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  1. Self isolating..no bloody chance of getting out on the bike.
  2. Tune

    Happy Easter

    Yes Brian. We salute you!
  3. No One is worried that Zoom is considered to be insecure malware and that whilst on it, your data is being stripped? I wouldn't go near it. There's been far too many worrying pieces for me to consider it.
  4. I agreed with her at the time and I still do...BUT There will be those at the bottom of society who yes, risk all to save us and the least they all can expect is for sufficient protection to be provided. Yes I in no way belittle their risk to life and that is horrendously skewed towards the ordinary working man and woman. Not only that but almost all are relying on their monthly pay cheque to put food on the table for their children and to pay the rent. They are heroes - they always have been it is just that people are taking more notice now. There is also a huge middle class in the UK it seems to me. An aspirational class that has sprung up since Thatcherism. Many of those have virtually no savings. Everything is in the property and the leased car, on both of which they are heavily leveraged. Some of them will have some savings now but those will be the first thing to go over the coming months. They will then be left with the same problems. The equity in the property might well be negative as house prices plummet due to the lack of a market.Trying to put food on the table for their children whilst trying to keep their heads above the financial precipice - an exercise in futility. That group will equally lose everything. Within this year (maybe a little longer) a huge percentage of them will be desperately trying to put a roof over their children's heads in the rental sector and equally struggling to put food on the table. The drop is huge. The children's expectations comparatively enormous. For me, should all of these people hopefully stay alive, then the latter group will suffer at least as much and, psychologically, potentially more. For me it's a case of heaven help all of them.
  5. Thank heavens not all Country's are so far up their own ass as this one Kindness still counts in some nations - in this one, I suspect you will soon have to get a pass to take your granny out for Sunday lunch - in order to insure that your step father doesn't feel unfairly disadvantaged when it comes to the inheritance...
  6. Well you learn something every day! I never realised there were so many essential workers around South Bucks. How lucky we are to have them! Not only that, but don't let any lefty tell you they aren't paid properly for their essential tasks! The amount of them I saw speeding between jobs in Q7's, Z5s, Bentley Convertibles and 911 soft tops...
  7. I think HiFiNut has a point - however controversial It seems that those requiring ventilation require it for considerably longer periods than is normally the case in, say, a medically induced coma. There's also the possibility, according to some, that recovery from that critical intensive care, can leave permanent issues such as scarring of the lungs. Most certainly there will be many who, maybe in their fifties like me, would do anything to have a chance - maybe because of family and loved ones. It does strike me however, as an extreme load on the NHS which many would humanely forego. I would most certainly sign a DNR and refuse to take up those facilities knowing just how many professionals are required in the hope that a human being might come out of it - regardless of long term damage. My wife would be distraught. I would hope that she would understand though. It is one of those times when voluntary euthanasia springs to my own mind. No I don't expect everyone to feel the same - of course not. Those who favour it though (and they are apparently of sound mind when admitted) should surely be given the option should they prefer to lessen the load and to pass away in peace and in comfort at a time of their choosing. Believe it or not, it might also lessen the level of stress that loved ones and friends have to go through. That is just a guess based on my own experience but I know that I had friends coming to sit by a bed on an organised rota for ages. They all came when I was being brought out, they had to do that twice and were emotional wrecks. When intubated on barbs, you know nothing. Even today, none of the times bother me in the slightest. Your loved ones just suffer day in day out. I appreciate that there will be those here who will find that suggestion repulsive for personal or religious reasons and that is their right. This is in no way intended to offend them. Having the option available however seems to be only too kind for those who would choose it.
  8. It's difficult to explain the sheer joy when a wild animal takes to you and thinks of you as family. It's emotional. Latte (the Otter) went crazy when Mum came home after 2 months over here. When I left, she would not leave my pillow case for days - crying non stop. We also had a squirrel who adopted me . Slept with me. Slept in my pocket and treated me as a family member - like a father. Both of them played with the cats. When I left after three months, the squirrel apparently looked for me for about three days and then left and went back to the wild. They are relationships that you never forget and that make you feel incredible that these wild animals are free to leave at anytime but choose to stay with us as family. Just the though is emotional. We weaned both of them from babies having lost their mothers. Special - especially an otter. Otters are one of the most intelligent mammals on the planet.
  9. Tune

    Formula 1 2020

    Thanks Martin. I guess £1.60 a week would be feasible for those of us who are interested - although I would imagine having a testing ban might be a little difficult
  10. Tune

    Formula 1 2020

    Excuse the ignorance - and I'm struggling to find anyone with a PS4 in stock, but is it not possible to go on line and have a Wam championship whist in lockdown mode? Could be fun. I see some of the Pros are going to be having some virtual races for charity. No idea but reading about it, such a laugh does sound feasible if this carries on for months. Amazing how quickly everyone seems to have sold out of the consoles.
  11. Honest opinions (forcing people think on a greater than superficial level) are always difficult for some Martin. I'm thinking that's what forums are for - an exchange of non insulting opinions? No? Forum. Noun. "a meeting or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged." Echo Chamber. Noun. "an environment in which a person encounters only beliefs or opinions that coincide with their own, so that their existing views are reinforced and alternative ideas are not considered." It is my profound hope that moderators will consider "The Wam Forum" to be the former as suggested in the title
  12. Could we possibly show the same sensitivity to the thousands of citizens and family members who have been needlessly forced to suffer and grieve over recent years? We should grieve and feel compassion for all those at risk or who suffer needlessly. The shame is that many make decisions without a thought for most of them. Now suddenly they are overwhelmed with compassion? As I say, I hope the man does not suffer in anyway - no man deserves that. I do wish the public and the media would look at their personal consistency with regards to compassion for fellow human beings - particularly if deciding that they have the moral authority to criticise the opinions of others
  13. It should not be forgotten that we have lost circa 5,000 members of the nursing community who have returned to the EU, post referendum. A number of those will have been ITU staff. Sad.