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  1. On the lookout again. Anything out there? Thanks.
  2. Ask Denis Morecroft @ DNM. Think he distributed Rehdeko. Heard some Rhedeko’s at his house many years ago. Nice guy!
  3. We love Curry. Hardly ever go out or buy takeaway so buy Charley Bingham curries occasionally. Absolutely brilliant!
  4. Irrespective of price, my choice would be Audio Note ANJ’s. At £6k, there is no other speaker I’ve heard that I’d rather own.
  5. Sorry for late response and thanks for your thoughts. No, not as yet. I’ve not brewed for some weeks for obvious reasons though my friend has. He’s having the same problems as we’ve experienced before. My hunch is that the temp probe on the ‘all in one’ system isn’t registering the mash temp correctly, so the more fermentable ‘spectrum of sugars’ are being compromised. As I think I said, this problem did not arise when we brewed with our Tower system. Should be back brewing again soon so see what happens.
  6. I was wondering if anyone here has heard The new AN Cobra? El34 and with it’s C-Core transformers, sounds interesting. Last EL34 PQ made was back in The Audio Innovations days, if I’m not mistaken.
  7. Been using Audio Note since ‘87. Excellent products and customer service is second to none. Also KSL KONDO. The quality of engineering and workmanship is extra-ordinary! Then of course, there is the musical presentation.
  8. marko

    Which TT to buy?

    Many thanks for the offer Phil. I’m now sorted with something else. Sure someone else will enjoy the Fono mm. Thanks again for all the input from everyone, much appreciated.,
  9. marko

    Which TT to buy?

    I have PM’d you Robin. Thanks.
  10. marko

    Which TT to buy?

    Yes Leon, hoping for the best!! 😀😀.
  11. marko

    Which TT to buy?

    Sure I’ve done the right thing with The Systemdek! Has anyone heard The Rega Fono mm phono stage @ £199. Again, any thoughts are most appreciated! M.
  12. marko

    Which TT to buy?

    I really appreciate all your thoughts folks, many thanks. Gone for The Systemdek in the end. Atb, Mark