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  1. Mid week Bump for this lovely Overture.
  2. Weekend Bump for this superb KONDO amplifier. There are currently two second hand Overture’s for sale and from what I can see, they are both in Italy: A MK1 at €13,000 (£11,916) and a MK11 at €14,500 (£13,291). Current UK RRP is £30,000. Mine is an absolutely MINT example for sale at £10,000. Thanks for looking.
  3. I’ve had a scroll through this interesting Accuphase thread and cannot recall any mention of The 30w Class A E-650 integrated - might have missed it if course. Has anyone heard one, or own one? Looks lovely and from what little I’ve read, sounds lovely as well!
  4. Lovely speakers. They look ‘The Business‘!
  5. Hi Graeme, As soon as I saw the pics, I thought, ‘I’m sure I owned these at some point’. These ANE’s are lovely indeed. Almost tempted to have them back as they look and will sound amazing!! Mmmm.
  6. Thanks for your kind comments Julian! Over the years, we’ve been fortunate to have had rectangular proportioned spaces for our music rooms with speakers firing down the the room. Always a good recipe imho - just seems to work for us. For the first time in many years, space constraints mean no rack in our current house, so using an old sideboard with isolation under the amp and CD player. Sounds wonderful and easy on the eye.
  7. We’ve inherited a few 60’s pieces, Archie Shine, etc. Just lovely, aesthetically beautiful, timeless design. We’ve had this furniture around for many years and appreciate it every single day.
  8. Many thanks for your kind comments Jag, much appreciated! I’ll hopefully come over and see you again sometime and listen to you lovely AN System when things get back to normal, fingers crossed. M.
  9. What an absolutely beautiful piece of furniture Jonathan, stunning!
  10. Thanks Philip. Only reason I’m selling is I’ve spotted something else. It’s a sideways move, but lovely nonetheless! M.