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  1. Aha! Well, well. Fancy that. Spotify Connect, eh? I was rather surprised a few weeks ago when I'd forgotten what was connected up and I suddenly realised I was controlling Spotify streaming from my laptop using my phone, and not the Bluetooth connection I thought was dialled in. Now it (kind of) makes sense. I tried it with Qobuz, thinking I'd discovered a neat trick that is generally applicable, but that didn't work. Now I know why! We live and learn. Sometimes.
  2. Misty morning walk in the Forest of Dean today
  3. JANDL100

    Exited vinyl

    I think I sold and re-bought my vinyl rig 4 times before I was finally able to give it up for good. The great things about it tempt you back, but then the bad things piss you off. Such is life.
  4. I get a variety. A couple of years ago I had the night hum as reported by Rayymondo. Like him it took a few days to realise it was me and not some selfish neighbour making the noise. And, curiously, like him it rapidly faded away once I worked that out. Sometimes I get a high pitched whistle in my left ear, other times more of a hiss. Both seem to get kicked off by loud high frequency noises, like dropping a glass casserole lid in the sink. I did that a few weeks ago and am still suffering the consequences, it does seem to be slowly fading, though.
  5. JANDL100

    LV speakers

    Well, if you've got the odd £300k you can spare me (or whatever the current price is) just drop me a line.
  6. I must admit, I'd unplug it for now and either wait for further considered and knowledgeable responses here or maybe start a new thread asking for advice.
  7. So, assuming the speaker cables all remain connected, it's OK for a turned off amp to get the other amp to pump power into it?
  8. I've sometimes thought of doing that, but is it safe? I have no idea, but have always shied away from doing it. Still, it obviously hasn't blown up yet!
  9. JANDL100

    LV speakers

    Just 'metaphorically speaking'? I think not!
  10. JANDL100

    LV speakers

    Bland and boring, they seemed to smooth over the micro dynamic changes and subtleties in the music. Yes, quite like old BBC style pipe and slippers, but without the midrange tonality magic that they often had which provided compensation.
  11. Absolutely ... they've got a melted look to me, they started off as a normal looking speaker but most of it has slumped to the bottom. and then someone came along and randomly sliced the top off.
  12. Ftfy. An eternal mystery. Mind you, I'm far from sure that I understand mine, either. 39 years today, my goodness.
  13. JANDL100

    LV speakers

    Aha, so you've finally seen (heard) the light!
  14. They might not have thought users would be listening quite that close! Nice result.