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  1. Daniel Avery ‎– Drone Logic I must get round to checking his most recent release when I get a moment. This is his first release and it is very good indeed! Top notch electronica. Title track:
  2. François Kevorkian ‎– The Remixes Vol 05 Nice collection of remixes by one of the godfathers of dance music. Decent sound quality across the set, as is typical for releases involving FK IME.
  3. The loudspeakers have the biggest influence on sound quality. However, it is never a one size fits all solution. What suits one room, listener and their preferred music programme will not necessarily suit another. The loudspeakers will only perform to their full potential when appropriately driven and sensibly matched to the listening room. Similarly, their full sonic potential will never be realised with poor quality source material in terms of recording/mastering quality (this is the true meaning of 'source first'). The overall synergy of the system also plays a large part. Some CD players/DAC's better suit some amplifier/speaker combos and certain music genres over others. As has already been mentioned up thread, excellent digital audio performance can be achieved for not a lot of money these days, provided the source material is good and the player/DAC above a certain level. This is not the case for vinyl/analog IMHO, where quite a bit more needs to be spent to achieve 'excellent' audio performance. With a turntable front end, particular attention needs to be paid to the turntable, tonearm, phono stage, and cartridge intermix; in that order of importance, I would suggest (once the cartridge, be it MM or MC, is above a certain level). The overall synergy of the turntable system; how well the tonearm matches the turntable, the tonearm matches the cartridge and the cartridge matches the phono stage is vitally important. I know from experience, it is possible to spend a lot of money on a turntable system and not achieve what I would describe as 'excellent' audio performance. This is also true of complete Hi-Fi systems; one can easily spend a lot of money on a badly matched system that does not perform beyond the mediocre. Very often it takes a few years of trial and error before one arrives at a satisfying destination; fun can be had along the way, but at times it can also be frustrating and expensive.
  4. Various - Cosmic Balearic Beats Vol. 1
  5. If he refuses to sign a receipt upon collection (why he refuses to do this is beyond me, it is standard practice for the purchase/collection of pretty much any 2nd hand/used item), simply take a photograph of him inspecting the speakers in your home and then another one of him loading the speakers into his vehicle.
  6. Various ‎– Black Gold (Samples, Breaks & Rare Grooves From The Vaults Of Chess Records) A wonderful 2 x CD compilation of classic soul jazz/funk tracks from the vaults of Chess Records. This one has been mastered by Ian Jones of Abbey Road Studios and sounds superb! Currently, it can be picked up for around £6 on eBay. A total bargain for the quality of music on offer. Highly recommended!
  7. Tom Moulton ‎– A Tom Moulton Mix (Soul Jazz Records)
  8. It is very easy to make sweeping generalisations about the various amplifier topologies. I would suggest there are good and bad examples of every type. Also, that which suits/best compliments one particular type of speaker design will not necessarily work as well with a completely different type of speaker design. Due to experience, I can kind of work out which amplifier topology/design is likely to best compliment a particular loudspeaker. For example, the amplifier I would recommend for a Klipschorn would be very different to the one I would recommend for an ATC monitor, the one I would select for a Focal loudspeaker would be very different from the one I would select for a high-level Dynaudio loudspeaker etc.
  9. Donny Hathaway ‎– Everything Is Everything
  10. Investing in something like the Denon amp which Mr. Hilditch is using or perhaps the equivalent model from Yamaha would make a lot more sense. These higher end Japanese integrated amplifiers which incorporate a state of the art DAC as standard offer excellent value and performance; very often the DAC benefits from the excellent power supply used with these amplifiers. With regards to streaming, I would question exactly how you have set this up and consider the quality of your files/source material. It is really all down to the mastering/recording quality. Personally, I wouldn't get too hung up on MQA, DSD etc, very often it's more about marketing and having the latest than it is about achieving high-quality audio performance. Very often, inexperienced audio enthusiasts misjudge digital source components due to the poor quality of the source material. Sadly, there are a great many poor quality recordings out there; this is especially true of major label pop and rock titles from the 'loudness war' period. Sadly, it does not matter how much you spend on a DAC/player, these poor quality recordings will always remain so.
  11. Seems a bit odd spending up to £2K on a DAC when the amplifier you're using is worth a couple of hundred quid. If you are truly happy with your speakers, invest in a better amp which will drive them to their full potential. Once you have done this you can then set about trying different DACs. You already have a fairly decent digital source. Personally, I would never spend £2K on a DAC (to my ears it is simply not necessary to achieve excellent digital audio performance). I would spend £2K on an amp, speakers and even more on a turntable set up. Do you listen to mostly digital or analogue? If it's the latter, it would make more sense to invest in a better turntable.
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