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  1. As new , not a mark I can see, serial numbers are sequential . Original cartons which makes posting no problem. These are a pretty new name to Europe, they are primarily a Home Cinema speaker, but are fantastic as a stereo speaker as long as you have a sub. V heavy construction weighing 35 pounds each. Titanium compression tweeter plus 10 inch woofer They compete with Miller and Kriesel etc but better priced. I think these are about 1300 pounds a pair . Loads of good stuff on the web. I did not post a link to any reviews in case I would be infringing Wam rules. 650 Pounds and I will cover shipping
  2. Looking for one of the above to suit current Rega P3. I think they work across several models.
  3. did you get my direct email asking for a note of what you have available ? willie
  4. sorted now pls archive or delete . Thanks willie
  5. Looking for a P3, minus any cartridge. Would need original packing for postage.
  6. assuming all 3 for 17 ill take them, one question, are they compatible with 4K ? willie
  7. Looking for the above , with 128 GB or more if thats poss. Condition not important as long as screen is perfect willie
  8. looking to buy a pair of these, damaged would not be a problem as they will be behind a screen.
  9. Would swap for amp or pair of nice speakers
  10. Thanks davep12, happy to swap/ trade for speakers, power amp, integrated amp. Anyone interested ? willie
  11. yup, there were idiot pubs, Cork was mentioned in one report. And yes they will have a job to get their licences renewed. The shopping has quietened , at least here in galway. Special times for over 60s to shop also. The lockdown we have now im told by a friend in London is more severe than in UK at the moment. Strange times for all.