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  1. I am puzzled as to why a gain in clarity, dynamics and scale should ever be a problem. Surely this reveals music closer to the original performance, which is what hi-fi is all about........
  2. You are correct Richard . Chord pre-amps accept up to 5V. I don't have the CPA2800 any more however, and have changed my profile(just now) Apologies for delay/confusion caused. The CPA2800 had 4 inputs and I just didn't need that many, so I sold it on and bought a valve pre-amp with just 1 input.
  3. Rothwell do 10, 15 and 20 dB. Which one would be most suitable? Volume control on pre-amp is usually around 9 o'clock so probably need to use attenuators to have more control even if I don't buy the DAC, so I am minded to get the 20dB.
  4. I use an FX audio tube pre-amp into Chord power amp.
  5. Thinking of buying a 2Qute, and output of 3V exceeds the input sensitivity of my pre-amp(max 2V). Will this cause a problem like having only around 10 degrees of rotation of the volume control from zero volume to max ? Could it cause clipping? Guidance appreciated.
  6. I can't believe people pay £xK for a Rolex(where x is a large number). I have an Avia watch bought for a poorly fish back in 1999. It has had 2 batteries since then and keep perfect time, and it looks good too... Of course the money I saved by NOT purchasing a Rolex went on HI Fi seperates, ..........
  7. serendipity.....................I have had several moments where I was "in the right place at the right time"...............well done
  8. Product Description Nordost ECO 3X is a superb new product that treats a problem long ignored in the hi-fi industry, the build up of static charges on the surface of the speakers and cables. These surface charges can interfere with the signal and introduce background noise into a hi-fi or home theater system. After treating your cables with ECO 3X you will notice music sounds more defined with any harshness removed. ECO 3X is a proprietary formula developed by Nordost that will work with any cable. ECO 3X should be used when installing new cables and be applied about once every two weeks or more frequently depending upon the environment. ECO 3X is also very effective for treating Compact Discs. When applied to the label side of a CD you will notice a large improvement in sound quality, as stray electrical charges that build up on the discs are removed. Eliminating this noise at the source results in a much more detailed and musical performance.
  9. This seems to have gone the way of SACD, or am I mistaken? Love this comment on RA website BTW
  10. erh, does RA know about this?.........if so, it'll be on sale in next catalogue......
  11. Remember when SACD and DVD audio were competing for the "next leap forward in sound quality"? At the time, I read an article in HI-Fi News which stated that SACD massacres CD, quote from author " once you have heard SACD , you will never want to listen to CD again." I wonder what happened to him.........and SACD...........and DVD audio.
  12. I had some RFI once, but my ears rejected it. More specifically, my left ear cancelled out what was going into my right ear, and vice versa.....
  14. Are we talking evolution or revolution here?