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  1. I had this problem with some Tunein streams I was using. The way round it was to find the direct streams and add those to the custom streams. Radio Paradise is more difficult though.
  2. My first receiver and ‘speakers which was an Amstrad and Goodman’s set bought from Comet, was a full year’s pocket money.
  3. I agree. don’t think he’s any more or less guilty of hype than the majority of magazine reviewers over the last twenty or thirty years.
  4. The smallest I’ve heard are Arcam Muso https://theaudiophileman.com/muso/ which are extremely underrated, particularly in a small room. Canon S35 omnidirectional are fun.
  5. I agree. This kind of discussion is why the Wam kind of collapsed the last time. It took years to recover. Unless you’re designing or fixing these systems you could almost say that any technical discussion is redundant unless it affects safety, reliability, connectivity or cost.
  6. I love the look and ergonomics of old CD players but the DACs have really moved on and only an handful of vintage CD players are up to modern standards. I had a Meridian 506, 508 and 566 but none of them were as good as a cheap Arcam IRDac or even a Meridian Explorer. The best compromise is probably an old CD player with a new DAC.
  7. Some transformer arguments have potential.
  8. Dali here as well. Never thought this is where I’d stop. If I change them it will be because mine collapse.
  9. Camberwick Green by HectorHughMunro, on Flickr
  10. Twilight House by HectorHughMunro, on Flickr
  11. Some people prefer the older amps from a sonic point of view. I would be tempted by the SA30 because that DAC is so good. I still have my SR250 as my main amplifier and it has been wonderful albeit that the software is dated and there is no wifi.
  12. Sometimes something catches you at the right moment. Perhaps that happened to me. I heard them in a shop and was aware of the second hand price which at the time was only a little above £120. I heard them before I saw what was playing and thought it was interesting.
  13. I used to go to Norway from time to time on business but never got much further than Stavanger. It was interesting to google some of these places.
  14. There are some classics I’d wish they’d update. I would love some Chromecast CX100. The Red Line ‘speakers were underrated too.