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  1. brucer2

  2. Not sure how this addresses the problem
  3. This is I believe a feature available in the analogue domain (AV). It doesn't apply to signals received from HDMI inputs. Looks like I need a different AV amp or a multi input HDMI switch with RCA and HDMI outputs.
  4. I do have a sub, so it's 2.1. The AV amp is useful as a switch for multiple hdmi sources. The TV doesn't have enough inputs.
  5. My Yamaha RX - V677 has no pre out and I want to reduce the speaker count. I have ditched the surround sound and use it in stereo with some Q Acoustics speakers. My hi fi amp has a HT input so can connect to an AV amp. So the question is how can I get a signal to the amp without a pre out on the Yamaha!
  6. Check this out.
  7. Glad my hearing is so bad that I am not bothered by miniscule noise. I just enjoy the music.
  8. Inputs look restrictive to me, no Lan or WiFi. But I suppose that's the lack of streaming capability. It is a good dac though.
  9. Precious few ears manage 20khz either!
  10. I filled my speaker stands with sand. I couldn't hear any difference afterwards. LS50's still sound fantastic!