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  1. Currently enjoying a pair of Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 over-ears. I was curious about the rave reviews and wanted to hear for myself. Yes, they really are good. Accuracy tempered with a hint of austerity - less than succulent in the mids with a touch of starkness, but well balanced and neutral overall. Nicely spacious sounding for a closed back. Very good clarity. I guess they come closer to my view of monitoring cans than others I have had. They have a bit of a "cheap" feel about them somehow, but are cumfy enough for long listening sessions even though the earpads feel less than luxuriant. Excellent value at used prices. Given the surprising success of the over-ears I also tried the Momentum In-ears, but I didn't get on with them. Good clarity and a broadly similar sound to the over-ear but, for my classical music tastes, a bit hyped up in the treble. Great on rock, really quite an exciting listen, but a bit raw and forward on violins, so no good for me.
  2. Gliese 3470c - the first exoplanet (a planet around another star) discovered by amateur astronomers. And using a 12.5 inch telescope in a guy's back yard! - calling George47, the Wam awaits your discovery of a planet like this! The possible planet (it needs to be confirmed by further observations) is likely 10x the diameter of Earh (Saturn-sized) and with a 'year' of 66 days. The parent star is half the size of our Sun so a lot less bright, in fact the new planet lies in the 'habitable zone' where liquid water could exist on its surface. A Neptune-sized planet had already been discovered around the star (Gliese 3470b). And the amateur observations made include hints of other planets existing in the system. http://www.sci-news.com/astronomy/saturn-like-exoplanet-habitable-zone-gliese-3470-08658.html
  3. Yes, I look forward to your findings!
  4. Maybe it's not that it hums with a TOSLINK, it hums without the earth provided by a coax connection.
  5. JANDL100

    Headphone amp

    or these for doing the whole job - male RCAs all round, but watch out for where they split - make sure they are long enough! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Van-damme-200cm-RCA-PHONO-Y-SPLITTER-CABLE-1-male-to-2-x-Male-PAIR/293631089791?hash=item445dc6dc7f:g:1mYAAOSwQcZbkOfI
  6. JANDL100

    Headphone amp

    Or these with Van Damme cables, for a bit of extra perceived quality. Or make up something similar of your own? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/van-damme-15cm-RCA-PHONO-Y-SPLITTER-CABLE-ADAPTER-1-male-to-2-x-female/293004223109?hash=item443869a285:g:tGwAAOSwS7Fch9Fc
  7. JANDL100

    Headphone amp

    Yes, true, but many folks wouldn't want to put extra stuff in between the pre and power. It can only degrade the signal, but probably not by that much! These would work ...
  8. JANDL100

    Headphone amp

    Or just swap cables from the 6000A PRE OUT sockets when you want to listen to headphones.
  9. JANDL100

    Headphone amp

    If they don't have Musical Fidelity-style pass through sockets, I think you're stuck with the Audiolab 6000A headphone socket then!
  10. JANDL100

    Headphone amp

    Ah, OK. You didn't say that! Some power amps have pass-through sockets. Which amps do you have?