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  1. If it’s any help John, M.Gammon called me on the 29th June, from 07305 772576… speak to the man!
  2. I’ve just today received a small package from Mr Gammon, platter weight pads and a new spirit level for my MHR, purchased through his eBay store, some of the items he posts on his Facebook page are not available via his eBay store…
  3. Luxman 507x AR3a‘s Pioneer direct drive, cannot remember the model think it was a JDM only model obsidian plinth jobbie, Shure V15. Got shot of the turntable pretty smartly, and replaced it with a Mitchell Hydraulic Ref, AT Signet tonearm and aforementioned cartridge, much better, curtains drawn, veil lifted sort of thing. The tactic of getting a first job in a Hi Fi store with a big record department definitely paid off Still have the amp and TT, though not in use. I still pine to get it back together one day.
  4. Seriously Ron? That’s your answer! you need to get into politics mate, go on, tell us about the happy fish again, cracks me up every time.
  5. That’s the plan, though may not survive the wait
  6. The bad news, I’ve just looked at mine, expired 2016... I really should keep up.
  7. Apologies, sarcasm overload, and me, a Scotsman
  8. Not to my knowledge, but enlighten me.
  9. Good news for some, bad news for others, everybody will be throwing shit. Not one single sector of the UK economy comes out of this smelling of roses.
  10. The Offence is the title you’re looking for, think it was the first film released after leaving the Bond franchise, very good it was too, it got panned at the time, but they were wrong
  11. A very nice bit of kit for not a lot, I’m sorted on the TT front, but if I wasn’t.....My wife loves it, but then she’s an interior design graduate.
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