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  1. Oh interesting. How did you find the Artera? I don’t think I’ve seen too much comment from audiophiles about it.
  2. These are pretty good actually. Needs a rooftop aerial IMO but once that is sorted, it’s easy to live with. A Troughline is better by far but a time consuming, uncompromising and expensive thing to live with and really only for enthusiasts. I have owned two Troughline. As mentioned before, the Hitachi FT5500 mk2 is excellent. The advantage is that they’re bombproof and don’t seem to lose synchronisation. Anything Creek, anything Arcam, anything Armstrong and most Quad (particularly FM3 and FM4 in that order) are worth owning. In Japanese kit, upscale Sansui and Kenwood are worth looking out for. Personally, I’m looking for a B&O Beomaster 5000.
  3. I take your point. This is more of a “Wish I had known it was possible to do this when I was twenty and had nothing” thread. That being said, some cheap hi-fi that I’ve had has been as good as anything else I’ve had at any price. The Armstrong 625 comes to mind when I had it with LS3/5a and larger Spendors. That was indeed satisfying on every level for me and I think less than a hundred pounds.
  4. I think there are two Chord sounds. The DAC64 sound was lovely and warm while achieving detail. From the Hugo onwards it changed significantly, becoming over detailed and a bit too hi-fi. The DAC64 is my call for the greatest DAC of all time. It still sounds wonderful and is significantly influential.
  5. Budget electronics have been good for a while. Particularly source electronics. Budget ’speakers less so. I heard an IotaVX amp recently. I wish those had been around when I started in hi-fi. https://www.iotaenterprises.co.uk/products/iotavx-audiophile-stereo-amplifier-sa3 Worth a bit of research if you’re budget constrained.
  6. £2.5 k and upwards is indeed taking the mickey for LS3/5a copies. They are expensive to make but never worth more than £1k. Similarly the LS5/9 that are being built by others.
  7. Interestingly, I’ve just had an email from Tidal offering me 12 months for the price of 10. It seems to imply that there won’t be a price drop soon. I’m not sure how they think it would go down if they offered that then halved the price.
  8. The other good thing about those is that I think I prefer the cheaper ones in the range.
  9. The problem is that we’re buying fewer products. They have fixed costs. I do admit that I was shocked when I saw the cost of Monitor Platinum PL400 just recently. They were very much an option when I bought my last ‘speakers but really not at this level.
  10. Maybe you just need an Astel and Kern and load your music on to a large SD card.
  11. https://www.audioaffair.co.uk/proac-response-db1-speakers-pair
  12. Bluesound but I would go for the Node and plug your ripped music in to it via your USB drive. It’s pretty beginner friendly when you do it that way. You would need to add an amplifier but the do one with a Class D amp (Powernode) that is apparently good. I’m not sure that you’re ridiculous money for the Naim given the value. It has a custom A/B amplifier and good software. Again with a Bluesound operating system, Roksan Attessa https://darko.audio/2021/07/future-fi-from-roksan-the-attessa-streaming-amp/ That has good software and an A/B amplifier. It has USB sockets but I don’t know if they will take a drive - something to ask about.
  13. For tax avoidance, yes and a wider solution is necessary but in terms of equitability, google pays wealth creators well and hedge funds definitely do. Amazon is a major problem from every perspective.
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