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  1. Audio Note ANE HE variants make the list at around 97/98dB.
  2. Weekend Bump. Only selling The ANJ’s as we have just bought this absolutely exquisite pair of ANE’s, in the same Olive High Gloss finish. Amazing speakers, as are The ANJ’s!
  3. marko


    Hi Fi needs care and attention when being moved or transported. After quite shocking personal experience, I will never trust any ‘mainstream’ courier again! People might ‘bitch and moan’ regarding sales threads that specify ‘Collection only’. At the end of the day, I think it safeguards every bodies interests. And, you can see whether the item is ‘As described’.
  4. Thanks Andy for your kind comments. I think it’s a requirement for a photo of the back.
  5. Plywood stands, also included in the sale, though not the Marble plinth.
  6. Beautiful pair of ANJ LX’s with Blue Hemp drivers. Finished in fabulous ‘premium’ High Gloss Olive. Absolutely ‘perfect’ factory condition. Very light use. Fully boxed with all The (unused) AN accessories, badges, spike’s etc. Genuine AN Black High Gloss stands (kiln dried sand filled) included. This us a U.K. only sale and due to mistrust of couriers, collection only from HG5. Price is £3600. Current RRP is £7000! This is a sales thread and as such, please keep discussions out of it! I’m more than happy to answer any questions by PM. I will post more pics later. Serious enquiries only please. Utterly gorgeous speakers, so no thread crapping, tyre kickers or lowballers please. Thanks for looking.
  7. Well, after months and months of persuading my lovely wife to even consider buying a pair of ANE’s, it’s taken her less than a week (and half a bottle of Red this evening) to concede they sound Amazing and that they are here to stay. Job done. So, a lucky person will be owning a lovely pair of ANJ’s (see 1st photo below) in the near future. Roll up, roll up!
  8. Thanks George. Y’up, in for the long haul, for sure. Robin, I actually think the bass will be fine. It’s anything but overblown in my view. I’ve had SPe and SPe HE Signature in the past and agree that the bass with LX appears to have more weight. Slight changes with ‘toe in’ make really significant changes in this rectangular room, same as with ANJ’s.
  9. Casting my mind back, I recall that listening to new speakers ‘straight out of the box’ can be a disappointing experience. Without exception, the musical presentation of every recent speaker I’ve owned initially sounds thin, peaky, lacking fullness, body and weight. Basically, YUCK! Empirically knowing this to be the case, I now have faith that things will change, and only for the better. My wife, who has a very discerning ear, is definitely ‘on it’ from the first note she heard with the new ANE’s; Oh no, that just doesn’t sound right, in fact it sounds awfully’. For your ears, I’ve missed out the Anglo Saxon expletives she used. I do my best to convince her that things will eventually sound as they should. I try to assure her that it’s just a matter of getting ‘there’, which can be a painfully up and down journey, a continual ‘one step forward’ and ‘three steps back’! Strange how what sounded promising yesterday has completely gone ‘West’ today, only to return tomorrow or the day after. The cycle then repeats itself until eventually, perhaps after weeks, it’s hey ho, ‘this is more like it’! It’s not a level playing field really to compare ANJ’s and ANE’s. Both are similar in some respects though also exhibit very different qualities in other respects. Better or worse just doesn’t come into it. Different they are, so it all comes down to personal preference. Some people prefer J’s over E’s. I read recently that Bob Neil, a Positive Feedback reviewer prefers ANK’s over both J’s and E’s. There you go. Having owned many pairs of ANJ’s and ANE’s, I’ve yet to hear any other make of domestically friendly speaker that present music in such a convincing manner. I’m sure however that many other brands deliver music in a similar way - I just haven’t come across them, nor heard them. Great thing is: we’re not looking. Both the above AN variants (in this case LX) when fully run in, do ‘scale’ in a way I still find almost unbelievable, and considering their size, especially The ANJ’s. ANE’s do scale, which can catch one out, and to my ears, quite shockingly so! I think sub 50Hz bass is fundamental in providing a solid foundation to overall presentation. ANJ’s dig deep without the need of a subwoofer. ANE’s do better - they go seismic! It is a privilege to own two pair of Audio Note speakers. There isn’t room for two pairs of speakers in the listening room. The J’s have been boxed up, much to my wife’s displeasure, as they are her very favourite speaker of all time! I think I have more convincing to do. Having said that, we are still only at the beginning of weeks and weeks of back and forth, running in The E’s. No pain, no gain. Fingers crossed!
  10. Many thanks for all your kind comments. I’ll respond with thoughts tomorrow - been up since 4.00am, so knackered!
  11. Our new ANE’s alongside our ANJ’s, both pairs finished in Olive, High Gloss. Fit and finish is ‘Second to none’, just wonderful!
  12. What a beautiful room and system you have Richard. VERY Classy!! I’d love to hear The Snell’s.
  13. I think LV’s are leaner sounding and neutral. AN certainly go deeper with a richer presentation. Both lovely and it’s just preference! Wonder what amps you’ll hear today Richard? Please report back, as I’m sure your experience today will interest people. Have a good day and don’t forget your wallet!
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