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  1. I read the first twenty Reachers. They are as mentioned formulaic, but so is much great music - its the variations to the predictable pattern that makes it interesting..... As for Tom Cruise, he made the two Reacher films work, but there needs to be a new set made with somebody with more physical scale, to be more true to the books. TCs other films are almost all worth seeing. Watch Collateral, Risky Business and Rain Man - the guy can act! Add A Few Good Men, Valkyrie, Born on the 4th of July, American Made - he does some great roles.
  2. According to the credits, it is likely to be a piece from the studio that his son Scott Fritz runs, they have 800 songs listed, so I can't tell you which one! http://www.strandedonaplanet.com/about-us Scott wrote this too:
  3. Several comments I have to chuck in. I just had two HDD failures in a month. I had only a partial backup of my FLAC files (25000 songs), so lost about 12K tracks. I had all the original CDs (caseless in flight cases in the attic) so I have now re-ripped them, and have the collection on three drives. Several CDs can no longer be read - the whole perfect sound FOREVER message didn't get through to everyone - a box set of Brandenburg Concertos (Deutsch Gramophone) for example now has a weird golden bloom on the surface, and the CD player just locks up rather than reads them. It also reminded me that I have not played a CD for months, with SBT being the first choice. I have a curated collection tha reflects my "journey of acquisition" over many years since my first CD purchases in the 1980s. This search for specific tracks, or artists, or albums, will be a feature of a music fans' experience that will be lost when all of everything is available on whatever streaming platform you have. I still have music I only own on Vinyl, so the Michell TT gets good use. I use Spotify, but the SQ doesn't match FLAC. I will pay for Spotify Premium when they go up to CD quality, but I still would like to "own" my collection, a concept that Millennials find quite quaint.....
  4. Well Im in. £25 delivered for a Hawker Hunter Equipment Mounting tray on 4 anti vibration feet. Love the idea of fitting these on a good looking platform and sitting a little valve amp on it. There may be no aural benefit at all, but I love the idea! Best turntable I ever tried in my own system was supported on four Spitfire engine valves, looked fab! Thanks for sharing - I will post pics if this project ever gets finished!
  5. I remember hearing them sound very good indeed at a Manchester Show, but the guy put me right off when he declined to play a demo track someone brought in - I think it was Porcupine tree - "Well of course they aren't really designed to play rock". For £30K they should be able to play up front for Chelsea if I asked them to.
  6. Im probably too far out (23 miles) but let me know if you dont get sorted. Im also in the 'Pool on 1st March so something might be possible....
  7. Parliament hinges and Gripper Rods. Or Shakti Stones and Rudy Giuliani Hair Dye. The droids we are looking for and Jackie Weaver's authority. The tangible benefits of Brexit and indicators from an Audi.
  8. Jerry, I think I need to try this please! It will replace the lovely Little Bear I think you sold me a couple of years ago! PM on the way David (Humpty)
  9. Lurch, thanks for the advice - I use a CCA on a different system, I thought it was similar to Blue tooth? The SQ is excellent, is BT alot worse? I have only started nibbling at the edges of streaming since I re-discovered Spotify a few weeks ago - I use SBT, CD ( I have an Audio Note transport, so a DAC is a must for that) and vinyl on the main rig, but I want to add TV sound by using a SP/Dif from the TV into a switching DAC, so the full solution might need to be a DAC with multiple inputs with easy switching between them, and maybe a CCA as well.....a Beresford Caiman or something like - but the Topping sounds excellent as well.....stuck now! I might concentrate on the office system but keep an eye out for the right DAC in the meantime. The CCA is discontinued is it? I got mine for £20, one of the best HiFi deals ever! .
  10. SO I realise that working from home has meant my little Denon in the office has had many hundreds of hours more use than the main rig, so Santa brought a couple of upgrades. A Topping Dac so I can get Spotify via USB. Monitor Audio Radius 90 speakers that will sit on by desk top and be a step-up from the Denon speakers. In the loft I have two MF XA50 power amps - too good to let go - so I have to try these driving the new speakers....I would need to build a custom rack, but my "Office" system will be way better than it is at the mo. I then need a half width pre-amp.......... I have spare kit to sell, but I am crap at letting stuff go.......... When I tested the Topping (E30) on the main rig - it sounded better than the X-ACT I have on there, so I will need to look for a better DAC for the main rig, and maybe add a Bluetooth receiver DAC on a separate input to play straight from the phone..... Spotify has recently given me some great new music, so the biggest upgrade may be to pay for a higher res streaming solution......
  11. Can we ask the reverse question then. What DOES make a difference? By following the ten rules here, we can have the most basic configuration for digital replay, straight out of the packaging, with cheap cables and plugged directly into the wall. And none of the tweaks listed can possibly improve it. But something must !? Between us on here, we listen to A LOT of music, and we don't tend to choose the simple (and cheap) set up described above. We almost all choose to make life more difficult and expensive, and it is not because we believe the marketers (at least not all the time). So why? what are we doing/buying/seeing/hearing that actually makes a difference and gives us a system that meets our preference? Dave Brailsford claimed the British Cycling resurrection was because the wheels were slightly rounder, the pillows better, hands were washed more effectively etc - ie marginal gains leading to a sum improvement - is this relevant to Hifi? A real challenge would be to write an article of ten great truths in audio. Then we could have a proper Wam argument............
  12. You could always use what the pros use. I used to watch in awe as our panel builder used to build complex panels with miles of wire and finish with it looking neater than my hifi rack. Or cheap stuff from CEF, CPC or Farnells: https://www.cef.co.uk/catalogue/products/4349454-40mm-x-40mm-open-slotted-trunking-grey-2m-length?gclid=Cj0KCQjw59n8BRD2ARIsAAmgPmJFNvSs8x56hOULGz0Arwr38X7kVmnag6l4_mRWV6hB8IOIgqdubfwaAtFjEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds
  13. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/LINN-LP12-Lid-Hinges-Brand-New/254719989984?hash=item3b4e7e98e0:g:hmoAAOSwfh9fYTUl
  14. I miss the old days - parliament hinges and gripper rods are just not getting the coverage they deserve.
  15. I try and pick tracks that everyone thinks they know well cos they heard it a thousand times on radio etc......on vinyl, the first two minutes or so of "Billie Jean" from Thriller is a shock to anybody who hasn't listened to a proper system before. In the Ghetto by Elvis - again, everybody thinks they know it....True Love Ways, Buddy Holly.... Once you have their attention, go for the hifi standards! Blue Raincoat, or Yello etc.....but start with something they recognise!
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