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  1. I find these fascinating, they pop up on Talking Pictures TV ( the joys of retirement ).
  2. Yep, very good album in my opinion
  3. FWIW in order to get in you had to show evidence of 2 vaccinations or a negative LFT. But having said that, they didn’t check the name on my QR code with any form of ID.
  4. Keep checking Colin, the cat 3 ticket I got wasn’t available yesterday.
  5. No, I fall between the two stools of “ Ingerland , Ingerland” and “ scouse not English “ , I’m pleased when they do well and not heartbroken when they go out. I’ve got the cheapest category ticket , behind a goal , so I should be in with the fans of one of the teams , I went to Euro 96 ( on the doorstep) WC 2006 and Euro 2012 so I couldn’t let this chance pass.
  6. Just got a ticket for the semi-final next Tuesday.
  7. Having problems with file size at the moment.
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