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  1. There used to be a general kind of consensus that "Don't feed the troll" was a sensible rule to follow online. Sadly it seems to have been forgotten in the degenerate age in which we now live.
  2. I'd imagine that most folk who enjoy Shostakovich chamber music would also like this album of Allan Pettersson chamber music.
  3. JANDL100

    Audio Repair

    Best of luck getting it fixed, but I confess to being surprised that getting input and output cables the wrong way round can damage a bit of kit! I would have thought it would just not produce any sound but would be fine once the cables were sorted.
  4. "My" new Leak Stereo 20 power amp - actually very kindly on loan from @diceman And sounding as lushly gorgeous from my Conrad Johnson PV7 preamp as I had hoped. No, I'm sure it's not as accurate as the Ayre integrated, but it's a wonderfully musical and enjoyable alternative. Thanks JP.
  5. Just trying to recall my subjectively 'best' box loudspeakers.... MBL 116F, Leema Xavier, ProAc Response 2, Audio Physic Virgo 2. Oh no. All ported. I stand condemned.
  6. Oh no - I've got 4-way speakers in my main system. Does that mean I can't post here? They are ported. And they are keepers. I've had sealed box, too. And some of those were really good. Honestly, ported / non-ported. It's an argument about a misconception imo. You can get excellent examples of both types that will give huge amounts of entertainment.
  7. Haha! It's worse than that, Dave. Note the 2 exposed roof beams at the top. T'elephant is not symmetrical with them. I have the choice of it being symmetric with the beams or with the hifi shelf unit / fireplace. It can't be both. I feel sure it would drive many folks here totally crazy.
  8. Neither. It looks frikkin awesome!
  9. A fairly drastic re-ornamentation has taken place today. A very different view from the listening chair.
  10. I'm sorted now, thanks to diceman's kind and generous offer of a loaner of his souped up Leak St20. But feel free to carry on chatting about el84 amps you have known.
  11. Hi JP! Wow. I'm not sure I can resist that kind and generous offer! A PM is likely to be heading your way fairly shortly.
  12. Ah, it doesn't seem that long ago when I paid 400 for a fully fettled and serviced Leak Stereo 20!... 12, 14 years ago, maybe.
  13. Yup, let's move on! No-one has mentioned the Audio Innovations 200 power amp on t'bay yet.
  14. The seller has updated the listing with some internal pics. @rabski and others are invited to comment. The seller informs me that it was bought from a dealer a few years ago, but they can't recall if it was built by the dealer or by WD.
  15. Yes, that's the Italian Job I previously mentioned. It does look good and excellent reviews.
  16. Yes they are excellent. But, been there, done that!
  17. Thanks Richard, I've asked for some internal photos.
  18. Thanks, I've seen that. 4 hour round trip for collection. But yes, defo on my shortlist! I might well try a cheeky offer. I would prefer a power amp (to make best use of my 2 lovely valve preamps!). But I'll see what comes along. A nice Italian Job has also just appeared on ebay! Integrated again, though.
  19. N.B. EL84 power amps would be of interest, too.
  20. Thanks for that - it's rather more than I was intending to spend. But I'll keep my eye on it!
  21. Thanks, Phil - but he's changed his mind about selling! "I've decided to keep this amp so my Electrocompaniet is back up for sale."
  22. Good for you. I spent my spare 10k (plus a bit) on a pair of MBL speakers. Never regretted it.
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