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  1. I got tickets for both just incase
  2. Got my tickets, Saturday for me I think, but depends on my driver
  3. I quite surprised that I have had no interest in my dac, I thought it would sell quite quickly, do you lads think I'm asking too much ?
  4. Just stubbled across this thread, so I thought I would update it Tannoy 12" gold's in corner Lancaster cabs Tannoy 15" gold's in corner cabs Audio note e lx, bass problems in my room Audio note e spe/he, maybe forever speakers, oh and I still have the Kora's in my kitchen
  5. Well, no takers for this very well reviewed dac, so must be asking too much, reduced to £700, firm, postage extra £15 royal mail
  6. Mark , I had the e lx to start with, the bass was awfull, I could not get it right no matter were I placed them, overblown and flabby, partly due to my room, but a fellow Wammer offered to lend me the ones I have now, e, spe/he, they were totally different, I sold the lx,s to a Wammer, and he had the same problem, sold them on himself
  7. What spec are these mark ,?
  8. I drive my audio note e's with 9 watts easily, so I would suggest audio note speakers too
  9. i filled mine with silver sand, the stuff they brush into block paving , £5.00, i had a pair of stands on loan from a mate filled with lead shot, cost a lot, i could not hear any difference, but never tried them unfilled
  10. Opps I didn't realise I had already posted in this thread, sorry guys
  11. I know this is a old thread, but thought I tell you 4 months ago I manage to wrestle the audio note 2.1x dac from George, while my border patrol dac was waiting for a new dac chip and board coming form Gary dews, top bloke, no charge for the replacement even though it was out of warranty, I love the an dac, but the border patrol gets pretty near it, but I'm keeping the an , border patrol in the classifieds
  12. Week end bump, offers considered
  13. Well I own both, and love them, I didn't by either new, but confident I could sell both easily for more than I paid,
  14. It's on hold at present as my rega Saturn I was using as a transport has started skipping
  15. a couple more pics after receiving a question about the model number
  16. i will add that im located in bradford yorkshire ifany one wants to come for a demo
  17. I have for sale my border patrol dac, it is not the usb model , has original box and packing, so postage with in the uk only, the dac chip failed about 3 months ago, but got a replacement from gary dews of border patrol in the usa, it was fitted by nick gorham of longdog audio, so it is now working as it should, and sounding wonderful, while i was waiting for the part i bought a audio note dac 2.1x, so thats why this is for sale, the valve was upgraded to a mullard ez 80, but the original valve is included, as is a power cord, im asking £ 700 plus postage
  18. New dac board now fitted, and it's sounding better than ever, going in the classifieds next week, if any body wants to buy this pm me
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