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  1. any interest if I split this?
  2. I’d corrected those gains while you were quoting me...
  3. Funny that, I seem to remember assuming it needed the gain on my Hashimoto HM3’s at 1:40 (into a Tron 7 MM) and not liking it but a very brief accidental dalliance at 1:20 was better, if a tad bright. Alas, I’d just landed another SPU and quickly rewired the Hashimoto’s to 1:40 again and I didn’t return. The AT then sat in its box for years until recently but I’d forgotten I’d liked it at 1:20. Thanks.
  4. The Nima majors on a glorious mid-range like most unipivots and is superior to an Ittok or an Ekos in that regard. I think those big Linn arms have slightly better control of low frequencies. Nima has quite extending and smooth high frequencies which is better than a ‘tizzy’ Ittok but I think the Ekos is slightly more extended. Smooth and natural but not as extended at the frequency extremes versus boom/tizz dynamics? Overall it depends on what you want from your tonearm and what you listen to but the Nima is a total bargain compared to a typical tired old eBay special Ittok or Ekos with their sticky bearings which carry a good deal of risk. I ended up building a much higher spec deck with Kore subchassis which meant I had to settle on the arm mount. Playing the long game (With Ekos SE in mind some day) I went for the Linn mount Kore.
  5. I bought my AT50ANV back in the day on release when I lived in Tokyo. I never really got into it at the time, partly because I was in Hifi candyland and was filling my boots with all sorts, but also because with its very low output, I didn't really have the gear to get the best out of it. I had a few SUTs to get some gain but they loaded it down too much and so I was never happy with it until I recently ended up with a high gain solid state phono stage that happens to really like low output cartridges, a Naim Superline. Now I think it's awesome and probably the best cartridge I own. I will have shown it on here when I got it but it never got noticed because it wasn't an Io or an SPU. What are you using yours with?
  6. Plinth refurbished and Cyalene fitted. It’s a lovely thing now.
  7. For sale my Linn LP12/Nima as I have upgraded to a newer one. It’s in lovely condition. late 80’s pre-Cirkus (last version of pre-cirkus bearing that some prefer for the classic LP12 sound) Restored original Afromosia plinth in outstanding condition Nice lid and hinges New Rega fit armboard Recently recapped Valhalla Latest spec boxed Roksan Nima Boxed Linn K18 cartridge in good condition. I have all the inner polystyrene LP12 packaging so shipping shouldn't an issue. looking for £1300 delivered in the UK. cheers Carl
  8. I used to have one of these. Cracking little amps.