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  1. Personally, it's just a forum - somewhere I go to pass the time when I'm a bit bored, perhaps needed to sell or buy something, ask advice or even post a topic and few pics if I think they'll be of interest. Don't really know how long I've been a member, but I think it was quite early on in the Wam's lifecycle and I've got to say never really bothered me what the forum looked like, or how it operated, or what hoops you had to jump through to do certain things. Over the years I've both posted & visited less and less, but that's just life throwing other things at me to do instead of being on here.... Paul
  2. After months of ignoring my Bottlehead Smash, I finally added the upgrade electronics and now I'm satisfied that it's good enough to be used in my system. Paul
  3. mrwippy


    I have to say it's been awhile since I even thought about this Pre' basically after the last post above, I took the Smash out of my system and went back to my 'brick' Quickie and it was only when a few weeks ago I was clearing my workbench that I decided to actually fit the upgrade that arrived last May! well it used to look like this; Now it looks like this; added a few cosmetic changes as well needed to cover up the old OD3 valve designation as the up-grade replaces this with a 6SN7 Sound quality wise, the upgrade has resolved all my problems, the 'flatulent' bass has turned into a; fast, tight, deep and detailed bass and the edginess to the treble has disappeared completely being replaced by a very detailed but at the same time smooth sound allowing great insight into the music across the board - think it's actually time to retire my Quickie at last! Paul
  4. Be interested in the results of that, although I feel a nice old Ittok would be a good sounding fit, what are you hoping to try? Paul
  5. For me the Roksan NIMA has continued to provide a supremely neutral platform for a multitude of cartridges over the years on this turntable, although of course being a unipivot it is a bit more challenging to set-up initially, but it really works well with the Decca. It is a shame that the arm plates are rather costly, as I've a feeling that a Linn arm would really suit this deck, then again I suppose I could just cobble together another 'pod' or get someone to machine up a plate as I currently have a spare armboard (down to three arms at present) to try one out! Paul
  6. On Amazon there are usually two types of scam accounts, one is to hack a current marketplace account and flood it with items (all at well below the usual selling price) all of which ask you to contact them via email before placing an order. The other is to set-up a new seller marketplace outside the UK but with no shipping costs, again asking you to contact them before placing an order - where they'll ask you for your full details. Paul.
  7. A bargain that's probably destined for the local recycling centre (dump) on the weekend
  8. In rather nice condition for collection from Plymouth, don't know how well it's performing to spec, but it both plays and records. PM me if you're interested. Paul
  9. So the price of entry into the world of GM type cartridges comes down with the introduction of the introduction of the '#1' line of cartridges which are lower in price than the N variants! http://www.ortofon.com/spu-1-p-698-n-1579 Well in my book anything that promotes the use of these wonderful cartridges is very welcome, though I do wonder what is missing when they come with Ortofons costly headshell but sell for less than the current naked versions - specification differences are minimal ? Paul.
  10. I sold my 20/2a some years ago as I wanted a deck that could take more than one arm and I have to say that I didn't feel any loss of sound quality in the transition - different balance yes, but you soon forget that as long as everything else falls into place. There were also things I definitely felt let the SME deck down, like the stupidly positioned power supply/speed controller plug socket (not to mention the shoddy type of plug itself). As a habitual cartridge swapper I wasn't overly comfortable with the 'V' arm either, but think the M2 arms are great (which I now use amongst others) and there is also supposed to be a significant improvement with the newer power supplies, but even years ago I felt the upgrade cost was prohibitive. I wouldn't be overly worried about having a service if you did decide to go ahead, just get a new set of 'O' rings, the only thing in the instruction booklet regarding maintenance was adding a drop of oil to the motor bearing once a year IIRC. I also felt both the power supply and motor were quite noisy, but I seem to be overly sensitive to hum levels, but I don't get any issues with my current set-up. Paul
  11. Not a sniff on here, so now for sale on eBay. Paul
  12. Decided to thin out some of my lenses that are getting little use and this is the first to go, hopefully you can see from the pictures that it is in great condition, complete with original packaging. Bought by me new in 2011, it is a great lens with all the well know attributes of a lens equipped with a USM ring motor - very fast quite focusing and optically great, even wide open Looking for £185 (inc. Special Delivery) payment by Bank transfer preferred, more than welcome if you are in the Plymouth area to come and try out the lens and of course cash on collection more than welcome. Paul
  13. mods please archive this thread as the transaction is now complete and I believe Mirek is a happy chap Paul
  14. Sold to szczemirek STP Obviously too cheap Paul
  15. Hi. I'll take it with step down for full price posted. Thank you David. Ps bank transfer ok?

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      And i understand I'm 2nd in queue :-)

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