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  1. I’m using an indoor one which is a telescopic one like an old car Ariel which was about £10 from amazon. although the transmitter is very close I’m well below the actual emitters line of sight as I’m so close (less than 200m away) so no idea if it’s overloading.
  2. Unfortunately the unitiqute doesn’t give signal strength so no way of telling if one is stronger than the other but CP is better in regard to sibilants and now not so annoying . I do wonder if being so close to the transmitter and below can cause problems (i can walk to it in a minute) but I guess that’s better than being in the sticks and having poor reception. i call the CP transmitter the ‘posh one’ as it does R3/4 and BBC1/2 etc, Croydon south which is just down the road do those compressed stations with adverts and ITV :-)
  3. I actually returned to the next broadcast and it was much better. Went to 91.0 from 91.3 so for some reason I was not on the Crystal Palace frequency. But as you say they are not in the studio so that might also be an issue. i cycle past a house in Barnsbury/Islington which has an OB Van parked in the drive and cables through the window but I think that might be John Snow?!
  4. So DAB is much cleaner on spoken voices but the music presentation is not as good. So I guess it’s either the signal or aerial? not sure what to try next?
  5. Didn’t think to try the DAB service and see how it compares, will do that tomorrow
  6. I’m not an avid radio listener but I get really bad sssss’s on presenter voices on radio 3. I’m using a Naim unitiqute 2 so not the last word in tuners. The aerial is just a simple indoor one like a mini car aerial. I am however in full view of the Crystal Palace transmitter about 400 yds away, no idea if that has a bearing on things? i believe transmission gets pushed out not down so no idea if the signal is too strong or it’s just bad mic placement? I can’t get a signal strength display but get a stereo signal easily, not had any issue on R4 Listening right this minute the Male gue
  7. I’m a bit confused about the poor recommendations and pushing of rap music? It must be something to do with the platform you use. I have had Tidal for a few months and use iPhone, tidal app on Mac and the naim app. Its created half a dozen playlists for me based on tracks and artists I have favourited with new artists to me included in them and having used the app on the computer have explored artists and genres that have shown me lots of new music to add to my library. i guess you have to start using the app for it to learn what you might like.
  8. kJ west one are updating to the XD range so have their existing Harbeth demo models on sale (no idea of pricing, just came up on my Instagram feed)
  9. I’m in no way an expert on these matters and last had a demo in store years ago but having read other threads and reviews on your speakers are they just not voiced for what you expect to hear from your system? They have a quite strong Identity as far as speakers go, would it be possible to borrow (post lockdown) a different pair of quality stand mounts (PMC, Dynaudio, ATC, focal etc etc) even if that ends up confirming they are indeed keepers and some changes elsewhere in the chain are needed? i’m not going to defend my position here, just something I kept thinking after reading this thre
  10. MrSmith


    i use a dragonfly red for listening to tidal on my mac with headphones (DT-880) i found it an improvement over the Black and worth the extra but the Cobalt while better was not worth the increase in cost with the headphones i am using. i’m happy with the sound but haven’t tried it with speakers. would have to find a mini-jack cable to input it to my Unitiqute to compare to it’s inbuilt DAC (the naim headphone output is dire compared to the dragonfly) what about a mojo?
  11. i have dormer windows and a roof slope across half the living room and it does mess with the sound, 1 speaker (standmounts) is under the slope and needed a balance adjustment and the stereo image is not as wide/focussed on that side. i'm not about to start using room treatment or EQ though, i’ll just look forward to one day having a different shaped room! but if your room shape is equal then you should be able to make it work especially if it’s a dedicated music space.
  12. Doesn’t it need to be pulsing at mains frequency? LED’s will not do that, halogen/incandescent does or an app/custom led that cycles at the correct frequency.
  13. What about favourites and playlists though? I wonder if you can use the online migration tool that works for Apple/Spotify etc to copy from old tidal to new tidal?
  14. If you don’t like the sound much is there any point? There are some great headphones in the £150-£300 price bracket, only issue now is getting a demo so you will be buying blind. i had some 531 years ago and they too broke, I can’t actually remember much about their sound quality but I quite liked them at the time, I now use beyer dt-880 that i really like, very comfortable and good for long periods of listening as they are not all boom/tizz and forward like some cheaper headphones.
  15. What’s the beef with Naim? Involved in the slave trade? They made crystal meth on the side?
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