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  1. Address is incomplete and the company name has an active proposal to strike off. Wonder if one of the owners selling off stock moved out of the company or bought out of own funds for former company. I would be very cautious. https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/09845941
  2. Still available and offers considered bump.
  3. As others have said Definitive have a fair few on their Stuff site including TJ Mesh plates which I have. 20% of price listed and perhaps more depending on how nicely you speak with Lynn or Kevin.
  4. I have a Tom Evans Microgroove MM stage for sale. Unusally this is one of the few factory built Moving Magnet versions. Works very well either standalone for MM cartridge or with a SUT for MC cartridge. Only bought a few months ago from Audio Emotion but for sale as I have succumbed to the Tron urge this is for sale. Looking for £230 inc PP
  5. Speedysteve is certainly the go to man for this kind of job.
  6. That looks nice, is it going on the SP10.
  7. I spotted that. Not sure I could face turning up at the collection location. Also I wouldn't check other items for sale with others present.
  8. Unless going to the original manafacturer it might be worth asking who ever is doing the service if they have something you could borrow. If not sure someone will come up with something. I have a Tripath Digital jobbie for when my power amp gets serviced or incase something goes wrong.
  9. Suspect an upgrade is possible although no idea on pricing. However suspect if you have the cash the current climes put you in a good position. Mine are burr oak although not as figured as some which is a shame.
  10. Might be worth giving Definitive a call. They might be able to do you a deal on part exchange IBX-RW. When I got my OBX-RW recently there was some flex in pricing and were very helpful.
  11. Have you considered Burmester 099 preamp. It has a very shiny faceplate. Seriously though look froward to the eval reports.
  12. Lovely drivers, my much missed Auditorium 23 Solovox speaker's had them. I think there are a number of diy designs out there for these so ideal for someone one with wood working skills.