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  1. Ian Venables - chamber music. Neo-romantic in the tradition of the English pastoralists, is how I would describe him. Really rather excellent! https://open.qobuz.com/album/0748871010123
  2. I should hope so. Tsk. Honestly, it could have meant almost anything.
  3. OK - thanks. Agreed stats aren't very deep, but they can be any size and tall and narrow, or short and wide, or wide and tall or .... etc Anyway, right, thanks.
  4. Ah, interesting, but only just seen this! Would have gone nicely with my Prologue 5 power amp. I see he sold a 5 as well - and together they sold for exactly £1000!
  5. " A horn but dimensioned like electrostatics." I can't even begin to imagine what that means! Could you explain?
  6. I had a Bel Canto eVo4 (mk1) driving some full range Martin Logan electrostatic speakers, which is not an easy thing to do! 400wpc or something like that.
  7. ^ It seems to me that your £99 class D amp is clearly and obviously superior to your other amps. Throw the others away as they are just colouring the sound.
  8. Hmm, yeah. Let's see how you go, Jack. I started several months earlier than you, I think! I didn't give up the alternate day fasting for trivial reasons - it was getting very uncomfortable indeed and was interfering quite drastically with with my life! But I will persevere with the daily 16/8 regime as much as I can.
  9. My experience is that the alternate day fasting starts out surprisingly not too bad, gets even easier -- then it gets REALLY difficult! I had to give up, but I had lost over 7Kg. I've been on a 16/8 hour fasting day for several months. That started out quite easy, but is now getting increasingly difficult.
  10. There's as much variation in the sound of different class D amps as there is in class AB and class A amps. I've heard soft and woolly class D, bright and relentless class D, as well as some remarkably musical 'Goldilocks' just-right class D. If you want a generalisation, I think it's a lot easier to find truly enjoyable cheap class D than it is any other class. Also there's a very strong tendency for lower power class D (up to a few tens of Watts) to sound transparent and fast, while the higher power jobbies of 100s of wpc often cruise along sounding effortlessly smooth. The lower powered variety strongly tend to be more my sort of sound. Mind you, I can easily think of exceptions to the above! That's my experience of the things anyway. I'm a big fan of class D amps, I think they can sound remarkably musical.
  11. Hi Nick The one I alluded to was the original Response 2, not sure but I think it was the first speaker in the ongoing Response/R series. I heard the D2 only at a Show but having high hopes I was a bit disappointed, I wasn't that taken by the 2.5 either, although many folks loved it. At shows I've heard quite a few over the years; maybe it's just nostalgia but I suspect there was a magic in the original that they never quite managed to repeat. They seemed to develop into increasingly hifi-impressive rather than music-impressive. I wasn't the only one to fall in love with that speaker, I seem to recall an ecstatic review in one of the US mags .... ah yes, here it is by the idiosyncratically cutesy Corey Greenberg - https://www.stereophile.com/standloudspeakers/792proac/index.html He was dead right about using Target R2 stands, essential for getting the best out of them. You get at least a 50% performance drop otherwise. Here's the conclusion from that 1992 review .. 1992 ye gods, nearly 30 years ago! Conclusion I don't have to tell you I loved these ProAcs. As thrilled as I was with what they could do, I was even more impressed by what they did not. As antithetical to the whole hi-fi–nut syndrome as any I've heard, the ProAc Response Two is a stunning product that delivers a quality of sound most audiophile speakers only hint at. If, like me, you're sick of playing the "hot speaker of the month" game and just want to ENJOY YOUR MUSIC, leave the audionuts to their speaker-angst and audition the Response Twos. At almost $4000 with stands, are they expensive? Yes. Are they worth it? Without a doubt.
  12. I've owned Response 2 standmounts, Response 3 and Future Point 5 floorstanders. The Response 2 were the best by quite a way imo. Dynamic in a way very few other speakers manage, explosively fast when called for. Great all round, one of my fave speakers. Good stands essential. The Response 3 were slower and less interesting. Pretty good, but not special in the way the 2 was. The fancy open baffle, ribbon hybrid Future. 5 were a mistake, vague imaging and poor bass for the size of the cabinet. I've also heard and disliked the Studio 140, popular but very ordinary imo. Personally I think the Response series are the ones to go for.
  13. Haha - amazing - they look like very serious speakers indeed! Congrats on a dream come true. I recall a PMC dem at the Bristol Show (I think) of very similar looking beasts. Beasts being the operative word. They sounded fabtastic. I was expecting just a bigger version of the FB1 that had failed to impress. Wrong! Just hugely (and delicately/subtlely) impressive. Great speakers. Congrats again to you both.
  14. I recall going to a dealer dem of the Glastonbury. Not my cuppa char at all. The cabinet was dead, but so was the sound. I bought the newly released ProAc Response 2 instead. "Yes, I know they look small." said Dave the dealer. "Yes, I know they're £1800*. Just listen" .... * this was quite a few decades ago.