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  1. The only problem I have with the concept of euthanasia, is the nag factor. You know what I mean - when your kids are young, you drag them round the supermarket and they are always on at you to buy them stuff. 'Dad, please buy some Frosties. Pleeease'. Well, when they get older, that becomes 'Dad, you're a terrible burden on the family. Please hurry up and die so we can have your house. Pleeeease'. The next thing you know, you're dribbling into your soup, telling some nurse that you're old and useless and don't want to carry on any more. I am only half joking. Edit: My kids would never do that to me - because I will have spent their inheritance on hookers and Werther's Originals long before then.
  2. Personally, I'd choose a Kia ventilator every time. Average performance, but a great warranty. Also avoids the ignominy of being identified as a 'BMW breather'. Or maybe a Vauxhall - a bit shit, but you can get a one year old used one for about 60% of new price. And you get to pretend you 'bought British'.
  3. I'm a fan, though there have been periods in his career where signing would have been preferable (The Frog Chorus and Mull of Kintyre spring to mind).
  4. The uncertainty is unsettling. The IHME is predicting that coronavirus deaths in the UK could account for 40% of the European total (due to the initial 'herd immunity' plan). Meanwhile, Trump is planning to defeat the virus by breeding unicorns and getting them to shit rainbows on it*. *I may have made up the unicorns bit.
  5. One important feature of life as a manager is that everybody is absolutely convinced they could do your job better than you can.
  6. I do sympathise with your point about BS and arse kissing - there is plenty of that about (not only among managers though). But if the managers in your organisation fit your description of them, your organisation is in trouble. In my experience, a good manager can do a good job of managing someone whose role they do not fully understand - but that would not include telling a specialist how to do his job. That would be bad management. We also need to define exactly what 'telling someone how to do their job' means. It doesn't always mean what some people think it means. For example, If I were managing someone with a specialist role (let's say it's the demolition expert you mentioned), I wouldn't tell him what kind of charges to use, but I would feel perfectly comfortable reminding him that he isn't complying with the company's risk assessments or that he isn't following an agreed process. If the demolition guy resents me pointing these things out, that could be because I have poor people skills - it could also be down to the attitude of the other bloke. Both of these things are very common, of course. In summary, there are good and bad managers. The same applies to the people they manage.
  7. Please elaborate - I'm genuinely curious... Do you see all management as superfluous, or do you simply have bad managers where you work?
  8. Great - at least the title of the thread now makes some sense. As a moderator, I suspect your role falls into the 'Non-essential' category. Please try not to break anything on your way out.
  9. In other breaking news, it was revealed today that Ronald Mcdonald is partial to a Big Mac...
  10. horace

    Sorry all.

    Get well soon, and don't worry about the rest of it - concentrate on what is important. All the best
  11. I suspect that much of the panic-bought food will go mouldy and end up in the bin. But hey, who cares - scoring 10 packs of mince is winning at life, isn't it? This whole thing will work better if people stay calm, be cautious and drink tea. That said, there are six of us in our house, and it's tough. Yes, we are fine, and we are lucky to have a garden. I feel very sorry for those without an outside space to fall into - walls are walls. I do have a feeling that life will not be quite the same when this is all over. Perhaps some good will come of it in the long run, but there is pain still to come.
  12. Well said. Maybe lessons will be learned. Being a cynical old git, I'm not holding my breath though.
  13. It's not a holiday, it's a very long walk, officer...
  14. If only he'd had a digital media consultant...