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  1. Sintras are up there with my favourites. What finish? Sintra IIs? Asking for a friend 😀
  2. I dont know if you've heard Priors but I wouldn't chase them down and pay a lot. Theyre a bit boom n tizz and not as together sounding as the abbot.
  3. Cheers Andy. Provisionally sold
  4. Should say, collection will need to be after lockdown.
  5. A pair of early Living Voice avatar in Santos rosewood. First things first, the bad bits: The cabs have had repair work done and not by a professional. The overall effect is 'ok' but not for anyone fussy about these things. The laquer is uneven in places and there are still odd marks but the price more than covers this. Also, no grilles but Definitive will sell you a pair if you really want them. Current Avatar is 6k i think. Good bits. Overall, in the Santos finish, its forgiving of the repairs and marks and they look superb. They sound great, like LVs do. Smooth, composed and even. Drivers are spot on. £650 located stoke on trent
  6. Ah right, ill check those first. Cheers chaps
  7. Think one of the tweeters on a pair of LV Avatars I have at mine has low output. Long shot but anyone got one theyre willing to sell before I buy a new one?
  8. For Sale stands unique rack with black legs, as per photo. 5 shelves with a couple of marks here and there but fully functioning and cheap! £50 collected from Stoke on trent or meet up nearby. Its dismantled as of this morning so csn be boxed up for ease of transport
  9. Its a prima luna dialogue 2, I'll have to check. How much is not cheap? 😬
  10. Looking for something to try in place of KT88s that I'm finding a little dry. Upto £100
  11. Eastern electric minimax pre. Sold as spares or repairs. As soon as I turn it on, it trips my electric. If you're that way inclined, you maybe able to fix it el cheapo. I dont have the time or energy for it at the mo. Fetch £300 plus normally. £100 plus p+p
  12. Physically, theyre based on different valve groups of course. 18w v 10w. Sonically theyre different. I think the oto se is lighter on its feet whereas the Soro is chunkier and stronger in the bass and maybe richer sounding overall. I think the soro matches the AN ks perfectly whereas the Oto would match Js and Es better...if that helps 😁