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  1. The gardeners at Belton seem to have let the reflecting pond over-grow. A shame as in calm conditions would set up lovely reflections of the trees and the garden temple. Still, it's a very pleasant spot... Fuji X-H1/Minolta MD-Rokkor 50-1.7
  2. I'm not especially religious, but occasionally there are musical works that make me wonder at the influence of a higher power (as Rachmaninoff did) and influenced that composer's art, such is its beauty. Rachmaninoff had this performed at his funeral; what an atmosphere that must have created - I get goosebumps just thinking about it.
  3. Hi Stuart - my tuppence worth... I was reasonably impressed with the 2i's internal DAC, perfectly listenable, but found a decent uplift when feeding a separate DAC, in this case my trusty old Teac UD-H01. The Teac has been in my system longer than anything other component, and has seen off some pretty exotic stuff costing north of £2k. Now, whilst the Teac is an improvement on the Node's internal DAC, I fancied giving something else a go, ending up with a used Chord Mojo. This is the first DAC I've heard which has been a demonstrable improvement on my Teac and has really let the Node off the leash. One charge of the battery is enough for a day's worth of listening, and the unit is so tiny it takes up almost zero shelf room. HTH
  4. Ok, something of a photographic cliché but it was rather pleasant out yesterday morning. X-Pro1/XF35-1.4
  5. Thanks Richard. Following the exploits of people on Micro Four Thirds forum who use adapted glass, it would appear there are many fans of Minolta MD lenses. I hadn't taken much notice if I'm honest (although impressed by their results) but can definitely understand the fuss.
  6. Fuji X-H1/Minolta MD-Rokkor 50-1.7 RAW conversion by Iridient Transformer.
  7. Belton House this morning - nice & quiet, just as I like it. Fuji X-H1/Minolta MD-Rokkor 50-1.7
  8. The last greens of summer - High Wood nr Rauceby, Lincs. Fuji X-Pro1/XF35-1.4
  9. Whilst the jury's out regarding bears, it's an empirical fact that Flatcoat Retrievers definitely sit in the woods, as Harley demonstrates...that is right isn't it?
  10. TBG (aka Totally Bloody Gorgeous).
  11. I'll give it a go then. Will try and rate what I thought of them too... Shure M75EJ ** M75ED *** Ortofon FF15E ** Grado F3E+ *** Grado FTE+1 *** Grado F1+ ** A&R C77 ** Rega R100 **** Rega RB100 ** Nag MP11 * Westrak 501E **** AT95E (a couple of these in fact) **** RATA RP20 *** A&R E77 *** Glanz MFG11EX **** Linn K5 ** Roksan Corus Black *** AT OC9 **** DL103 ***** DL103R **** Lyra Dorian ***** DV17 D2 *** Audio Note IQ3 ** Decca London Super Gold ***** Ortofon SPU GM Mk2 ***** Benz ACE SL **** Denon DL110 **** Hana EL ****
  12. The dog walker... Fuji X-Pro1/XF56-1.2
  13. With the totally fab Ricoh GRIII
  14. Sharp on D# Fuji X-H1/Bell & Howell 135-2.8
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