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  1. some early morning oboe loveliness https://open.qobuz.com/album/eo5ljlm466zvc
  2. The TADs would give you the sophistication and subtlety of the Mullards imo but will retain the upper freq clarity of the JJ. The Mullards /Brimar are a bit "cumfy" and smooth in comparison.
  3. I've a PrimaLuna Prologue 5 power amp. It came with Philips JAN 12AU7 and 12AX7 input valves which were OK but things improved noticeably when I replaced them with TAD valves. I've not tried JJs in the PL but I generally prefer TADs to them. I also now have a set of Psvane and they are good, too, pretty much equivalent to the TADs, I can't say I prefer one over the other. The amp came with Edicron 6550 power valves, I swapped them for TAD el34 and was impressed by the extra clarity. I'm not usually a fan of el34, but the TADs worked really well. I then tried KT120, heh, the search stops here! Superb. They are tall, though, and just fit in the valve cage if it's on tippy toes!
  4. Hi Griffo! Hope you are keeping well. I'd be interested in knowing what headphones (and DACs) you are using and have used. And why you like/dislike them. Senn600 and AT40 atm, I see. Always good to know someone else's journey.
  5. I've never heard of these guys or the recording label, Leaf Music - but this is wonderful musicianship beautifully recorded! https://open.qobuz.com/album/0714983549875
  6. the best looking amp I've ever had was a Pass X150. In many ways I enjoyed the sound, but ultimately it was too relaxed dynamically for me. I do now have a Pass DIY aleph-M amp, sold by Taiwan-based Vintage Audio Lab. 20wpc pure class A, and the chassis gets too hot to keep your hand on. I must confess that I prefer it to the big X150 [now moved on], it's distinctly snappier in its presentation.
  7. I've got a 2Qute - mine's with a Teddy Pardo PSU - very nice DAC (with or without the fancy PSU) - but yes, I had problems with the high output initially, with my preamp's overload light flashing and sound distortion. But I can adjust the input sensitivity on the pre, so it was OK. You may well have problems (noticeably distorted sound) if your pre overloads like the spec suggests. In my system, the overload occurred before the volume control, so it wasn't just a matter of winding that back a bit, it still distorted..
  8. Qobuz desktop is gapless for me, maybe clear cookies and try again to download it? I like Qobuz, but I'm only really interested in classical and the catalogue is good. Sound quality for me is better than Tidal and I like the interface and the album booklets being available. And it's cheaper than Tidal and you get a load of hi rez albums, too.
  9. JANDL100

    Hifi Pig

    Oh dear - nice folks, I hope they're OK.
  10. By the way, I don't have experience of Mac amps, but Harbeth P3ESR - great speakers!! "Upgrade" them at your peril.
  11. My sympathies - you have them. It can be hugely disconcerting to hear something a lot cheaper but seemingly almost as good. "Good", though. That's subjective. And it's interesting that the comparison was with Naim. Naim is a strange brand - if it appeals, then it appeals in a big way and money spent on other brands may well not keep up. Personally, I don't like the gear as it's very "distinctive" in a way that doesn't suit me - but if that distinctiveness appeals to you, then yes, that could be the problem. Maybe you are a Naimee at heart and that's the way your future leads you. But it does seem that maybe your dealer saw you coming and led you down the "it's more expensive, so it must be better" path. Sometimes that is the case, but many times not.
  12. Thanks to dari for reinvigorating my interest in the 6th. I've been investigating a few courtesy of Qobuz this afternoon - most are also-rans, and I must confess no huge enthusiasm for Currentzis. But Barbirolli - oh my gosh! Quite slow, but remorseless and hewn from granite. Stunning.
  13. Yes, the Podiums are remarkable in some ways, a real sense of transparency and tactility. Not for head-bangers or deep bass freaks, but there's a magic there nonetheless. Most of the time mine are stacked against the wall behind the listening chair ... But they come out now and then! ... and the cat seems to approve.
  14. Tempest fuggit. Or something like that. I do have a 'spare' pair of Podium point 5 panel speakers that get an airing every 6 months or so for a couple of days, just for a change!