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  1. I'm sure Russ Andrews has more sense than to attempt to debate his products and philosophy on this forum. I can't imagine how it could turn out well.
  2. I've got lots of Sorbothane footers and pads and domes, accumulated over the years. Am thinking now of putting some under my Airlink bmu.
  3. B*gger. You've got me going now, Robin. I was about to post asking whether you'd tried something simple like good old Sorbothane. Then I thought, I could try that. I've two mains blocks, 1 MusicWorks and 1 MCRU. Under went some Sorbothane pads. The music actually sounds louder as well as more explicit and vivid. Somewhat better focused, too. I really didn't want to hear that. Now I'm going to have to fark around with different types of supports for my damn mainsblocks.
  4. I had a H90, and as the days passed I got more and more irritated with it, to the point that I couldn't bear to listen to it any more. There was a slight but somehow insistent brightness to it that just drove me crazy after a week or so. Impressive and enjoyable sound in other respects, though.
  5. These are really good sounding preamps, just fantastic vfm. Remote control, and the Bluetooth input sounds seriously nice streamed straight from your phone. Buy with confidence from Brian as well, definitely one of the good guys!
  6. Bump and reduced to £600, collected from GL17.
  7. And here are my refurbed B&O CX100 speakers, in my 2nd system, first made in 1983 I think. Listening to them as I type, genuinely excellent imo.
  8. Great collection, Lindsay! No worries, you're among like minded folk here.
  9. If t'were me, I'd investigate whether it's about the distance/positioning from other cables and or gear before investing £££ in possibly irrelevant platform types. Maybe it's irrelevant that the mains block happens to be on a MusicWorks stand, maybe it's all about location.
  10. .... Maybe it's something to do with keeping power cables away from signal cables?
  11. .... Interesting though. I shall have a play with such things myself.
  12. So, another 60 page thread followed by the Fat Lady doing her stuff and a stern warning from George about us behaving ourselves in future. Yay. Still, it'll give the mods something to do.
  13. 2nd system Top to bottom : Duck Pioneer DVD player, used as CDP. Teac minidisc player (I've 100s of live concerts recorded off the radio), Nobsound NS-08P preamp and Bluetooth receiver. Audiolab MDAC (resting) and Phonic Max 250 power amp. Primaluna Prologue 5 power amp (resting). Feeding into B&O CX100 speakers (fully refurbed). I mainly stream via Bluetooth 5 aptX HD, I luuuurv Bluetooth (it's my secret shame. Shhh, don't tell anyone).
  14. I'm running a 40+ year old Quad 303 power amp (refurbished and modded) and a semi vintage (20 year old) EAD DAC/preamp. I've no doubt at all that it's some of the best gear I've heard.
  15. If it sounds good, it is good.
  16. This lovely amp is rather wasted in my 2nd system, so back up for sale. I've gone off the idea of couriering it, as I don't have the original box etc. Power valves now replaced with NOS GE 6L6GC for a more subtle and refined performance. (KT120 still available if you want them instead). It's currently in mid Wales, but can be transferred to Glos GL17. Collection or meet up by agreement. Reduced to £700.
  17. Hmm, yes, mine only hums intermittently. Maybe it's when the fridge is in its actively cooling phase? Or something.
  18. My 3kva Airlink does hum to itself a little. But I have to be standing by it when the room is quiet to hear it. That's fine for me, but others in different situations (or those with OCD) may find it bothers them.
  19. I've a 3kva Airlink with an RCD plugged into it. I wouldn't be without it - in fact, a few months ago I tried, thinking to free up some space (and some funds). Whoops, that didn't work out at all, it was reinstalled toot-sweet.
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