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  1. Lovely set up Robin and fab ANE’s.
  2. Heard these fabulous speakers a few times and now for sale at a great price. Stunning, fit and finish of the highest order! GLWTS Stuart. M
  3. Hi Chivas, Thanks, you have a lovely system yourself! Yes, we’ve been privileged to own some lovely amps over the years, Kondo, Shindo and AN being our favourites. Oh, and many more!’ In my neurotic old age, I wanted an amp to turn on and leave on, and with valves, I didn’t feel confident we could do this. norma fits the bill in the above respect and presents music very convincingly. Imho, the graveyard of most amps is their inability to integrate and give ‘body’ to the top end -norma succeeds in both areas with aplomb! Oh yeah, the wager - I’m not a betting man, though on this rare occasion, what were you thinking of? £££££££.
  4. Heard an A21a Signature with Proac D20 r’s at a friends last week. Sounded pretty good I have to say!
  5. At the end of the day, it’s all about system synergy. After a few months of ownership, I’m still pinching myself as to how good The IPA70 is. Famous last words, but amplifier wise, there are no more ‘itches to scratch’!
  6. Excuse my French, but ‘a f*****g bargain’!
  7. Really enjoyed H2’s with all the AN 300B Meishu variants - worked beautifully, especially The Silver Signature.
  8. Bump. Rare as ‘hens teeth’ and going for a song!
  9. Always really fancied hearing a SF Musica. Nice set up Julian!
  10. err, ‘Show us yer sideboard’.
  11. As Steve says, these ANJ’s will sound lovely. Great speakers. I’m very surprised they haven’t already been snapped up. Wake up and ‘smell the coffee folks’! Good luck with the sale. M
  12. Have you considered norma amplification? IPA 70/IPA 140.
  13. How did the sound change Andy?
  14. Amp looks lovely in Black Mike. I asked for Red lights (which I learnt is an option) but would have had to wait too long, so settled for Blue.
  15. Then there were Three, I think . Pleased you are enjoying your ‘70 Mike. Fabulous amps!
  16. Over the last few weeks, I’ve endeavoured to sell a MINT and amazing pair of 18 month old ANJ’s. Of late, the asking price has been £50 higher than half the current AN RRP. The lack of interest (with not one enquiry) has truly astounded me! Empirically, I’m convinced I’m wasting my time, and to be honest, I can’t be arsed to do this anymore! Withdrawn.
  17. £3500.00, collected. At this price, no offers please. Apart from ANE’s (which I’m after) these ANJ’s are the most engaging speakers I’ve owned in 40 years, bar none! And, they look amazing into the bargain!
  18. Bump. At almost 50% of the current Audio Note RRP, I’m very surprised these lovely speakers are still here. C’est la vie!
  19. I’ve owned a few pairs of H2’s, including Rosewood. They are wonderful speakers - yours look amazing!! That’s a very good price. GLWTS.
  20. Not too sure where to post this request. If it’s the wrong place, Mods, feel free to move it. Just wondering if any kind wammer who lives within a stones throw of Harrogate would consider lending me a pair of ANE’s/stands for a day or two? If so, I’d be very grateful! I need to check out whether they would work in our listening room prior to taking the risk of buying. Happy to collect etc, with some nice wine/alternative in return. Thanks for looking. M.
  21. Be nice to see a shot of the Ebony veneer and cloth sides -a classic design!
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