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  1. I like all live albums, because even poorly recorded ones still have some of the atmosphere that is lacking in most studio stuff. Far too many treasured ones in my collection, but a handful that stand out for me: Jeff Beck: Performing this week at Ronnie Scott's David Gilmour: Live in Gdansk Keith Jarrett: The Koln Concert Eric Clapton and JJ Cale: Live in San Diego Zappa and the Mothers: Live at The Roxy and Elsewhere Peter Gabriel: Secret World Live Hendrix: Isle of Wight Woodstock: The Original Soundtrack Pink Folyd: Pulse Leonard Cohen: Live in London A few others already mentioned. Plus a few hundred more if I start to go through the collection.
  2. Not denying any of it Ric. A white paper should be informative about a technical or complex issue. However, as it is not peer reviewed, there is nothing to stop it being a marketing vehicle. Any white paper produced by a manufacturer of something needs accordingly to be treated as potentially biased. It's not hifi foo, no, but then the worldwide market for data cabling somewhat exceeds that for speaker wire. That said, I agree with much of what's included in this instance. I prefer to use properly screened stuff for most uses and even for single-ended wiring, I prefer to use multi-core screened to aid noise rejection. It can't hurt and it can potentially help.
  3. There is some sense in that. However, I am always very careful about any 'white paper', especially when published by a manufacturer directly connected with the matters mentioned. Bear in mind that a white paper does not present any properly peer-reviewed content and is frequently much closer to pure marketing than pure science. Phrases such as 'it's often said that' ring massive warning bells here.
  4. Ironically, it's the 'industrial' ones that are properly protected yet far more likely to be used in professional situations, rather than the ones more obviously targeted at domestic users. The 'domestic' ones only have overcurrent protection. I really don't understand how these can be sold for use in the UK. Anything that effectively bypasses RCD protection must surely be breaking relevant regulations. Seems mad to me, because RCDs are hardly a massive cost.
  5. We're human. If you get a plumber in to fix your sink, try leaning over them and telling them how they should be doing it. Believe me, a 14 day ban from here is more comfortable than a pipe-wrench where the sun doesn't shine.
  6. I think the missing point here is that the media may not be exactly the same. There seems to be no real guarantee about the content from streaming services. For example, the fact that you have a particular CD and that the same music is available on a streaming service does not mean that the actual content is identical. There are many albums I have where the streamed version seems identical to the CD. However, there are some where it definitely is not, and is audibly lower quality.
  7. That does Keith, but... https://airlinktransformers.com/product/standard-balanced-power-supply-bps2000 This one doesn't. Loads more there don't have any RCD secondary protection either.
  8. Looking at the website, many of the Airlink ones do not seem to have anything other than surge protection.
  9. 14 days' ban. Anyone else who thinks I have time to mess about with school children, please feel free to join your pal.
  10. It isn't a question of removing anything as such. It's simply that we cannot be seen to encourage or condone anything that involves modifications to mains. It's worth pointing out that in many countries worldwide, this is actually illegal. Regardless, there are obvious potential safety issues and nothing home constructed will be suitably certified, so its use could invalidate any insurance.
  11. There still appear to be some people who have not quite got the message yet. The vast majority of forums do not allow discussions on any such topics, and for very good reason. Posting here does not give any member the right to decide how the forum is run. The AUP is perfectly clear. If anyone else wants to dispute or discuss the decisions made here, they will be banned permanently. There will not be any more leeway given, because we have all had enough of wasting our time.
  12. Not so simple any longer Paul. Anyone can set a 'robots.txt' file, redirects or meta tags, but it seems likely that to some extent search engines no longer follow the rules. If you block a directory that does not have any publically displayed content (databases, css folders, script files, etc.) that's one thing, but if something is available to public display and open for public posting, the SEs will and do find it. They'll crawl it even if they don't index it. If they crawl it, the algorithms will and do pick up on unnaceptable content.
  13. If it's the same problem with different TVs, different players and different cables, something very odd is going on. Really silly thought, but are you using the same disc? Could it be possibly something unplayable that's causing the player(s) to stop sending a signal? Seems unlikely, but then the whole thing seems unlikely.
  14. What seems ultimately sadder is someone posting on a hifi and music forum, but never posting anything about hifi and music. Especially when they are not contributing in any other ways. Forums cost a lot to run. The costs are offset by advertising and by contributions from members and dealers. Those people in turn often find the forum through Internet search engines, which are primarily content driven. It therefore doesn't take a genius to work out that there is a good reason for encouraging threads about music and hifi primarily, and discouraging threads that cause nothing but bad feeling among members here. The content and some posting in the past has cost the forum dearly. It is already effectively blacklisted for advertising by some search engines due to its content. If people post deliberately inflammatory rubbish about contentious topics, it is of no benefit to anyone serious about posting here and it damages the forum further. Therefore, it will result in being banned. If you don't like that, or find it 'unpleasant', then go away and start your own forum.
  15. You're a gentle soul George. I fear Mumsnet is not somewhere you would find peace, love, harmony and tranquility.
  16. Places like Mumsnet possibly, though they'd last about ten minutes there before they got ripped to pieces.
  17. It's really simple. See the title of the forum? It contains a bit that says 'hifi and music forum'. If that isn't clear to anyone, let me make is so. This is not a general debate forum. It is a hifi and music forum. We do have sections where people can post general debates. We do not have sections where people can try and be unpleasant to each other, engage in debates that will only end in one way, or otherwise do anything that will potentially damage the forum. I can assure everyone that the moderators are sick and tired of a few individuals doing their level best to spoil things for others. In future, there will be no second warnings or pleasantries from me. I will simply ban the next person who finds it difficult to understand.
  18. No. Short answer. An RCD is designed to 'see' any difference in current between the supply and return (the 'live' and 'neutral' in normal UK mains) lines. If there is a difference, it basically means the electricity is going somewhere it shouldn't be. A balanced transformer isolates the supply. Therefore, the supply from the balanced transformer to your equipment should be protected on both legs by RCDs. Anything less than this, and if something goes wrong, you have zero protection. None. The supply from the transformer will not be protected by the supply to it.
  19. Also clearly says 'can be bridged' and 'sold as a pair'. It's a bit vague looking at the wording as to whether it's £100 each, and sold as a pair, or £100 for two. Either way, you get what you pay for, in every sense. Probably be quite handy for bass duties in a multi-amp setup, but as Bob says, I'd be wary about fan noise because those won't be ultra low-noise fans at that price.
  20. rabski


    It was good enough for Rahab.
  21. Sorry, but as someone generally firmly embedded in the analogue world, I beg to differ.
  22. Why would it be inherently bad for sound quality? As long as the album is mastered properly and the master disc is cut properly, I doubt you'd ever be able to tell the difference between competent use of A/D - D/A somewhere along the chain. Most engineers use it, as it's a lot 'cleaner' to do some processing in digital, even if you use a totally analogue desk.
  23. There are a quite few others. I also suspect Mobile Fidelity would rather take issue with the idea that the art of cutting a master disc properly has been lost to time
  24. I messed about with everything from DIY to horribly costly, but the Van Damme from those people is what I'm using now. It's proper 75 ohm construction, the BNC connectors are decent and the prices are silly cheap. Does it make a difference? Not that I can hear, but then again I'm deaf, my system isn't resolving enough, etc. Or alternatively, as long as it's correct 75 ohm, over 1.5m and correctly terminated, it doesn't have any further effect.
  25. How thin Simon? People like Designacable do good value 75 ohm cables that are flexible and available in a range of colours, but they're 'normal' cable diameter.