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  1. Someone got a right bargain by the looks of it. With skylan stands too!
  2. Its just stereo kit Terry. .....of which I have waaaay too much! As we say in Stoke ' Dunner worry thee sen'. Take care sir 👍
  3. Back up for sale on ebay for those that missed out.
  4. Some strange folk about.... 😁
  5. Having, in the past, had lots of fancy valve integrated amps from Arts, Audionotes, Lebens etc. The longest I've ever owned a valve amp is my old PL 1. Such a hard amp to replace at it did everything so solidly & consistently. I think this era of PL amps are massive bargains.
  6. I know of some but you can get rodded now 😜
  7. That's very kind Sean, you go for them, the bullying from that nasty Rick and Jake has dashed my enthusiasm 😄 very kind gesture though 👍 please let us know how you get on.
  8. Shouldnt you be fixing it rather than taking the piss ? 😁
  9. If your forum worked, I'd probsbly already own them 😜
  10. Some big hitters sniffing around 😁
  11. I've got some AN J stands, dont know the exact model but they're mm perfect for Js Chris. I bought them from Definitive audio..paid a bit over the odds if I'm honest but heyho 😬 theyd be £150
  12. I've had a lot of interest by pm so to avoid any issues I'll mark these as provisionally sold to the person who confirmed they wanted them first, that's Hiphopoptomus. If anything changes, I'll go to the next in line. Thanks for the interest chaps.