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  1. Impossible to answer really. To get a difference, not that much. To get what I'd call an improvement, quite a lot. But then you may not consider what I like to be actually an improvement. You ideally need to listen to a few DACs in the same system (not even necessarily your own system initially) to get some idea of the different presentation.
  2. Still rather confused I have to say. Light fades things, or at least, it has on every speaker I've seen. If the brace sits against the baffle, seems to me more likely it's a chemical reaction, rather than light. I'd expect the bit completely covered up to always end up slightly darker than the rest.
  3. I'm seriously confused now. Sunlight, unless I'm mad, normally makes things fade a bit. So the sunlight here is getting through the grilles and making the wood darker, except the bit behind the metal brace??
  4. Expecting? No. But if you do need repairs, it's rather handy to know you won't have to send something halfway round the world and pray it'll come back in one piece. Electronics still break sometimes...
  5. I'm obviously missing something, but how does sunlight get through a steel brace FFS?
  6. I can see that now. Seems pointless to leave the gap, mind you. Still, as they're voiced 'grilles on', I suppose it's not the end of the world.
  7. The reason for sale. At the time, far more pragmatic. I have always kept the hifi as it's own 'fund', or it would be far too easy to divert cash from other places. At the time, I had a couple of offers to buy other stuff I wanted to try, so the L300 had to go to put some money back. Mind you, they are pig ugly, no matter how good they are
  8. A lot of people like the 'all in one box' approach for neatness. Also, until you start going a bit leery with chips and circuit designs, basic DAC architecture is really simple. An awful lot of the cost involved in a standalone DAC in the casework and the like. You can buy a reasonable DAC board for peanuts.
  9. rabski

    Valve info

    Well spotted. I'd forgotten about Selectron. Like Zaerix and similar, they bought in bulk from other manufacturers and rebranded stuff. Unfortunately therefore unlikely to be anything spectacular, but probably old enough to be decent(ish).
  10. For anyone who doesn't know, the Hush platforms were/are made by RJC Audio (who used to post here). Theye aren't just a lump of wood with feet. They have a wood fame and base, and the 'platform' is spring mounted inside this to damp vibration.
  11. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Figure_(wood) Refers to the pattern in wood used for furniture, etc. Personally, I wouldn't be that worried about the 'blotchiness', as it looks to me just natural variations in the wood shading. The blooming great pale stripe across the front is a very different matter though.
  12. I wouldn't use a WE for it, but actually a 300B makes a really good HT pass regulator for various reasons. See the rather lovely Puresound L300 preamp for an example.
  13. That's nasty, and a fade line like that would crucify the resale value. Sorry, I haven't read through the whole thread to see how long you've had them, but short of painting a stipe with some bleach, I can't see how any 'misuse' could cause that, which means it has to be a manufacturing defect in my book.
  14. It's a chip, presumably, rather than a descrete ladder reistor array. I'm with Jaz on this. It's not an 'engine'. If you want an analogy, it's more like a gearbox. Not that it's important, but it rattles my keys a bit when manufacturers use stupid words for the hell of it. The motivation? Who knows. I doubt it's cost savings, as for Lampi stuff, it's a limited market that pays the price regardless. I doubt it's availability either, as there are more likely to be supply problems with chips than with the Soekris boards, which I know are available from stock. It may be a question of sound quality, or of consistency in application. Ladders are not straightforward.
  15. rabski

    DIY Resources

    That's some incredible work there
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