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  1. Im using psvane el34-b in my Radford, I like them
  2. I bought one off these last month to use as a transport, very good
  3. robin

    Rega Apollo to Saturn

    although this is a old thread, I picked a Saturn on ebay for £400 to use as a transport ( replacing my meridian 500 ) so I will post my findings when it arrives on tuesday
  4. It is indeed the one I bought from you Jag, cheers
  5. Nice clean condition, no dings or scratches, switchable between 20 ohms and 80 ohms, £350 free postage within uk, do not want to sell outside uk, I have used this for the last 3 years, selling due to upgrade
  6. I have the border patrol dac, I like it, it replaced my chord 64 mk2 dac, worth a listen if you can get hold of one
  7. final price drop, now a stonking bargain at £650.00
  8. For sale, my chord dac64 mk 2, in unmarked mint condition, with original box and instructions, I bought it about 5 years ago second hand from a dealer in Scotland, never missed a beat, never been opened up or messed about with, its just like new, looking to get £750 for this, plus postage at cost, uk only as posting abroad is too risky for me, payment by bank transfer please , more pics added, price drop to £700.00, really need to move this on, so final reduction to £650.00, or its off to ebay
  9. looks ok to me, our kit will all fit on there, any other stuff will go out in the corridor
  10. I have found this place, good reviews 4.5 miles from the hotel, I am thinking more of sunday night than sat , as many of the guys like to chat at the bar and stay in the hotel on a sat night,
  11. i will go curry any night, I'm sure my mate Steve shipbroker will be up for it too
  12. Cheers Rick, will wait and see if any thing develops on this, I will bring you pies