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  1. Diminishing returns certainly sets in big time around that figure, but I'd have to disagree that the improvements are not worthwhile. Tne key here is the context of the system. If the accompanying system is balanced and sympathetic at this level, then improvements can be heard, quite easily, ime. I am talking systems in tne £70-120k + area. Out of my league, but I have accompanied a couple of friends to dems of Vivaldi systems, comparing to other disc playback systems. Whether these differences/improvements are good value is entirely in the opinion of the person paying. These guys earn more in a year than I do in a decade. Horses for courses, in hifi as much ekse in life.
  2. The title of world's best SACD/CD player goes to the dCs Vivaldi stack. Mind you, the price for that makes the Luxman above seem like chicken feed! On the single box front, I'd be taking a close look at the Accuphase DP-750. If 2 boxes, then the Accuphase DP1000 & DC1000. Or the Esoteric Grandiosa P1x/D1x 4 box combo.
  3. What a ridiculous proposition. Linn produce some good, if costly, kit. There are very many other equally good, if not better, brands. The whole question of sound quality is mostly subjective. What sounds great to me might sound awful to you. To equate the 'best' sound quality with one particular brand is utter nonsense.
  4. I would have thought spending time finding/negotiating a good deal on a new cartridge would be a better long term bet.
  5. simon g

    Magico A1

    That would be these: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MAGICO-A1-/274927005134?hash=item4002ed2dce%3Ag%3AEUQAAOSwQJdhLRNp&nma=true&si=D7Y5F44HryxSbJZgtizft4%2B2xe8%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 Too much damage for me. Just goes to show though the degree to which Magico remains a desired product
  6. simon g

    Magico A1

    These have been listed for many months. I must admit to being tempted, but these are over priced, imo. They're at a price which is close to that which could be negotiated for a new pair. Reliable seller, though. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/124577379522?hash=item1d0163f4c2:g:DisAAOSw9qBgLN3e
  7. My advice? Ditch the groove straightener and 'stats. Get yourself a very good digital front end, superb SS amp and even better 'speakers. End result; enjoy the music, massively reduce stress and free up much of your time to get on with a non hifi life.
  8. Strange way to categorise an amp, by its' input types? No matter; the two amps you've highlighted are chalk and cheese, sound wise. If yiu want a great Class D amp then look no further than a Gato 250s. The Denon is a very good amp, often overlooked. However, if you only want line inputs then I'd also suggest the Exposure 3510. Electrocompaniet ECI80 is another to consider. Lots if choice around that kind of budget.
  9. I'm not sure what you mean by that? The Marantz has a Class D output stage, the Denon is A/B. My choice would be the latter.
  10. Or keep your power amp and buy a Bluesound Node. Analogue input present. Works well with Roon or their own app. Well under your budget and it'd be new.
  11. Very true. However, many do get confused by the Auralic range. You may well have had one of their streaming DACs, not the pure streamer transport (i.e digital out only) Aries G1 or G2. The streaming part of their streaming DACs is nowhere near as good as the Aries streamer (which uses the Tesla G2 board)
  12. Good man! Tip; leave it always on. The clocks are temp sensitive. Don't panic when you think the USB out or SPDIF aren't functioning; you have to choose the output in the web browser configurator. Also, the USB DAC needs to be powered up in order to be selectable.
  13. I've been trying to tell you that for the past while! Auralic as a streamer is ahead of Innuos server/ripper/DAC. Use the streamer to do your DSP then choose a DAC to suit. You also don't have to srress about piwer supplies for an Innuos; those in the Auralic are great. No noise from drive, DAC, etc. You can also rip with an Auralic if you didn't realise? I wouldn't recommend though; keep the drive/files elsewhere. The G2 to G2.1 is very subtle. Not worth it, imo, unless a great deal comes up. The G2 is (very) marginally 'better' than a G1. However, I'd only go for the G2 if you're thinking of using the Auralic link to a Vega G2, Leo, etc
  14. Yes, that's right. Many also do not realise that the streamer board in the Altair and Vega are not the same as Aries. Aries uses the Tesla G2 board. The Aries has two LSPUs plus two different very good clocks; one for USB, other for AES/SPDIF. High quality chassis. The Aries G2 (now 2.1) offers marginally better performance, but it is twice the price. As a streaming transport, the Aries has to be amongst the very best out there. I've had any number and my G1 is head & shoulders above the lot of them. Edit to add; the dCs NB has been discontinued, if you weren't aware.
  15. Can't help with the Denafrips bit, but I can comment on the network bridge. the Auralic Aries G1 performs better and is much, I mean much, more flexible. dCs has used a commercial streaming board; Auralic has their own. USB out on the dcS? Nope; they couldn't get that to work properly. Seriously, the Auralic is the superior product. Better app as well, unless Roon figures in your system. Much less money to buy as well.
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