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  1. Correct, I haven’t any idea, as I’ve not seen it before.
  2. Liked the cover, as it reminds me of Haken - Mountain. Giving it a try now.
  3. That’s where I got the title, via George 47’s heads-up on here. Currently streaming via Deezer.
  4. I assumed the same, but when I searched for it, I couldn’t find it . Good job because I couldn’t be arsed to crop a photo again.
  5. John McLaughlin - is that so. (Thanks to George47)
  6. Unfortunately, iPhones do not support direct downloading of music. Thanks for the heads up anyway, as I’m a big fan of JM’s stuff. Listening now
  7. Soup - Remedies Streamed from Deezer. I might buy the vinyl album, for the cover alone. A great album.
  8. Time for some E.L.P. Prog. 2012 Remastered version.
  9. Nurse!, we have a patient who forgot to take his tablet!
  10. Saffron Walden perhaps. South east of Cambridge IIRC . Kind offer all the same Steve.
  11. Thanks for that input, I will certainly consider them.
  12. I own a Nottingham Spacedeck, and have thought about getting a clear acrylic cover. However I am reluctant to order one off eBay in excess of £400 . Apart from an import from Russia, this seems to be the cheapest I’ve come across. https://snvinyl.co.uk/Nottingham-Analogue-Ace-Spacedeck-Turntable-Dust-Cover Has anyone had any dealings with this company, or can recommend another, preferably cheaper.
  13. Fortunately saw him twice in concert. My first album was Stormbringer, with his then wife Beverley Martyn. OVOC.
  14. Inside out - John Martyn including one of my favourite songs of his.
  15. It’s such a shame he didn’t last longer .
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