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  1. Thanks Shaun. Their 1m VC11 is £600 after 20% discount. Just don’t fancy spending that amount tbh.
  2. Many thanks Shaun 👍. I did see these recently, contacted the seller and as yet, no response, hence my ad here. Sure something will turn up.
  3. I’m looking for either a 1m pair of KSL KONDO Vc or Audio Note Isis RCA-RCA analogue interconnects. Don’t mind either but MUST be original. Bought an AN SILVER IC last year which had been messed about with though UK seller denied all! So, it cost quite a bit to get it sorted at AN. Looking to spend £275 delivered.
  4. marko

    Gorgeous Gadgets

    Yes, I consider it a real privilege to own The Overture. I’m going to Definitive to pick up some valves at some point and will hopefully listen to The Vox’s.
  5. marko

    Gorgeous Gadgets

    Ah, thanks Lee. It is so different from anything I’ve ever listened to before, so tonally saturated and intensely rich. I imagine your SJS pre is also very special! Enjoy as well!
  6. Having been after a KONDO Overture for many years, I simply couldn’t resist!
  7. marko

    Gorgeous Gadgets

    Gorgeous looking and glorious sounding. Exquisite engineering to boot!
  8. Y’up, good conclusion, just experiment! I don’t think there are any hard and fast rules. With AN Speakers for example, folks say, stick them in corners. To my ears, every pair of AN Speakers I’ve owned in 20 years sound dreadfully confused in corners. Personal preference really, though maybe in the past 20 years, my hearing has been on the blink’!
  9. Anyone know the RRP on The Tron Atlantic 300B? What a beautiful looking amplifier!
  10. I use these heavy Bakerlite blocks on top of the casework on my AN amps and CD player. Tap before placing them on top- pretty resonant. Tap afterwards - significantly less resonant. Whether it makes a difference sonically, who knows!
  11. Thanks for the bump Martin. Y’up, marriage is the main priority 😀! I’d really like to hear your Radford when it arrives.
  12. Heard an ANV 50 recently. Fabulous amp and what a colour!