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  1. Pretty gorgeous imho!
  2. When you say ‘too much’ Jon, are you referring to too much bass with The E’s, or overall ‘scale’. Are your J’s firing down the 11’ or 17’ wall?
  3. Hi All, A question please. I’m thinking of buying a pair of ANE’s, though concerned they may be ‘overkill’ in our 3.2m x 5.5m room, speakers firing down the length of the room. We used both E’s and J’s to great effect in our previous house, the room measuring 4.5m x 8m. Anyone here use ANE’s in a smaller room? Experiences and comparisons would be really helpful. Thanks. M.
  4. Don’t think these will hang around. Location?
  5. Human endeavour is an amazing thing! Absolutely fascinating. Anyone know what the piano music playing is at around the 40 minute mark?
  6. marko

    Foo alert

    £599 for 3ml. Mmm, I can buy a pretty much guaranteed upgrade - 50 bottles of my favourite Shiraz.
  7. 4 months ago, I ordered a Rega with Hana cartridge. Dealer delivered it within a month, so there doesn’t appear to be a problem at Rega I really hope you resolve this situation Pauli.
  8. They are solid plywood stands. When comparing the plywood with AN stands (filled with kiln dried sand) the AN stands have a definite ‘ting’ to them when you tap the top plate. The plywood don’t, so less resonant. Also, taller than AN stands, bringing the mid/bass driver up to ear level. Slightly smoother presentation which I prefer.
  9. Audio Note CD player and speakers, 1 year. Norma amplifier, 3 months. Slight problem-already thinking of upgrading the AN gear.
  10. Yes Phil, sure any Shindo amp would sound wonderful with your Taus!
  11. Umpteenth Bump for the fabulously rare NOS SIEMENS F2a’s!
  12. This Norma amplifier is beautifully engineered. Sonically, it sounds amazing too! So, imho, a fabulous deal for the money 👀.
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