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  1. Fitness for purpose? The purpose of a hif system, unless I've missed something, is to listen to music on. As for the measurement angle, you can level criticism at Audio Note DACs in that regard, but then you'd need to note more than one experienced reviewer's comment along the lines of wondering whether it sounds so good depite the measurements, or because of them. As for the rest, I don't see any evidence of 'poor' measurements in most of the elctronics. The speakers are marmite, but I've heard plenty of speakers that measure superbly and sound like garbage and as most of us appreci
  2. If you want to take a holiday, keep it up. For your information, moderators do not have a 'job'. We are unpaid volunteers who all have enough to do outside the forum, without having to deal with people who want to run things their own way.
  3. I've been working from home for a long time before the coronavirus effect, but with family and friends in a variety of industries, and from personal experience in various fields, I can see the positives and the negatives. For me, I don't miss working in an office and I'd never do it again, because I don't have to. For a while I've been in industries and sectors where there is no need for face-to-face contacts with clients, and as most of my customer base is spread around the world, it would anyway be impossible. I suppose I slightly miss the office banter, but I don't miss the office poli
  4. I had a feeling it had departed Nick. Pass is more than a decent alternative I don't doubt. But not possibly as decent as a Melton pie. If there's one thing I miss about Scalford...
  5. Sod that. I just want a pork pie and a listen to the 300Bs if you still have them I can drag over my DAC, but the systems are likely to be so different in concept and layout that it would be a pointless comparison. What would be more interesting (for me) is to hear the effect and difference just in your setup. Anyway, just getting the hell out of Dodge City for once in over a year would be a bloody miracle.
  6. I see the asylum doors have been left open again. Questioning the efficacy or thinking behind an idea is reasonable, though if you do so from a theoretical standpoint only, it makes sense to stress this. I look forward to the opportunity to hear the Nick's cables (and system for that matter), as I have no doubt the effect exists, but my own standpoint differs somewhat in that I try to prevent rather than cure. That doesn't make either approach wrong and circumstances often dictate what is practical and useful. That aside, to add to Tony's point, the aim of the mods is to make life ea
  7. Second part, yes, within reason. A lot of distortion and noise is pointless to measure, as it ends up with ridiculous 'wars' between manufacturers over which thing has the lowest distortion, when all of it is so far below the threshold of audibility as to not matter. I also have an issue with the methods of measuring distortion, as total harmonic distortion can hide a mutitude of sins. To overgeneralise, 9 + 1 = 10, so does 5 + 5. If those proportions are translated into even-order and odd-order harmonics, you can end up with identical measurements and a very different sound. The rest is
  8. Mine is what makes me want to stay away
  9. I've got a couple of spare ones in the heap somewhere. I can't say I'll try one, because I'll never get round to it. Mechanical noise may be an issue, though modern ones are variable fan and the one in my desktop is near silent. Electrical noise I would imagine likely to be more of an issue. A smooth waveform and PSRR seem probably pretty unimortant in a computer build. I would imagine fast response to current demand and voltage stability will be critical. Judging by the apalling amount of noise on the 5V USB output on my desktop, I can't imagie the actual supply is any better.
  10. I demand a DNA test. That's Douglas Noel Adams, of course, but as he's sadly no longer among us, I'll pass it and it'll be back to the Mark Grant calatogue for you young lad.
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