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  1. And another Brexit promoting a******* deserts the UK, but are we surprised?
  2. It’s like watching a car crash, only we’re all onboard, far from being in control we will be playing bitch between the EU, USA and China, a minnow that brings a knife to a gunfight, a fading power that is now in terminal decline, totally fucked. The only people that are completely unaware of the consequences are those that voted for it, the politicians who enacted it know, but they don’t give a shit.
  3. Ron, we placed our gentleman’s bits on silver platter and laid them out for the EU And USA, putting aside whichever side of the fence we might respectively be on, the negotiations have been handled with an astonishing lack of foresight and integrity, they were far to busy telling us how wonderful it’s going to be without a clue on delivery.
  4. There is a smidgen of logic there Gaz, however we’ve successfully acquired squatters rights, since you didn’t want the shithole anyway. Most property in Scotland is freehold, leasehold is a mainly English thing, see the Duke Of Westminster, he’s done particularly well from that little scam.
  5. I’ve called Scotland my home for 66yrs 11 months of my 67yrs on the planet, Scottish dad English mum, and I want us out of the Union by whatever works, you may have a different view, and you are welcome to it. I am not living in the past, I live here yes, but from time to time I've lived elsewhere, I live here by choice, I could easily live elsewhere in Europe, Northern Italy and Portugal would be on the cards, I abhor the Braveheart mentality, drunken Scotsmen crying about going home but never do, I’m looking to the future for my grandchildren, unsaddled from Westminster whose gaze cant get past Staples Corner, with the reasonable hope of rejoining the EU, for me the SNP are merely a means to an end, no party rules forever, with independence the SNP will have to reinvent itself, hopefully as a social democratic party.
  6. I do admire your optimism Ron, just hope it’s not delusion, time will tell.
  7. Sometimes Ron I feel all that happens is we stand in our little pile of shit, complaining about the stink someone else’s pile of shit.
  8. Bit like Englands puny 56 million being an inaudible whisper beside the 2 billion in the USA, China and the EU, none of whom we have a trade deal with! Exactly which levers of power are going to be exercised in order to gain advantageous terms with these countries? we have been lied to by the Conservatives on our abilities in these areas, everything they promised Is slowly but surely being revealed as so much eye dazzling glitter, now we have the final nail in the coffin with the aftermath of Covid 19. Within the EU there are many small voices, and I would hazard that they all suffer the same disadvantages, but there are pacts and alliances that can be entered into to make voices heard, cooperation and common voices go a long way, you have to be in the game to play. Doesn't really matter what either of us think or believe now, we’re totally fucked, well to be fair, not me, I’m going to do just fine whichever way things go, but that’s just good fortune, millions are not so lucky.
  9. Don’t give a shit Ron, there’s always somebody moaning, far as I remember 80% of UK fishing licenses have been sold off to foreign fleets anyway.
  10. For clarity Gaz, I voted to stay in the UK because at that time we were part of the EU... we were told by the UK government backed strongly by the EU ( for their own political reasons ) that leaving the UK would mean us being no longer part of the EU, voting no suited me because I wanted a United Kingdom within Europe, now I will admit at the time, I never thought in a million years we would shoot ourselves in the brain stem and leave the EU, but we did. The only remedy now open to me is the narrow nationalist route in order to then lose It by joining the EU, whose stance has now changed again, for their own political reasons ( and do understand the reasons behind both pre and post opinions )
  11. Can’t answer for anyone else, but for me voting stay In the independence ref was all about remaining an EU citizen and the collective bargaining we would have with China and the USA, amongst many other benefits, looking at how things are panning out, I was right to be concerned. I note you used the racist word, how did that creep in?
  12. Honest answer, for many up here it doesn’t matter, for us the EU vote is the equivalent of the iceberg that the Titanic run into. We will leave using any means possible, don't care about the mechanism, don’t care if you think we cannot manage economically apart, you are on a glorious ship but it’s on it’s way to the bottom and I’m in the lifeboat watching in horror.