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  1. The more pub going alcoholics that succumb to the virus the better for the UK going forward.
  2. Fine, Let's look at safe stopping distances, insurance and helmets. That's what the rest of Europe does - it's not behind like up.
  3. Interesting. If you were going to limit an E Bike to a very low level then let's limit goods vehicles to 50 mph on motorways, 40mph on Country roads and 20mph in built up areas. We have the technology in 2020
  4. They do work with tubes I has a Berning Siegfried when I first got them. They work better though with the healthy power output of a good solid state amplifier IME. They really don't need that "something" that a Kondo or Shindo can bring to the party and, after our trip to Japan, I had both for short periods of time. The tonal magic and insight comes from the speaker itself - the only time I've ever found that.
  5. Remember who's often behind the wheel of a Transit.
  6. Linn Sub unused and a relic from old AV setup. Long gone now. Indeed I don't think I ever even plugged it in.
  7. I'd disagree of course - as would many, more ecologically focussed EU nations. EU law will soon allow 30 mph speed limits in all counties - currently they are legal in around 25-30% of EU nations. As I say, if I can average 25kph in the alps over 4 years (and massively exceed the speed limit being applied here) then the soon to be replaced (but not in the UK) legislation acts IMHO as a disincentive to the use green transport for many. An example would be the stopping distance of a 25 mph Ebike versus the same in a Ford Transit. Hoping you can see where we are coming from. All riders of Speed Pedalecs in the EU require insurance which is reasonable enough. As I say, if I can maintain 25mph on a road bike on the flat for a decent period of time. Almost all of us can ride at 160 w/kg (the same as walking normally), which is all that would be required to ride an e bike at 20mph UNASSISTED (the weight of the bike sadly impacts that given the UK speed restrictions. The current law requires just 15 mph with a stopping distance of maybe 10-15% that of a car. 30 mph would require about 120 watts from the rider - or about the same as a normal walk. All whilst being both considerably greener and safer than a Ford Transit. Do you see where I'm (and the EU) are coming from?
  8. This 15.5 mph speed limit on E Bikes has never been more stupidly thought out. The typical road cyclist will be used to riding at maybe, 17-18 mph and that will feel natural. You therefore get no assistance whatsoever most of the time unless you deliberately ease off and feel like you are pootling to the shops. Even 20mph would have made sense for most, perfectly safe if they are happy to let road cyclists go downhill at 60 mph. or ride at 30 mph on the flat. Here is an eco friendly, heathy means of getting your shopping keeping fit and socialising with friends, and they choose to cripple them for many making the whole concept unattractive to the majority,
  9. I have now owned my JBL K2 9800's for 13 years now. Prior to owning them had spent over quarter of a million buying and selling audio so hopefully you can appreciate the items I'd owned. The JBL's continue to amaze me on a daily basis after all that time. People think of big speakers, big loud sound. No. Not unless you really want it. The resolution of the JBL's is so far ahead of anything I previously owned as to be ridiculous. Just listening to Aretha Franklin at around 60db - so a half of most people's background levels. The separation of the backing singers, their tone, their individuality...nothing I've tried gets remotely close. The realism and the dynamics of the horn section. This is a twenty year old design - a final blast from one of great loudspeaker designers. My honest advice is that if you ever find a pair used (they are remarkably rare on the market for obvious reasons), just buy them. Worry about the rest later. They work in large and small rooms. They will handle 400w with an efficiency of 94 db/w if you want to be silly, and they will give you more pleasure from your music collection than anything else I have ever heard. Old tech. Nothing fancy (save the Be and Alnico). They made me give up the hobby after two decades.
  10. Sold. Without the SRM if anyone is interested. It's still the world's most accurate power meter by far and having run two at some points, shows just how hit and miss many competitors really are when you do the maths.
  11. Great idea. I would have thought team sports would really bring back memories and make it easier to play. I'd never thought of that but, even just the mental benefit of physical exercise, would bring benefits daily or weekly. I think keeping physically active is so important but difficult at the same time. I've a friend who has taken to, what he understands to be, dog breeding. It gives him the physical interaction with the puppies which changes mood, and then the physical benefits of taking the grown ups for country walks, with us knowing that the dog will bring him home regardless, and do so safely which is just as important. I don't know about others, but it is that time when one has to switch from planning to living in the now, that is the most difficult for most, resulting in very severe mood changes. It's interesting that I have visited nations where living in the now is the norm and those that are stricken suffer non of this, indeed they seem to cope with many changes better than we do here and in the West in general. There's almost a million confirmed dementia sufferers in the UK with that figure expected to rise by 60-70% as we all reach old age. It's a subject that is rarely covered - yet it afflicts so many and, of course, so many more families and loved ones.
  12. Thank you very much for that. Fascinating. I'd thought of music from their earlier years but not of singing along.
  13. Afternoon kip time.
  14. FWIW, it's apparently still fitted with the SRM Power Meter crankset. All of you have a think. These were over £2000 at the time and are still the most accurate measuring devices on the planet. I have the originals too though (And I know where they are!) - I'm just not sure which shops are open (I have an Evans at the bottom of the road).