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  1. I am not sure what Graham has now, but I remember him demonstrating to me the TW AC and Platine side by side, same Ortofon tone arms through the same system, might be worth a call. Keith.
  2. Is that the Modwright ,very neat, re GIP I didn't hear their speakers once in all the times I visited the Silbatone room,always playing the WE's. Keith
  3. I believe the B&O Beolab speakers have their own microphone that folds out,Dalek like! Keith.
  4. There are so many variables with a vinyl front end, not just the hardware but in terms of the turntables isolation ( or not) from its environment, makes evaluation very tricky. Keith.
  5. Who is this Russell fella, Keith.
  6. I have offered to pay my dealer subs, it is very difficult to resolve low bass problems solely using passive room treatment, seems like reasonable advice, EQ is available as part of JRiver,ITunes most third party playback software. Keith.
  7. If each exhibitor acoustically measured the room, and then displayed the resulting graph, it would most likely lead to a greater understanding of the speaker/room interaction. Keith.
  8. Dirac works by lowering the surrounding peaks and adjusting phase, there is quite an interesting paper here. http://diracdocs.com/on_room_correction.pdf Keith.
  9. If a component has extremely low distortion then it is to all intents and purposes audibly transparent, one might choose an amplifier with higher distortion for example because you preferred the sound, which would be a completely valid choice. Keith.
  10. Reducing the peaks wouldn't put any undue strain on the amplification, DSP is ideal for low bass problems because they are almost impossible to treat passively in a domestic environment , I have tried! Keith
  11. Or remove the peaks with Eq or active room correction. Keith.
  12. Decent A/Ds are completely transparent. Keith
  13. That simply is not true can you use active room correction with analogue sources. Keith.
  14. What are you looking for from a digital to analogue converter, I have never believed in using a DAC as tone control. Keith.