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  1. On the lookout for 1m or 1.5m cable. Must be glass fibre. QED, Wireworld or similar.
  2. A friend of mine is looking for an X35. Please contact me if you have one for sale.
  3. Rare indeed - a perfect intro to class A sound. The valves are cheap to replace too.
  4. These are great speakers, I've had 2 pairs in the past. They are a bit under the radar but are far better than most of the competition. I auditioned these against Proac Tablette 10 at home and kept the Kralks.
  5. They are the official global agent - based in Singapore. There are no UK dealers as far as I'm aware.
  6. Yep...the speakers are definitely staying
  7. Thanks Jack for highlighting this aspect of the design. I believe this is the same arrangement used in the Audio Note Oto SE.
  8. I have decided to sell my Korato V4 amp. I bought it from Jack (Non-Smoking Man) 2 years ago. Original sale thread here: Since then it has had very little use (approx 200 hours) as my current speakers are far too demanding. I bought a NOS pair of GEC JAN 12AT7WC tubes to replace the Mullards which decided to give up the ghost. The amp can be used as a single input integrated as it has a volume control mounted on the top deck - this is how I use it. The sound of this amp driving my Kralk BC-30 speakers (90 dB/W, 8 Ohm) was wonderful - effortless with sparkling highs and plenty of drive. However, a change to Boenicke W5s (83 dB/W, 4 Ohm) last year proved to be too challenging. Specification: Power: 10 Watts per channel (as per Jack) Tubes: EL84 x 4; 12AU7 x 2; 12AT7 x 2 Dimensions: 382 x 337 x 176 mm (W x D x H) Weight: 13.5 kg Price: £450 I live in sunny Brighton and am happy for you to collect from my front door or I can arrange for courier delivery at cost (approx £35 with insurance). I will need a bit of time to sort out suitable packaging.
  9. This unit is 2 years old and in excellent condition. It includes the following elements: UltraPurifier SuperClamp MegaClamp Zapperator ClarityMains x 4 + basic power cable (please advise if this is not required). There are some excellent reviews online: Price: £675 including delivery to UK mainland address only.
  10. This seller is using a hacked account. Just had my order cancelled by eBay
  11. Thanks for the info just bought one.
  12. Thanks - just seeing if anyone here has one before buying from my memory
  13. Please get in touch if you have one for sale