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  1. Hex codes are used in many areas of computing to simplify binary codes. It is important to note that computers do not use hexadecimal - it is used by humans to shorten binary to a more easily understandable form. Hexadecimal is translated into binary for computer use. Info taken from link here. I hope this helps.
  2. Many thanks for your offer but Chivas Regal is a blended whisky and it's single and some blended malts I am interested in.
  3. I have just received a max £3 selling fees offer.
  4. Any wammers in the tent have any unopened bottles of malt or blended malt whisky that are just gathering dust? I am looking for bottles with an ABV more than or equal to 46%. I am looking for bottles to both drink and appreciate and or to collect. If you have any you would like to sell, please drop me a pm. Cheers.
  5. A friend (who sells reconditioned video recorders) just received a £3 max selling fees offer so it seems they are still available to some. I live in hope that next week it just might be my turn.
  6. I have a Marantz CD63 MK2 KI Signature available. It comes with the original box, certificate, user manual and remote. Best of all it has had a new laser (complete with housing) fitted 3 months ago. Highly acclaimed and working perfectly. I now use a Revox B226 cd player so the Marantz is now redundant for me. Not to far away from you either. Looking for £200. Good luck with your search if this is above your original price point. Cheers.
  7. I have a Revox B285 receiver, serviced 3 months ago with lots of new components. It is in a very good fully working condition and comes with the original user manual and box. Looking for £750 + postage. Or what about a Revox B250 amplifier? This one has also been serviced recently, in a great condition, sounds fantastic and comes with the original user manual and box. Looking for £550 + postage. I have quite a lot of Revox gear and can attest to it's superb sound and build quality. Cheers.
  8. I listen to RP all the time and I do get the occasional dropout. On rare occasions I have heard strange noises (sort of a low level fizzing sound) along with the transmission. Why this occurs I have no idea. Because it happens rarely I don't worry about it.
  9. I have and in a very good, working condition. I will PM you.
  10. A couple of years ago I had on demo for a week an Egg Shell Encore 7 valve amp. It was beautiful to look at and the build quality and finish was very good. Sound wise I liked it at low to medium levels (the one I had was 12 watts if I remember) but I found the bass was lacking when the volume was turned up. Coincidently I also found the same with a very beautiful Mastersound Compact 845 I had on loan previously. Great at low to mid levels but when pushed it lacked bass weight and drive. The other downside I found with the Encore 7 was with the crazy big wooden ball type remote control. Unless you get the technique right (you need to spin it, perhaps I needed more time) using it was a pain. Given the opportunity again I would gladly try some of their other products. Sorry I cant help you with the more technical details you are after.
  11. What NAD model is it your looking for? There are some NAD buttons here ; NAD 3020 Function Selector Button | eBay I hope this helps.
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