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  1. I can see them on my MacBook but not on my mobile...WTF
  2. For Sale an Audio Technica ART9 MC cartridge. I bought this cartridge in December 2021 from an AOS forum member with plans to fit it to a second arm on my Hyperspace but I have now changed my plans and have decided to sell it on unused in my household. The original owner bought the Cartridge from Doug Brady HiFi 2 years ago, it was fitted to his turntable by Doug Brady (see photos) and has had a maximum of 200hrs use. A very highly rated MC cartridge on many forums particularly Steve Hoffmans. £600 (No Offers) including next day postage with full insurance cover. Any questions please ask by PM I am based in Horsham, West Sussex
  3. Probably a long shot but does anyone have a copy of the Tone Poet series Lee Morgan 'Cornbread' they would sell?
  4. Hi I am looking for an alternative MC cartridge to my Lyra Delos, I am quite interested in AT-ART9, Ortofon Cadenza but am open to offers. The cart will be mounted on a Notts Analogue Ace Anna 12" arm with a Paradise Phono Stage. Is there anything out there?
  5. Looking for an excellent-MInt copy of Genesis 'Trick of the Tail' MFSL vinyl. If you have one for sale send me a PM..cheers
  6. All albums played once 1. Pineapple Thief 'Your Wilderness' nMint throughout £20 2. Pineapple Thief 'Someone here is missing' nMint throughout £20 3. Pineapple Thief 'All the Wars' nMint throughout £18 4. Neil Young 'Hitchhiker' nMint throughout SOLD 5. Neil Young 'Homegrown' RSD limited edition with Lithograph print nMint throughout SOLD PM please
  7. No Problem please send money via Paypal friends and family to pauleve@icr.ac.uk And send me your address please Regards Paul
  8. 1. Steven Wilson remix of Yes 'Tales From Topographic oceans' 2 x CD, 2 x DVD + booklet. This one https://www.discogs.com/sell/release/9241648 in nMint/Mint condition SOLD 2. I.E.M 1st press 2010 'untitled' 4 CD boxset with booklet, limited edition very rare. This one https://www.discogs.com/IEM-Untitled-Complete-IEM/master/700864. Opened but Mint throughout £80 posted 3.Porcupine Tree 'Lightbulb Sun' 1 x CD, 1 x DVD, digibook. This one https://www.discogs.com/Porcupine-Tree-Lightbulb-Sun/release/2299032. Opened but Mint throughout £22 posted. 4. Porcupine Tree 'Stupid Dream' 1 xCD, 1 x DVD, digibook. This one https://www.discogs.com/Porcupine-Tree-Stupid-Dream/release/2299013 Opened but Mint throughout SOLD 5. Gavin Harrison & Osric 'The Man who sold himself' 1 xCD, 1 x DVD, Digibook. This one https://www.discogs.com/Gavin-Harrison-Ø5ric-The-Man-Who-Sold-Himself/release/3584119. In Mint condition £10 posted. PM please
  9. Hopefully viewable now Sent from my SM-G960U1 using Tapatalk
  10. For Sale A newly serviced Notts Analogue Tonearm which has had new cartridge tags fitted, a new armlift and new Uni-pivot all fitted last week by Notts Analogue, the wiring loom was checked and given a clean bill of health. All in excellent condition £400 incl postage. Location West Sussex Photos here https://www.facebook.com/commerce/listing/1228217134280512?media_id=0&ref=share_attachment
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