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  1. Thank you both, might try and get next level up if I can willie
  2. I have heard a few and always impress. Wondering if anyone has an interesting pair for sale ? white is preferable but all considered. willie
  3. Looking for a pair of Genelec 1038A, condition unimportant, or indeed a close size model like 1037. Long Shot I know but no harm in asking
  4. Thanks all, I think the best thing to do is buy a panny 9000 model. I have the 900 and its v good but all the reviews have great things to say about the 9000. I guess I was reading too much into the primare as regards the audio.
  5. I have a notion to get one of these and wondered if any wam users have it in their HT set up. I would be using it for Blu Ray only and everything I have read says the player is hard to beat. Thanks in advance.
  6. Had one , regret selling it now , buyer will not be disappointed GLWS
  7. Thanks for the reply to my post, im still looking but like all hifi folks am buying something bigger at the moment, and only so much funds in the kitty. What price is it and ill be back to you right away willie
  8. As new , not a mark I can see, serial numbers are sequential . Original cartons which makes posting no problem. These are a pretty new name to Europe, they are primarily a Home Cinema speaker, but are fantastic as a stereo speaker as long as you have a sub. V heavy construction weighing 35 pounds each. Titanium compression tweeter plus 10 inch woofer They compete with Miller and Kriesel etc but better priced. I think these are about 1300 pounds a pair . Loads of good stuff on the web. I did not post a link to any reviews in case I would be infringing Wam rules. 650 Pounds and I will cover shipping
  9. Looking for one of the above to suit current Rega P3. I think they work across several models.
  10. did you get my direct email asking for a note of what you have available ? willie