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  1. Good post, because it made me laugh, but I disagree with you about this album. It is an excellent example of it's genre and is rightly recognised as such by most reviewers. This is one of my Sunday evening quiet time albums. Preferably with a bottle of red and someone to share it with. It is quite melancholic though. Becky Johnson bought the farm put a needle in her arm etc. One of my favourite performances on Tiny desk concerts is Gillian Welch and David Rawlings playing Method Acting/Cortez the Killer. Would love to see them live. 4/5
  2. Thanks everyone for giving it a try anyway. It was because of the Trembling Bells that I bought this album in the first place and if this experience hasn't been too awful for you, perhaps intrigued you a little, please give them a try too. Two of my favourite Trembling Bells tracks are Goathland and Wide Majestic Aire, both written by Alex Neilson but sung by Lavinia Blackwall.
  3. Wide Majestic Aire is a great little 7 track mini album.
  4. This is brilliant! Everyone so far is in agreement. Admittedly, you all think it's shit. But seldom does an album get chosen which achieves a consensus of opinion like this. Funnily enough my wife asked me to turn it down the first time she heard it too.
  5. First of all, apologies to Barry but I can't find the poll tab. Possibly because I'm using an iPad to post this. This is a fairly new album and the solo debut for the Trembling Bells drummer and main songwriter, Alex Neilson. The band appears to comprise other members of Trembling Bells too. I have found this album to be a real grower. The first time I heard it I liked it but I bloody love it now. Lyrically very interesting to say the least, I guess you might call the music psych-folk. Hope at least a few of you like it as much as I do.
  6. Just occasionally the WAC introduces you to a new (to you) album that you would otherwise never have bothered to listen to and suddenly new musical horizons open up. Mostly the albums chosen are ok but occasionally there's something utterly different and brilliant. if you are open minded about music then it makes sense to take part. Apart from that, the more people who take part, the more likely we are to discover new stuff so I would encourage people to sign up and recommend some great new albums.
  7. Listening whilst pottering round the house this morning, this is perfect background music. Not something I would buy but enjoyable all the same and a nice change from my usual listening habits. 3/5
  8. I thought it was pretty good. The last track in particular. The trouble with Tracy Chapman I think is that she has never bettered her first album. I reckon 4/5.
  9. This has always been one of my favourite tracks And this
  10. It's a bit OTT in places but Woman in Chains and the title track are fabulous. I didn't enjoy the rest of the album quite as much but I didn't hate it either. 3/5
  11. I like that. Tunes that make you happy. That's a good measure.
  12. You get into the slow bits after a while. Well, I did anyway.
  13. I think of the Chic Organisation as disco music for rock fans. I'm sure I read that in either Mojo or Uncut, so it must be true.
  14. I was going to pick the Undertones' first album but it would have been too much like last week's choice so I changed my mind. Any way, I feel it's time for something completely different. The Undertones would have been a safe pick but perhaps this isn't. I anticipate a thorough pasting for this. Disco music used to take a real bashing, not least from me, but this album is one of my guilty pleasures. I'm picking it partly to commemorate Joni Sledge, who passed away last month at the age of just 60, and also because I felt it was time I picked an album by female artists for a change. The vocals on this album are terrific, as is the playing by the members of Chic, particularly Bernard Edwards' bass playing. The songwriting and production is by Nile Rogers and Bernard Edwards at a time when they could do very little wrong (although I believe Diana Ross didn't think that was the case with respect to her album Diana, at least not initially). The expanded version on Spotify unfortunately replaces the longer album version of the title track with the single mix but then adds some fairly pointless remixes at the end. If you can, listen to the full length version of the track for some great vocals from Kathy Sledge and bass playing from Bernard Edwards. It's available on Youtube. Could Barry please add a poll? I couldn't find the option when creating this post. Cheers Jim