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  1. So five years ago I was "between jobs" for almost two years. I joined a volunteer group at a local park - building flower beds, planting bulbs managing the woodland, marshaling events I was already a High school governor, I started doing reading support in class for kids with reading difficulties Local GP practice have a "Patient Group" that support the practice and run events, like a walking group and coffee mornings etc, I spent quite a but if time on that. A local mill being restored, I started helping scrape rust off the old steam engine, now I am there three times a week and helping to run a fair size operation.... Then I got a bloody job - which I needed, I enjoy, and I am grateful for - but I could easily fill my time twice over and not work! If you volunteer your time - someone will need your help and appreciate it. There will be something nearby that needs volunteers - try it!
  2. My first pay packet in 1982 went on a Pioneer stack system...kept it until 1985 when I could afford a second hand system off a guy at work - NAD3020 (still in daily use in a second system!) a NAD cassette deck, Kef Celeste speakers and a Technics turntable. Added a Marantz CD52 a few years later, blew up a tweeter and bought Gale speakers, Dual TT......
  3. You sir, are the jammiest of Gits. Great find, and nice to pay the extra so the Charity are on a win too. You got a tonearm planned yet?
  4. Brian, I have a Marantz CD63 that might be a decent shout - let me check tomorrow that the remote includes the "A/B Repeat" function and I will get back to you. Could swap for anything interesting!
  5. Second system is safely in my man-cave - Castle Harlech speakers, Nad 3020 amp (or MF A3 and XA50s when I get chance to plumb them in) and SBT and Marantz CDP as sources. Might add a Turntable soon..... Third system gets most hours as it is in my "Office" and also runs the speakers in the bathroom and bedroom ceilings.... Denon UD-M30 all in one and Mission speakers, Squeezebox Duet Fourth system is a MiniP Valve amp, Beresford Dac, Chromecast streamer into Rogers DB Speakers. Fifth system - another Denon all in one in the wife's office... I need a garden system, and one for the front half of the garage, and a kitchen rig......heading for double figures.....
  6. How the hell is a NAD 3020 "not working"??!! After the apocalypse, its just gonna be cockroaches...listening to Nad 3020s.....
  7. First off, welcome. Second - at 70, you need to be thinking that you might need to listen and enjoy the music for about 40 or so more years. What else in life lasts forty years? You are still on a journey, and the desire for great sound, the love of the music and the need to feel that the listening process is at least partly interactive, in as much as you have expressed your preference for a particular mix of kit, all matters. Enjoy the search, enjoy the results, and keep on looking for the last per-cent. That is part of the game. And there is no escape.
  8. I knew of the bronzing issue, it is just ironic that the "best" discs - all DG and Karajan Mehta etc, I kept as CD only until now! some will still play on my Denon, so I guess I can turn error correction down or try another drive. I remember doing huge data backups in the early nineties for a big corporation who said CD would be the default storage medium for the next 50 - 100 years.....
  9. Finally got round to ripping the last of my CD collection - I have 20 or so Deutsche Grammophon classical discs, Beethoven, Berlioz and Schubert etc. Most are from 1987 - 1990. All have a slightly gold tinge to the disc, that I don't think was there twenty years ago when I last looked.....and almost all of them are unreadable to my CD drive. Perfect music forever?
  10. Playing my Castle Harlechs this morning in a second system, and they continue, after th e17 years I've had them - to look fantastic and sound excellent. They create presence and image well, and and the low end is clean but strong. I have heard better, but as a second-hand brand I doubt anything is going to top them for sensible money. They went to AV and China style build quality in their later years - I guess before the change is better....
  11. Playing Spirit of Eden now, will be raising a glass. RIP.
  12. Not my usual thing, but this gets regular headphone time, although cranked up on loudspeakers it really tests the system. And it is beautiful.
  13. Geoff, Sorry for your loss.
  14. Jerry, this looks like sent.... And here we are on Monday evening after a nice listening session on my new headphone amp - arrived very well packed and very quick - huge thanks Jerry, pleasure doing business!!