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  1. The E series were interesting; E50, E70, E90 etc. Not so nice with transistors but with valves they could be very good.
  2. I wish they put them on modern amps. I used it on my 34 very happily.
  3. I can’t bear hum from amps. There is a way out; DC blockers or voltage regulators. I used to use one of these with a particularly annoying Meridian https://www.ebuyer.com/53035-apc-line-r-1200va-automatic-voltage-regulator-le1200i?utm_term=&utm_campaign=PLAs||AllProducts||Low&utm_source=adwords&utm_medium=ppc&hsa_acc=4863007528&hsa_cam=9233776249&hsa_grp=93110254025&hsa_ad=416152659484&hsa_src=g&hsa_tgt=pla-298156018245&hsa_kw=&hsa_mt=&hsa_net=adwords&hsa_ver=3&gclid=Cj0KCQiAy4eNBhCaARIsAFDVtI1wbldScNUKKWmvqbEpOccPVsgCik_ur1lROjqcxajLhxifFjCxgsMaAlADEALw_wcB It is the main reason I never got in to Audionote.
  4. Tough question. Sonically it would be Dali Helicon 400/Arcam SR250/Pimped Bluesound Node 2i. For enjoyment and industrial design, Meridian 500/566/Quad 34/Leak St20/Stirling LS3/5a with a Leak Troughline tuner. A very honourable mention goes to Linn LP/12/Armstrong 625/Spendor BC1. I have had much more expensive systems but those were the standout experiences.
  5. Some 'speakers are more sensitive to supports than others. I had some Spendor SP1 which really weren't that sensitive at all but when I had LS3/5a, stands were critical. The best stands I ever used were IFDesigns Tallis of which I imagine only dozens or barely low hundreds were ever built. Ken Kessler also said that they were the best he had ever used.
  6. The Bel Canto I tried were definitely ICE. The later iteration of the Nuforce (I tried versions 1-3 inclusive) were very much ahead IMO. The bass on both were terrific and there is a lot to recommend them. Perhaps later versions of ICE image better. I haven’t seriously tried Hypex yet although I have heard demos.
  7. The way to remember it is, looking at the back of the open plug, Brown, BR (bottom right). Blue BL (bottom left).
  8. The ones I tried were the Bel Canto. They were very resolving and with a low noise floor but they imaged poorly compared with everything else I was using.
  9. I'm very much in the same place. I have a very nice set of Nuforce Ref9SE monoblocks on the shelf while I have reverted to a cheaper Class A/B or at least Arcam's version of it. I thought the Nuforce were ahead of the Icepower Class D but I haven't tried the latest Hypex or the latest Bruno Putzeys designs. I like the sound of modern Class D and particularly the treble though I think good Class A/B images better. One of the problems with it is that the better versions tend to be from little known brands and they are more difficult to sell. When you need them repairing, it seems to be that you either replace the board or it's dead.
  10. Also an EF86 and a transformer.
  11. I use a “Scat Mat” on top of my Arcam SR250 to prevent it being a bed for ours. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Prickle-Stopper-Plastic-Repellent-Outdoor/dp/B098MLRSG7/ref=sr_1_15?crid=3EQBRQ1QLDVXN&dchild=1&keywords=scat%2Bmat&qid=1634964973&qsid=262-6756845-8173945&sprefix=Scat%2B%2Caps%2C72&sr=8-15&sres=B09B285D5B%2CB08CN9FM3Y%2CB09BW2RG6Y%2CB09BFVZ91B%2CB09F3CP8QL%2CB095YY3G4V%2CB08ZN8THFJ%2CB07ZYY5MJR%2CB081JRJ782%2CB08MXMJZNS%2CB08GYFJJPL%2CB07TN9QR6D%2CB097DYWTRZ%2CB08WWH5XBC%2CB098MLRSG7%2CB09FYTS1XP%2CB095LTT6DM%2CB07P7JJV9N%2CB094FSDFNV%2CB08RNQGHVL&th=1 The good thing is that it allows the amp to fully ventilate. It’s preferable to an electrocuted cat if she comes in wet from the garden!
  12. It’s impossible to accurately price. It’s a shame you don’t have the power amp. This is the first I’ve ever seen in the wild.
  13. I wouldn’t change it. I like the two figures being framed by the reflection of the cloud. It’s a bit Vettriano-ish. In any case, for my work, I always find that that the best critique is the moment I put a picture up. Instantly, anything that is wrong is immediately visible!
  14. You should title it; “The Moderators Are Watching.”
  15. Iphone 13 Pro. Actually quite a good camera for a telephone. I had to do a bit of work in Capture but all the same.
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