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  1. He was awful 20 years ago when I heard him in concert solo, at the Albert Hall... Total waste of skill and money imo...
  2. No problem for me either, jeepers, I'm a leftie, yet play golf right handed and can do everything equally with both hands bar writing... The reality is that right handed people are totally one-sided, and if faced with a left handed task only, would fail miserably! In fact lefties are far more intelligent than righties, and have a much more developed brain to work out and utilise our multi-faceted skills?
  3. Hopefully that'll stop KJ going bust every other year then?
  4. Both work equally well, just depends on what you prefer and how much you wish to spend! Good luck with your quest, I no longer work in the industry, so please contact UKD directly if you need more information.
  5. Getting into Fuji Phil? If so that lens is a cracker, but the deal not so good..
  6. s2000db


    Yes a lovely guy indeed!
  7. Freebie cables sound the same as Kondo silver.. So just depends on how marketing savvy you are I suppose ...
  8. If you're buying a brand new car, then your insurer should provide a free replacement including any extras for the first 12 months. Have a check with them first..
  9. Gold plate everything, and don't bother with all this faff!
  10. s2000db

    Formula 1 2016

    Ended up a good race, the poor starts from Mercedes allowed the Ferraris to play at the front for a while... Tbh, they didn't seem that much slower under race conditions...
  11. s2000db

    Formula 1 2016

    So traction control on an 2012 F1 car doesn't ring any bells then?
  12. s2000db

    Formula 1 2016

    So who watched speed last night with Guy Martin? It was quite interesting pitting a superbike against a 2012 RBR F1 car driven by Coulthard.. Well the results were totally predictable, however did anyone notice the pit crew talking to DC saying.. "Would you like traction control on?" DC: "yes please" So that's how Vettel won them then?