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  1. We're having some fairly hefty building work done at home at the moment - this of course ends up with everything receiving a thin (but still annoying) coating of dust. I've sealed the LP12 into its box until all the work's complete, but as the majority of my listening is via this little rig anyway, I'll be honest and say I'm not missing it.
  2. Wow! Definitely a 10/10 on the 'not too shabby' scale. Thanks for sharing, TK
  3. Some time ago, I sold my old AF Nikkor 50 (AF-D screw drive), thinking I could do without a nifty fifty in the bag. I caved in yesterday and got myself a very clean G version which arrived today. In initial testing, it looks to be a good copy and when all's said, it's still my favourite focal length. Been using the old D700 so much recently, it was the right thing to do
  4. Royd Sintra II Small, unassuming black boxes but I've rarely heard a speaker - at any price - that gets the fundamental building blocks of music more right than these. I'll never sell them.
  5. Thanks Tillman - I'm in no doubt that many people have found walking in the fresh air, taking photographs good medicine for both body and mind, so I'll certainly keep that going.
  6. Thanks fellas - most kind. Just a waiting game at the moment, no date set for my op, but able to take long & steady walks in the fresh air which is always good. After all, there are folk in far, far worse positions than me.
  7. Thank you Phil - am awaiting heart bypass surgery due to a lesion in my left coronary artery. Had 3 stents fitted 2 years ago on the right side but these have all blocked. Just been ordered to take things very easy, which includes having to stop conducting. Missing it terribly. Still, plenty of time for long steady walks and photography. Christmas is certainly a busy time for those involved in music, but all the better for it.
  8. Sadly, current health issues mean I cannot conduct my band, but was great to pop in to St Denys' Church in Sleaford this morning to see them in rehearsal. Fortunately, an old friend has kindly stepped in as MD until I'm back to fitness. A few players missing today, mostly down to the dreadful weather. Ricoh GRIII
  9. Les - that is just wonderful in so many ways.
  10. Chaos... Nikon D700/Sigma 100-400 C
  11. Thanks Tillman - most kind! The little Ricoh does do some lovely jpegs (Pentax influence no doubt) up there with Fuji IME.
  12. First frost of the Autumn... Ricoh GR III
  13. Nikon D810/Sigma 100-400 C
  14. Bloxholm Wood near our home... Nikon D810/Sigma 100-400 C
  15. Our village church in yesterday morning's sunlight... Nikon D810/Nikkor 24-70 2.8G
  16. Oh it's just a short-term 'swapsies' with a friend in our village. He's thinking of moving to Fuji so he's now got my X-H1 with the 23 & 56. If it works out, we may just end up doing a permanent swap. I really would like a landscape camera and the 810 might just fit the bill, plus it makes all my old(er) Nikon glass usable. X-Pro1 with the 35-1.4 is going nowhere though so I wouldn't be 'selling out'.
  17. Red Rain: Nikon D810/Nikkor 24-70 2.8G
  18. At the IBCC yesterday... Nikon D700/Nikkor 24-70 2.8G
  19. Nikon D700/Nikkor 24-70 2.8G
  20. Nikon D700/Nikkor 24-70 2.8G
  21. High Wood this morning... Nikon D700/Nikkor 24-70 2.8G
  22. Cambridge University Library: Fuji X-H1/Samyang 12 f2
  23. Nice one, Les - that 70-300 looks impressive, how are you finding it?
  24. Schoolboy error - totally duffed photo as I'd left the camera on AF-S
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