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  1. In response to Dom, imagine how that would impact your psychological state. Take these crutches away and many will fall down.
  2. I had mine a good 5 weeks ago now and have to laugh. I'm effectively housebound. I have carers 3 times a day who had both doses months ago. The chances of me contracting the virus are negligible yet I have a number of older friends still awaiting their first dose. Given that we live in one of the most dangerous, mishandled and mismanaged places on the planet I wish all here well and hope that the letter comes through sooner rather than later.
  3. Tune

    Formula 1 2021

    I loved the sport 30-45 years ago. Now? I would love to see aero reduced to 2 element devices. None of the airflow guides around the side pod entrances, a ban on in race tyre stops (hardening compounds) and maybe a decent points score for fastest lap. Having said that, I remember watching Hamilton in Karts. He did have an awful lot of help from a very young age but deserves everything he has achieved - unlike some. As an aside, Ayron Senna came into our audio shop on the Kings Road in Chelsea many moons ago. He was the only celeb that just made me have to get a business card out and get his autograph. His record at Monaco said everything IMHO. I bet I'm the only one on the Wam who has done a lap of Monaco on a push bike on the Friday... I would not have qualified...
  4. Tune

    JBL K2 9800

    Still sat here. Every single day they let me appreciate aspects of 50 year old recordings I've never noticed before. Speaking with Paul Messenger about 5 years ago, these were his favourite loudspeakers of all time. Given that Greg Timbers has designed some of the most revered monitors ever and that these were his parting shot, I think there is little surprise. As I've mentioned, I've been lucky enough to have owned so many of the "end game" loudspeakers referred to so often. None of them came even remotely close. I would have loved to have heard an original pair of TAD 2404 in my living room but still. It's the design and crossover that seem to make great monitors IME. So far I have to professors of neurology at Oxford Uni looking to buy a pair and all of my carers (until they utter f*** me! at the price). They are music lovers. Not audio nuts. That should really tell us so much. For those considering, later generations like the S9900 were NOT designed by Greg and really do not possess the same magic. They sound great but in an audio fashion. Not a musical one. Again, that bass roll off is utterly perfect for so many British living rooms with a 12-14 ft wall. Any electronic dub or dance is genuinely terrifying - delivered at ease circa 95db... Happy in lockdown
  5. I imagine that "audiophiles" are one of the most vaccinated hobbyist groups in the UK to date. Mine was a week or so ago. My friend who is 6 years older and a chronic asthmatic is still waiting for a date. What a mess.
  6. Many of my friends are Christians. My business Partner, Jewish, my wife is Muslim and I'm a devout atheist. We are all human beings at the end of the day. None of us are literalist nut jobs. Mischief is easily had though knowing just which buttons to push...
  7. Why would you be talking of Islam? I'm confused. Most of the so called "Anti Vaccer" brigade appear to be fringe hard core Christians from across the pond upon first glance. There is extremism and literal or orthodox interpretation of all the World's religions IME. American evangelicals are, IMHO, as big a threat to herd immunity as anything out there right now. I'm 100% in favour of vaccination ID and businesses being given the legal right to request it from potential visitors or clients.
  8. Yep they updated the firmware and it got rid of the capability AFAIK. I kept it disconnected from the net and used an app called SACD Ripper. You could still play them I think. It was just the loss of the ability to rip them to hard drive. IMHO it's really worth while. There's still something about the tonality compared with even the highest definition of PCM options that have been sold since - when it comes to earlier recordings mixed for vinyl.
  9. I still have a PS3 - only ever used it for ripping my SACD's so never updated the software or kept it on line. That's a goody as you end up with lovely files you can play back. I think OPPO's got in on that later and still to this day have a great rep. Ripping SACD's was one of the best things I ever did.
  10. Actually, it WAS sold but the guy turned out to be a bit of a time waster when all was said and done. The Synapse Hi Mod is still sat in the Bedroom. It has not been used in years because of my disability. If anyone wants what is, genuinely THE best bike I have ridden on the UK's appalling roads, then do get in touch. It's in as new condition. I'd like to sell it with the SRM as it is a pain fitting the unused crank. I suspect Evans at the bottom of my road would do it though. Treat yourself. You genuinely will not regret it. Remember I've ridden over 200 cols, climbed a million meters and, before the "illness" held some lovely Strava KOM's. I'm not exactly a novice so my opinion of the Synapse is based on a fair amount of experience Would just love it to go to a good home.
  11. I spent decades playing with audio. In the end, the best long term satisfaction came from product with remarkably low distortion figures. That allows the music to shine through. All of your music collection. In all conditions. Short term audio fun? Play with 300b's and vintage valves. Play with various topologies and vinyl still has a magic with music produced for it in the 60's and 70's. Rip vinyl to modern digital media. Just my experience. Low distortion allied to long term (3 days) listening, will lead to long term musical satisfaction and , surely, that's what it is all about?
  12. For me, hifi reached the point of top end upgrades being pointless over a decade ago. The last time I looked, record players and paper coned, horn hybrids were available in the 1950's. Good luck finding something with uber digitus whizzbang that improved on the sound quality available from packages using the same tech.
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