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  1. Sorted. , thanks . Not sure if I can archive this or perhaps mod. has to do it . willie
  2. This is a long shot , but maybe someone is of a mind to build these and it could save ordering from USA. The attached link is to the site Pi speakers in the US, pretty famous in its own way. The speaker you see immediately is the one I built. I did build 3 of them for home cinema and used them until I moved house. The drivers were JBL 2226h and B and C compression. The sale would include the horns as they are custom built in the states if you place an order. I think I went for the next level components in some area, capacitors and coils if I remember correctly. I sold the JBLs but still have the compression drivers. Price for all three crossovers and 3 horns is 250 pounds. https://www.pispeakers.com/contents.html
  3. Looking for one of the above. As im in Ireland ill be sending it to a my daughters address in London to make life simple for all. (Brexit etc). She is coming home at Xmas so can bring it safely in the car. Read so much about these I have to try one . Thanks
  4. Next in line if it falls through please
  5. Thanks again everyone. I restore speakers and build them as part of the hobby so I’ll get a set of 104/2 that need work my last build was a set of fostex built to their design folded horn and was disappointed. However I may have been using the wrong amp as I did not have a valve amp then sold them to a happy camper up north
  6. Great suggestion. Had those previously and loved them. I will start hunting now I remember seeing a set in a friend’s house in burr maple. They looked stunning
  7. Thank you for suggestion Avant garde, yes, not sure i can go that spend at the moment, but do love them any time I heard them AND they look great IMHO
  8. Thanks , would you believe I have had AN speakers a few years ago and obviously did not match them well, so sold them !!!!!!!1
  9. I have had many many kinds of amp and speakers over the years but never ventured into 300B territory. I now have an 8 w per ch and need advice for speakers. I would be happy to build a set if that is suggested. The amplifier is a Zanden 7000. Im not a classical fan, mainly female vocal, jazz and blues. thanks in advance.
  10. I can vouch for the Accuton drivers. Simply stunning I have them in my Marten clones
  11. appreciate the reply, and also good to know that you do feel they make a worthwhile difference willie
  12. Would u sell the tangospinner subplatter and Neo psu separately
  13. Looking for a Rega subplatter, tangospinner/groovetracer etc. Its for the latest model of P3. Also if anyone has a brand new perspex cover for sale . Thanks
  14. Just want to play with new of these. Condition unimportant
  15. Its because each forum has different rules and basically the memory aint what it used to be .!!!1 w
  16. My apologies. I thought it was the other way around. Won’t do it again. Makes sense when you say it w
  17. I could offer 100 pounds ?? would that work ? willie
  18. I just sent a post saying I would go with it and pay, maybe it was a PM I Sent ?? willie
  19. ill go with that. Looks lovely. willie
  20. Thanks ,will do. I may have done so a while ago as I sort of forgot about them. Must check the listings willie
  21. I have had this for a good few years and it amazes me every time i plug it into the system. It a 2 channel Firewire Interface and i used it between my Mac and my Dac. Balanced or RCA as you can see. There is a very comprehensive write up here. https://www.6moons.com/audioreviews/weiss5/1.html Lots of stuff out there on the web. Used mainly in studios and i would have loved to buy the matching dac but funds did not allow. Weiss gear is hard to beat. I have original box and cert. I also have the power supply but never used it as I let the power in the connecting cables do that. Sure it has a few marks on it but I never had an ounce of trouble from it. I will sell it for 450 pounds or swap fro a pair of LS50 (. happy to add money depending on the particular pair). Shipping included. Might also SWAP for a primare pre amp. Or Primare phono stage I have a very long expensive firewire cable about 6 meters that is the one I have used from day 1. Cant remember the make but I did pay a good price for it .There is a tiny name on it but my eyesight is not good enough to figure it out, anyway its included.
  22. SWAP SWAP ???? Bump, Would swap for a pair of Kef LS 50s or other bookshelf speakers as long as they have original cartons for shipping. Ill cover shipping from my end. Or swap for a primare pre amp. willie
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