. You must show actual pictures, state price and your location.
  3. Yes, that's an interesting question on 'only MQA',albums. If these albums are available on the HiFi Tier then are they separate FLAC files, or 'downsampled' versions of MQA? MQA is just trouble all around, imo. I much prefer Qobuz. I have both with Roon at present, although working to transfer Tidal favourites to Qobuz where poss, with a view to ditching Tidal. I do like the concept of artist direct; it does seem like a way to know where some of my subscription goes. Needs further research though.
  4. If you're on the £9.99 HIFi Tier then you won't get MQA (if that's a concern) and you won't get Direct Artist payment, whereby 10% of your subscription goes to your most listened to artists. I quite like that idea. Dolby Atmos is also abilable. For these you need HiFi Plus, which is £19.99 pm.
  5. Well, one of the many advantages of older age is that you have longer to have experienced many things, inc Class D amps! My first experience was 15+ years ago with a Bel Canto Evo 2i. I was amongst the first in the UK to buy a Tact iintegrated amps. So, nothing new in Class D so no reason that it would only appeal to 'youngsters" Class D has certainly come on a ways and is now a credible alternative; not necessarily better or worse, merely different.
  6. I think all we can say is that solid state amps are around twice as popular as valve amps.
  7. As alluded to above, this sounds as if this is either hard drive failure, or firmware corruption during the delete process. Have you seen the dedicated Encore support site, below? It does make reference to remote session support. I'm not sure if that remains available but worth checking, I would have thought. The recovery disc might well sort this. If not, I'm sure Henley can arrange a repair. http://encore.musicalfidelity.com/
  8. Have you seen this? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Music-First-Audio-Baby-Reference-V2-Pre-Amplifier-MFA-Passive-Magnetic-Amp-6120-/165184752964?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m2548.l6249&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0
  9. Why is there a separate Hypex and Class D category? Hypex is a manufacturer of Class D amplifier modules.
  10. I have a fair few SACDs and what you're proposing was exactly my dilemma. The trouble with Esoteric SACD players is their cost! The X series is now quite old and cost of repair if any problems with transport will be high. The X series could also be noisy in operation, if that bothers you. Furthermore, Esoteric have come on a fair bit; the K series players are noticeably 'better' than X series. The original K05 became K05x and currently K05XS. I ended up buying a Technics SGL700 which has turned out to be an excellent choice. Very good SACD performance and acts as a quality CD transport in to my Esoteric D07x DAC. It also has digital inputs and a streaming functionality, which all add to flexibility. It's also very nicely put together; a quality bit of kit. Having said that, if Esoteric bring XD tech to the K07 then I'll probably buy one and sell the Technics and D07.
  11. I can add to that, having tried a dcs Bridge against my Auralic Aries G1. The Auralic was the clear winner for me, plus it is much more flexible and featured than the dCs. Additionally, the dCs is a modified commercial OEM streaming board; the in house Tesla G2 board in the Aries is one of, if not the, best out there. I think dcs dropped the ball with the Bridge; now discontinued I notice. Some might be interested in a other comparison I made; Aries G1 plus Innuos Phoenix Net vs Aries G2.1. Former came out easily on top. Mind you the Phoenix plus G2.1 was superb, but too spendy (I was investigating where £2k or so would give optimum results, as I could add the Phoenix or upgrade to a 2.1 for around that sum)
  12. Some possibilities: As above, improve your streamer. That only i proves streaming and file play back. Your 501 is a very nice bit of kit. For a no cost possible improvement try using the inbuilt upnp streaming functionaility of the Weiss, rather than the Melco. If the above are your only sources, then try a dCs Bartok in place of Weiss and BHK, i.e direct out of Bartok in to ATCs. With the funds from your Weiss, Pre & £5k you may even be abke to contemplate a dCs Rossini. Upgrade your Cd Transport; a Moon 260DT for example.
  13. It's definitely a generational thing. Young people don't need to join a forum to "learn about streaming'. It's easy. Use the app of choice on your 'phone, tablet, etc and listen via the device itself or via Bluetooth/Airplay to an external device. This is instinctive behaviour. My 7 year old nephew streams music with no problems at all! You only join a forum to "find out about streaming" if you want to incorporate that functionality in to a high quality sound system, comprised of separete boxes. The vast najority of younger generations have no interest in this at all, for the reasons outlined by many in tnis thread.
  14. This is an excellent pre/dac/streamer; perhaps a little 'left field' for you but worth taking a close look at: https://www.audioemotion.co.uk/bel-canto-e1x-dac--control-pre-amplifier---ex-demo-32381-p.asp
  15. Careful of this comparison. The Node output voltage is around 2V whilst the Mojo is 3V. Levels are important in a/b comparisons. I always suggest listening to one component for a week or so, then the other for the same time and then judge the differences, if any.
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