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  1. If you go on the audio note owners thread, the prices are there, 2x1 is over 4k now, signature 5k, but they brilliant
  2. I have a border patrol dac, it replaced my chord dac64, much more musical, but it went faulty, turned out to be the dac chip that had failed, contacted Gary at border patrol in the USA, top bloke, he is posting me a new dac chip and board, no charge, superb after sales service, my local tech guy nick Gorham will fit it for me, I will be selling it when it's sorted, as I have bought a audio note dac 2x1 this week, and it is better, but more costly, so keep a eye on the classifieds if your after one of these
  3. I know this thread is a few years old, but the story continues, I have bought Georges 2x1 dac, got it on Monday, to replace my border patrol patrol dac, that is also linked to this thread, in my system to my ears the 2x1 is a big improvement on the border patrol, the biggest improvement is in the treble, but it is so much more musical, I'm very impressed, much better than I expected
  4. LOVE it, sounds superb
  5. Just got this, much better than i expected, only trouble is now i want more
  6. Thanks guys, l think this is sorted now
  7. seems impossible to find a email address for audio note, also they changed the valves over the years and i think on what they had in stock
  8. Hi guys, just got myself a audio note dac 2x1 , it has two of these in it, that look fine, the dac sounds lovely, the guy i bought it from included two 6922 valves as replacements , he said the online manual said these are what the dac uses, so im a little confused, can anyone please enlighten me ?
  9. I sold one of these last week, the rebuilding of mine was by classique sounds, not as extensive as this, the Wammer that bought it has message me to say how much he was enjoying it, with quad 63s ,much better bass, this is worth the price
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