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  1. Little bumpy and price reduced. This would go nicely with Neil's Audion Can't think of anything I'd look at a swap with, because I'm trying to make some space and add to the hifi funds.
  2. Tech department: Not sure if we should make it black or grey. Nobody seems to know what sells best. Marketing department: Hold my beer.
  3. I will have by then. It started off as a 'trim it' and ended up as a 'shave it' because I made an almighty mess of it. A fair bit has grown back in the three weeks and I am under strict instructions to 'not bloody try that again'
  4. Hairdresser. You can safely assume that will be a first and last
  5. Your memory isn't what it once was Ian https://www.hifiwigwam.com/forum/topic/87438-harbeths-that-arent-harbeths/
  6. rabski


    Mine was getting ridiculous. Took the trimmer to it about three weeks ago and made such a total mess that I ended up shaving the lot. Anne virtually stopped talking to me for days, but happily it grows quickly. It's already starting to get untidy, but I am being given the 'don't you bloody dare' looks, so untidy it will have to remain.
  7. A little scary, isn't it... Our eldest likes his music and we compare notes sometimes. He's going through a little bit of a phase on and off of discovering 'new' artists and music. A couple of weeks ago he told me about this amazing album he'd found. Apparently it's a little dated, but really good in places. Moody Blues, Threshold of a Dream. I had slightly mixed feelings telling him I still have the original copy that I bought in 1970...
  8. If you were being truly gentlemanly, you'd point out in which direction
  9. Happy birthday old pal. It appears you are precisely twelve days older than I am, so I am looking forward to playing when I'm sixty-four on the day. Probably followed by some Ian Dury and the Blockheads flat out to remind everyone within hearing range that I'm not finished yet.
  10. Ah. I'm thinking of Dave's other version of it, with the Italian phono stage that I can't remember the make of.
  11. I'd forgotten about that one Bob, though I'm not sure it fits in the 'under £30k' bracket.
  12. No. The one with just a reel-to-reel feeding Focal actives.