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  1. I've got a Quadraspire in Light Beech which has 4 wooden shelves. I'm after £100 if that's of interest.
  2. No. It's £250 for the whole system! I don't really want to split it, but I was valuing the CD player @ £110.
  3. NoI've got one of these. It's in excellent, unmarked condition. I was planning on selling it with the matching Pioneer A300r Precision amplifier & Pioneer F504RDS Precision tuner. No remote (s) as I bought them without, but I always used a universal remote. £250 if that's of interest.
  4. I've got 0.5m of Chord Siren for £19 including postage if that's of interest.
  5. I picked this up from Robert (Open Door) for a mate, who then changed his mind (or more accurately his wife did) 1m MIT StyleLink Digital USB 2.0 Interface Features Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC) center conductors heavy-duty 24 gauge conductors. Triple shielded to eliminate extraneous noise – for excellent RFI and EMI noise rejection. Meets or exceeds all USB 2.0 specifications. £18 including delivery.
  6. I've got an Isokinetic counterweight & end stub for Rega arms if that's what you're after. £34 including RM delivery.
  7. Congratulations. If the buyer/anyone is interested I have a dedicated MCRU Linear power supply & matching MCRU mains cable for £128 including delivery.
  8. Aren't the Micromega Stages notorious for transport failure?
  9. Yes it can. The switch on the front, left of the Volume pot.
  10. I've got an original Russ Andrews Yello 1m Fig 8 mains cable if you're interested. Looking for £36 including delivery.
  11. I've got a 1m pair of Chord Crimson Plus for £25 if you're interested.
  12. Couple of things. Can we have a pic of the stands you're including please. Where are you based?
  13. I've got a Karan KAS 180 in absolutely pristine condition. It has balanced & single ended inputs, although it's much better using the latter. Delivery is no problem as it comes in a sturdy wooden packing crate. Yours for £1550 including delivery.
  14. I've got a decent, low hours Ortofon 2m Red that you can have for £50 including delivery.
  15. I've got an absolutely mint, boxed black Rega Brio-r (square, rather than rounded faceplate) c/w remote, manual & mains cable. Yours for £330 including delivery. I've also go a mate who's thinking of selling his Mira 2000. It's also mint, boxed c/w mains lead. No remote. He wants £230 including delivery.