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  1. How old are the speakers and are you the first owner? Regards John.
  2. Can you tell how old is the Graaf. Regards John.
  3. Hello Nick, cannot get this amp off my mind! Never had class A amp, the reviews are excellent. Two outputs I can live with I think. What is the reason for selling the great amp? Regards John.
  4. Hello, do you know how old the amp is? Regards John.
  5. hi sean

    I have the verity audio Rienzi and really love them . bonzo sold them to midland audio exchange

    I think they are 5999 now if you look at johns ads on the wam

    beautiful speakers , if you ever want to hear my verity let me know

    atb phil


  6. Thank Scott for a smooth sale. Regards John.(not Sean)
  7. seankrell


    Fantastic post.
  8. seankrell

    Tennis, anyone?

    Nadal is outstanding.He hit bigger and better then novak . Fed and nadal are by far the best two players ever and novak is just enough behind them that he will never be spoke about in the same terms. Buy the way I wanted novak to win. Nadal I thought would never get near rogers number of grand slams but now I am not so sure.
  9. I do not think this was a world event.It reminded me of the 90s fights of eubank,Watson.benn which was more about hate for each other and the british public and promoters hyping them up. The north/south divide may have added to the dislike each fighter had for each other.
  10. Agree with Matt j, froch is a solid strong fighter.But when you fight real class as in Ward you get found out. Froch at 36, Ward my really make a mess of froch .if they do fight.