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  1. Hi Julian, I`l take it. PM sent. Tony.
  2. Here you go, these are the instructions I used on mine and it works perfectly. Play Good luck Tony
  3. Got a Mk1, its great fun to own and drive, get the roof down as often as you can, use it as a second car and enjoy the experience. Older cars are classic and easy to work on newer are probably better but ordinary. Get a rag top !
  4. I have one of these, Music Fidelity The PreAmp 2a, if you think it would be suitable, £100. I can send a pic if interested or a quick google will find it. Cheers Tony
  5. Bluebell Audio built 300b mono
  6. On the site now, but "Sold Out" I have registered to be notified when available. Thanks John. Merry Christmas to all. Tony
  7. Ok, Thanks for the info, please drop me a pm or post up here if you get more info. Cheers Tony.
  8. Do you have a link please, I cant find mention of it on the site. Thanks.
  9. You can usually find the torx in one of the screw driver sets, from B&Q for example, Halfords will do the individual ones, dearer but better quality. I keep a cheap set in the house for when I get the "dad its stopped working" call from the kids and it saves going to the garage. cheers Tony
  10. PSXmad2

    Too much volume

    If interested I have some -14db Golden Jacks for sale, please pm if you fancy trying some attenuators. Cheers Tony
  11. Has anybody tried the underlay that is used with the quick lock floor tiling ? I have just finished an upstairs bathroom and the insulator is a stiff 4mm foam board. As I put the cut off`s in the bin I wondered if it would be any use under the speakers or even on the shelves of the rack ? Just a thought Cheers
  12. PSXmad2

    Idiot Alert

    Good morning, sorry to say but if you truely don`t know then why would you risk everything !!
  13. PSXmad2

    Aluminium Polish

    use autosol, a fine but slightly abrasive polish which will give a superb finish, then a quick once over with a wax polish to keep tip top. Regards Tony
  14. I have ordered as well for just the same reason, $/£ exchange rate means I may as well try a set. I must say Jim was very helpful and with quick comms we soon sorted the size but he has had to order a bigger piece because the speakers are not an off the shelf size. Anyway I will see what happens. Cheers Tony
  15. Well its arrived and quickly too. Extremely well made and packaged, it looks excellent. I don`t know if I can tell a difference in the sound but it can`t do any harm, I like it alot atb Tony