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  1. JANDL100

    Exited vinyl

    I think I sold and re-bought my vinyl rig 4 times before I was finally able to give it up for good. The great things about it tempt you back, but then the bad things piss you off. Such is life.
  2. I get a variety. A couple of years ago I had the night hum as reported by Rayymondo. Like him it took a few days to realise it was me and not some selfish neighbour making the noise. And, curiously, like him it rapidly faded away once I worked that out. Sometimes I get a high pitched whistle in my left ear, other times more of a hiss. Both seem to get kicked off by loud high frequency noises, like dropping a glass casserole lid in the sink. I did that a few weeks ago and am still suffering the consequences, it does seem to be slowly fading, though.
  3. JANDL100

    LV speakers

    Well, if you've got the odd £300k you can spare me (or whatever the current price is) just drop me a line.
  4. I must admit, I'd unplug it for now and either wait for further considered and knowledgeable responses here or maybe start a new thread asking for advice.
  5. So, assuming the speaker cables all remain connected, it's OK for a turned off amp to get the other amp to pump power into it?
  6. I've sometimes thought of doing that, but is it safe? I have no idea, but have always shied away from doing it. Still, it obviously hasn't blown up yet!
  7. JANDL100

    LV speakers

    Just 'metaphorically speaking'? I think not!
  8. JANDL100

    LV speakers

    Bland and boring, they seemed to smooth over the micro dynamic changes and subtleties in the music. Yes, quite like old BBC style pipe and slippers, but without the midrange tonality magic that they often had which provided compensation.
  9. Absolutely ... they've got a melted look to me, they started off as a normal looking speaker but most of it has slumped to the bottom. and then someone came along and randomly sliced the top off.
  10. Ftfy. An eternal mystery. Mind you, I'm far from sure that I understand mine, either. 39 years today, my goodness.
  11. JANDL100

    LV speakers

    Aha, so you've finally seen (heard) the light!
  12. They might not have thought users would be listening quite that close! Nice result.
  13. Marmite looks, personally I'd have to put a sack over the floorstanders.
  14. Take the Romantic sweep and ardour of Richard Strauss, Mahler, Zemlinsky and Scriabin... and mix them up into a huge, surging hour long bath of musical over-indulgence ... and you have the Autumn Symphony (Herbstsymphonie) of Josef Marx. Just don't go looking for tautness of structure or, whilst there is much that is enjoyable as it passes by, anything particularly memorable. https://open.spotify.com/album/7AJrzz6pK6WsHKPmEl3nB7?si=R7rFC6VLTnKQWcTaa0uVow
  15. JANDL100

    LV speakers

    What are your current speakers?
  16. The sequence of events last night was really just interruptions to an ongoing series of interviews as successive events were reported back by the probe. The excitement came from not knowing if each event was going to be successful. Today there should be a news conference with photos showing the actual progress of the action, the probe needs to sort itself out and reorient its transmission aerial before it can send us significant amounts of data. Photos of the collection widget will also be taken to try and see what it managed to grab. The probe will also be spun up so that the weight of the probe can be estimated from its moment of inertia to deduce the extra mass representing the amount of material that was gathered.
  17. That was exciting. Fingers crossed that post grab analysis shows they picked up useful material from the asteroid.
  18. JANDL100

    LV speakers

    Too much roughage that day, obviously.
  19. JANDL100

    LV speakers

    LVs "un-engaging forgettable" - that sums up my experiences of them. Mostly heard at other folks' gaffs and at Scalford, but I did have a pair pass through my system, very rapidly. I'm sure Rabbers knows what he is talking about, and setup may well be critical, and I don't think I've ever heard any in a large space, but I've never heard any that were in any way inspiring.
  20. 9pm UK time this evening. NASA deep space probe OSIRIS-REx attempts to grab some gravel from asteroid Bennu, and then bring it home for study. Watch it make the grab live... news.google.com/articles/CAIiEF9xRnKSotd-HRxflpNjK-gqGQgEKhAIACoHCAow6-PzCjD7sNQCMIbmlgY?hl=en-GB&gl=GB&ceid=GB%3Aen
  21. It all depends what you look at. For me, Spotify has the greater breadth and longevity of catalogue, and by a fair old margin. It's probably 18 months since I tried Deezer, and back then their catalogue was, tbh, crap for classical. I wasn't very keen on the laptop UI I was presented with, either. I've tried both specialist classical streamers, Idagio and Primephonic, when they were first introduced in the UK and they were both a bit clunky and sparse. It's a couple of years on now, so might be worth trying again, I guess. But reading a recent (2020) review of Primephonic it still has some of the features that irritated me back then. As a classical listener it's Qobuz and Spotify for me atm. And YouTube, there's a huge number of fabulous concerts on YouTube for free.
  22. My thinking atm is that Spotify is too good in terms of music catalogue to be ignored. - - it's all about the music, right? It's wrong to think of Spotify as MP3 quality. Yes, it's 320kb/s, but it uses the .ogg codec, if codec is the right word, and that seems to do a noticeably better job of it than MP3. Yes, the rez is less than 'CD quality' but I think of it as sitting a few rows further back in the concert hall. It's better to have a slightly inferior seating position than not to go to the concert at all!
  23. It's unfortunate that Spotify has the least good sound as it has the broadest catalogue. And it tends to retain albums whereas they tend to come and go with the other services. I only know about classical, although other folk have agreed it's a general problem. I was mightily miffed recently when several of my favourite albums either disappeared or had tracks removed on Qobuz and Tidal, but Spotify retained them complete.
  24. I find Tidal is a bit brighter tonally than Qobuz and other services (and Spotify a bit duller), so if my system is fine tuned for Qobuz or Deezer etc then Tidal can get a bit insistent and headache inducing.