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  1. Every piece of equipment adds or removes something and our available measurements can never hope to do more than offer a snapshot, an estimation or an amalgamation. It's no surprise to anyone and sometimes it's a pain, because not infrequently in designing stuff, you come across something that just doesn't sound 'right', when everything suggests it should. Basically, there is no possible measurement that is completely comprehensive. Possibly with advances in computer processing, we may see improvements. At the moment, however, we have things like SINAD and THD, whereas in an orchestral piece, for example, we have an almost infinite combination of frequencies, levels and harmonics. There simply isn't enough time to measure everything: every frequency, every combination of frequencies and all at different levels and with different harmonics. Frequency sweeps and combined frequencies are a start, but nowhere near touching the complexity of actual music. I am by no means anti-measurement, but just like any tool, it is no more than a tool.
  2. Ah, the good old 'added distortion' red herring. I wondered how long it would be before that, or Ric's bloody 'moussaka' came up. Unfortunately, I have plenty of test equipment, plenty of references in terms of equipment and a little experience. I'm afraid that there are more than one or two pieces of equipment that 'measure well' but sound poor by comparison. Equally, there are plenty of items that measure well but sound different. I have yet to meet any audio designer who does not use listening as part of a test suite, and many conclude that sometimes, the measurements are nowhere near enough.
  3. On the other hand, it has to be added that whilst measurements are useful indicators, they do not always tell the whole story. I am minded of a well-known and widely respected reviewer's comment about a particular piece of equipment: 'does it sound good despite the measurements or because of them?' I have had plenty of stuff here that measures extremely well, at least in terms of what measurements we have, and that sounds exceptionally good. But then I have also had stuff here that measures relatively poorly and sounds spectacular, and stuff that measures well and sounds apalling. Measurements are a useful tool, but even when designing stuff I prefer to use basic measurements to check and test, but extended listening to really assess something. The point of hifi equipment is to listen to music. A fact that sometimes needs to be pointed out to people.
  4. What a great idea. Especially at a time when A&E departments are already overstretched
  5. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.
  6. Far too much fun mate. Also, available evidence 'behind the curtain' so to speak, suggests non-troll.
  7. I have no idea what you are on about, but I think my posts have been quite clear. Trying to extrapolate some valid comparison via a distorting medium is completely flawed. That is before we even look at the lack of comparative context. The only way validly to compare, by listening, two items is to have them side by side in the same system and to listen direct. Any other method introduces factors outside your knowledge and control, and makes valid comparison impossible. It really isn't complicated.
  8. I think it was Robert Heinlein who remarked that some people believe you can teach a horse calculus if you have enough time to waste. Fortunately (or not) I don't have time to waste. Even if I did, I really wouldn't be using it to try and continually make the same incorrect point time and time again in the belief that people would suddenly start beleiving it. In the next couple of weeks, I will have some relatively high-end emplifiers and some other things here for review. Perhaps I should explain to the manufacturers that I intend to listen to them and compare them by recording the sound from my speakers on a mobile phone, then converting it to a video, streaming that over the internet and playing it back through my speakers. Obviously, any comparisons I make will still be valid Some days, this place is like Alice in Wonderland, only slightly less realistic.
  9. Defintely not. Next, please can you point to the doll and show us where the sales person touched you?
  10. I'm saving up all these threads for every time someone posts how much of a faff it is setting up a turntable
  11. I can't find a YouTube video that isn't interrupted by adverts. Therefore, every time I listen to music on any source, there will be adverts. Every Bartok video posted online appears to be 'bright' sounding. Hence the Bartok is 'bright' sounding. When I walked to the corner shop to buy a bottle of milk this morning, I saw four cats on the way. Each one of them was black and white. Therefore, all the cats in the world are black and white. It's first-year primary school logic. Never base an overarching theory or proposition based on incomplete or possibly biased data.
  12. Exactly this. My neighbour has a nearly new Aston Martin. I think he is mad to have bought it. I have a cartridge that retailed for about £1500. He thinks I am mad to have bought it, etc. etc. The crucial thing is 'choice'. If you want to get all het up about something, start with the cost of electricity, gas, water, etc. where 'choice' is either limited or impossible.
  13. Just like the pattern in other threads. Who exactly is being 'ripped off'?
  14. Why would anyone use a low-resolution, unreliable, low-bandwidth medium that has potentially (and evidently) an uneven frequency response? Here, YouTube sounds 'bright' for pretty much everything, but it really is irrelevant. When you are carrying out comparative listening, the last thing you would do is to use some sort of listening medium that is magnitudes less than transparent. It would be like comparing two camera lenses by taking pictures through a soft-focus filter. You may possibly be able to discern some differences, but no way would they be generalisable or transferable to real-life use. I really can't take the argument seriously, because it's fundamentally flawed.
  15. No. It is exactly not the case. Where can you in any way demonstrate that people have bought this DAC based on what some sales person has told them? Where exactly are all these people with ten large to spend who are so prone to the suggestions of sales people? What makes you somehow immune to this? It's a joke. Just like other threads here, it's based on some imagined psychology, but always one that the person posting is somehow not subject to. Basically, what it boils down to is the suggestion that other people are stupid.
  16. Same old, same old. What I 'love' about threads like this is the inevitable suggestion sooner or later that someone has spent around ten grand on something because they were somehow persuaded by the marketing. Seriously? At this sort of price, we're at the top of the enthusiast market, but nowhere even touching the edge of the 'bling' sort of purchase. This is the sort of price range where people buy on performance, but that means 'performance' in terms of how each individual purchaser assesses something. In this market, that's going to be by hearing it. And by 'hearing it' I certainly don't mean listening to a video on the internet. In this case, we're talking about comparisons in sonic terms where small nuances of tone, image presentation and similar are going to be important. Nobody is going to get any of that from a YouTube clip.
  17. Chemical reaction? Self-raising contains salt and baking powder, so I suppose there's some sort of reaction with the milk and eggs in a normal batter mix. Seems logical, but I dunno...
  18. Jeez. If only we'd had a thread about over-priced exotic cables before, then things would have been much easier. Anyway. Are they worth it? No idea. Not in my opinion, but then 'worth' is meaningless in the context of the seriously high-end market. Will they make a difference? Compared with what? Simple fact is that it's impossible for any cable to add anything electrically, so the best a cable can do is to take less away. From my experience, I suggest you can reach the dizzy heights of performance at which no difference is audible by spending under £100. Possibly substantially less. Do I know any of this for certain? Well, I can take a very good stab at it, but if you're asking me whether I've 'heard' a £30,000 mains cable, then no. I haven't. I could possibly wrangle a review item, but it's unlikely. It's mostly unlikely, because I couldn't write a review in sincerity anyway. And the big question: do I care? Not in the slightest. My 'give a s**t' factor is as close to zero as it's possible to get. The positive I can see is that if anyone buys some, the dealer is likely to make a few quid and that may help them stay in business. As it's Analogue Seduction and from one or two dealings in the past, they seem to be among the good people, that's a plus point. Also, it means they may have a bit more in the pot to do a decent part-ex deal on something one of us buys, so that's a win-win. I'm seriously not in the least 'troubled' by all the uber-high-end stuff. I'm not ever going to buy any of it, so why would I care? It's easy to get wound up by the inequity of a society where such potential purchases exist, but that's the world we live in. Screaming about the goods for sale at that end of the market is never going to change it. As for the sort of person who can afford to drop £30k on a mains wire, we're talking about people to whom £30k is pocket money, so they won't care either.
  19. Make some room I added the GL75 here simply because it was an unexpected discovery when clearing out my mum's house. As per another thread, it turned out to be so minty that all I've done is stick a Linn arm on it and totally clean and rebuild it. I was originally just keeping it out of sentimental value, but the difference between it and the Well Tempered has proved it a worthwhile addition in its own right. The Well Tempered is going nowhere, but now, neither is the 75...
  20. All measurements are not relevant in all situations, and certainly the stress on specific measurements above and beyond the point they are meaningful is pointless. A lot of measurements are created for one purpose then picked up on by people as meaningful out of context.
  21. Yet earlier you appeared to be espousing the 'measurements are everything' approach. Measurements, as always, tell part of the sotry. Or worse, they measure something inappropriate or irrelevant.
  22. There are contexts and situations here, rather than any right or wrong. But that's almost always the way in electronics and hifi. Digital control can be useful and appropriate, but then so can valves and transformers. As always, the vast majority of everything comes down to implementation. I have heard some truly awful digital volume controls, but also some that are effectively transparent. The same goes for things in the analogue domain. Much as I understand and love valve equipment, there are a load of wretched uses of it purely as 'effects boxes'. Same of course applies to any circuit and component.
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