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  1. Hi Ronnie I contacted them and they dont support or know anything about them. That end is dead. I am looking closer at the Vortex box solutions because Squeezecentre is ancient and decrepid. Still I have yet to hear a better music server, which is why I am cautious. If I test out Vortexbox and it is as good then the ISO disk will be getting rid of the old CENTOS based OS. cheers
  2. Cheers. I can stick a different hard disk in, and play
  3. Hi Folks I have been kindly given as a present a Ripserver Nexus All in one ripper. Stick a CD in it and it RIPS, turns it into FLAC or MP3, then stores it on the Hard Disk inside If that aint good enough it has a Squeezebox server built in. So my duet picks up and hey presto off you go. Now! They went bust in 2008 Before then they had some software updates. I am looking for those, and wonder if anybody has a copy fo the updates? If so could you PM me so I can get a copy from you? Cheers Adam
  4. Right! Alluded to is itunes. Found that if you create Playlists in itunes then the Squeezebox software picks up and imports the playlists. Complicated? Yep. Works? Yep. Thanks for all of your assistance.
  5. Peter. I have emptied the mail box. Apologies.
  6. Wow! Thanks so much for the feedback. You are making sense with the playlists. I wondered how the One Direction playlist turned up. Asked my daughter and she shrugged her shoulders. itunes. Has to be. Really annoying cos as a transport, sounds mighty fine. Build a PSU, even better. Much to like. I will investigate the Apple app stuff, and see what comes of that. I use my Samsung S3 with Squeezebox Official app, and also Squeezer for Android. Neither work well with playlists.
  7. Hi Folks What is it with playlists on the Duet? How can I make one? I have the latest software installed and up to date, but all of the explanations on the net seem to be garbage, as far as creating playlists go. Do other flavours of the OS make it easier, or did this never work. Soooo. If anybody can explain it, and I have OS version 7.7.2 r9663 on the handset; then I would be grateful. Cheers
  8. adsa

    Very good sounding Dac kit

    Sorry. I should have been more specific. I looked at the site and the stacked 1543 looks very tasty. Very interested in making my own. Thanks for starting the thread.
  9. adsa

    Very good sounding Dac kit

    Stupid question got right answer
  10. adsa

    Very good sounding Dac kit

    May I ask what you ordered?
  11. adsa

    Phono Stage Rebuild

    CARRY ON MAN!!! Dont leave us in suspense...
  12. Truly Beautiful. The 1201 will be on my shopping list for a new phono stage.
  13. Edited for the hard of rocking: If that don't get you in the mood for lurv BLOOD nothing will.
  14. Forget what OB1 says! LOUD METAL ALL DAY
  15. adsa

    Turntable Motors

    Thanks Folks. A good place to start. Well you gotta start somewhere...
  16. adsa

    Turntable Motors

    Hi Folks If I were to dabble in making a new turntable, where would the best place to find motors be? I'm sure some of you have gone through this, so best place to ask... Cheers Adam
  17. Hi Pac Thanks for the info. I have found a snippet of information that looks like the Bias is 50mV. Cheers
  18. Hi All Confused. No manual, and reading on the web Bias settings could be either 50mV OR 50mA! The valves are 6550's. Anyone know the settings? Cheers
  19. We need a my cheap speakers are as good as anything costing £30K plus thread...
  20. Lol! Caused some interest on a Sunday evening. Big up to you for the confession
  21. Agree with George, Nordost make some great sounding cables. Obviously, quality equipment will show easier the differences. Ask for a home demo if you can.
  22. Hi All I have been refreshing a Mk2 Rock deck, and looking at the cable at the bottom of the Excalibur Tonearm (Arm pivot is one big round lump, and balance weights look like they screw together. Does the cable come out of the bottom of the arm or is it fixed? I notice that there is a grub Allen screw at the bottom of the arm near the cable. Is this to hold the cable in? Would appreciate any assistance. Cheers Adam
  23. Had one of them. Not for long though! Best value for money in that region was the battery operated phono on ebay built by 949person from AngleAudio. Great sound, although soundstage not very large, but was equal to some of the £5-600 units I have heard.
  24. Because it "SOUNDS" better. Richer, better control of frequency extremes, depth and width of soundstage; or even more musically involving. Expensive sounds effortless. Better components allow the music to pour forth. I dont expect you to understand, but has been said many times before, I measure with my ears, not with an oscilloscope.