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  1. That's great news and well done for getting the job done. Re your Optain card it doesn't count as RAM (hence not showing as system RAM) as it is concerned with caching between the processor, SSD and RAM. If you have a spare USB 3 flash/usb drive have a look at the ReadyBoost feature within W10 before you buy more RAM. Glad we could be of some help to you.
  2. I think the arm is the standard arm that came with it.
  3. The tt on the right looks like a Garrard Lab 80 to me.
  4. Yes in Windows 10 you can create a 'system image'. Follow the Lenovo instructions here; Good luck.
  5. The above solution will get you up and running but it will not include all the original OEM drivers and software that originally came with the laptop. To achieve this you will have to get the official recovery disk/usb from the original manufacturer. This solution will save you time in the long run and in doing so will recreate the laptop as if it was new. You will still have to then get all the updates which Windows will do for you. I hope this helps.
  6. In your situation I would simply buy a new hard drive and start from there. Time is money, hard drives are cheap and unless you really want to push your computing skills, this would be my route. There are a number of solutions available to fix your issue and how you choose what to do is up to you. I used to use specialist recovery software to repair damaged discs but only if the disc was not old. If the disk was troublesome/older than 5-7 years forget it, buy a new one. Is you laptop an OEM machine such as Dell or HP? If so, go down the buy a recovery disc/usb from the manufacturer, install the new disc and OS and your laptop will be back up and running in no time. If you want to push your computing skills, there are solutions available online that should fix your issues but you might be there for a long time. The choice is yours and good luck.
  7. A clicking hard drive usually denotes the hard drive has failed (or about to fail). Thankfully you said that you had backed up your data so no need to send the disk for data recovery services. Most OEM manufacturers will supply you with Recovery Disk/USB drive that is specific to your make and model number of your specified computer. When I was repairing pcs/laptops a few years ago they cost between £30 - £50 but I have no idea what they cost today. So, once you have purchased and fitted the new hard drive, you can then proceed to reinstall the image from the disc or the USB drive. Once the re-installation is complete, you should then update the OS with the latest updates then you can then transfer your old data back to your machine and any other applications that you want to install. I hope this helps and good luck.
  8. Any Joe Rogan Podcasts will keep you amused for days.
  9. I have a set of the original 015/1 tweeters if they are of any use to you. They are from the first version of the Keilidh and should do the job. PM me if this interests you.
  10. Why not gently pop of the plastic surround, remove the screws holding the driver and gently remove the driver enough for you to get your fingers in behind the dent and gently try and pop it back out. You should be able to try this without disconnecting the driver. I am not familiar with that actual driver but I've successfully done similar using this method in the past. Good luck.
  11. I sent my 301 grease bearing to The Classic Turntable Company for a complete rebuild and restoration. If you want to go down the DIY route you might find some useful info in this thread;
  12. I am, cheers. I was hoping not to go down that route.
  13. Yes they did and I have now updated my original post. Thanks for pointing that out. Cheers.
  14. Looking for a working tweeter for a single Mission 753 (not freedom) speaker, model number 53-HFLM2. My poorly one has a metal dome. If you have one please PM me. Thanks.