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  1. Preparing to put this on eBay and having had a search around, I've remembered also that this amp has had the output transformers upgraded from the originals, and I also have the original ones which I'll throw in with the sale.
  2. I’ve always thought Tim Buckley has been forgotten, especially when you consider the fame of his son Jeff.Many of his albums are good, but the live ones are great, showcasing his astonishing voice. Both stunning singers who passed far too young,both in tragic circumstances, butTim should be at least equally appreciated I reckon.
  3. Make me an offer folks, I need to sell this.
  4. Oops, didn’t answer this question: Yes, it’s the 40W rated amp, designed by Andy Grove of Audionote fame.
  5. £700 anyone, tis a proper amp this one, a lovely thing it be🤪
  6. Hi all, I'm in a bit of a quandary regarding a lost parcel and don't know who is liable to bear the costs so I'd appreciate any advice please, and apologies Mods if this the wrong area of the forum for this question. The circumstances are as follows, (witholding any personal details and courier name): I sold an item, customer paid via bank transfer, knocked a bit off the price as agreed postage would be cheap.Customer requested I arrange delivery to local courier collection point rather than home, so I did this, parcel clearly labelled, photo taken, dropped it off at my local parcel drop-off shop, got tracking card. 2 days later, tracking shows parcel received and signed for at customers local collection point.All good it seems.However, customer tells me parcel not at his local co-op(collection point) when he tries to pick it up.Further investigation turns up that the co-op may have sent it out with the courier again, though no-one knows where to.A week later, courier declares parcel lost, I'm currently claiming compensation from them, takes 15 working days. My question is, who should cover the cost of the item? My initial reaction was to say I'd pay back the customer in full myself, but on reflection this seems unfair on me; I sent the item(an amp) as per the customers request and instructions to send to collection point rather than their home, and if I make a full refund I'm down the £220 I received for the amp, the amp itself and the courier charge too through no fault of my own.Does this sound right, and is it just my hard luck, or would it be reasonable to think that as technically neither of us are to blame, we should both bear the cost? Does splitting whatever compensation the courier may give us(£50 standard if any most likely, as agreed on cheap post so no extra compensation paid for) sound out of order? Please let me know what you think, I cannot decide myself currently so I'm thinking I'll go with the majority view if one is expressed.
  7. Sounds very interesting, drop me a pm with your thoughts
  8. I’ve a lovely Wad power amp in the classifieds and I’m open to swaps, have a look, see what you think.