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  1. Ive had the fortune to share a bake-off with Graeme and have to say his knowledge is quite amazing on such things and has a real passion for this which you can't put a price so anyone thinking of engaging in his services is in supreme hands. All the best.
  2. Just a quick one, have a think about how far the projector is from the viewer...a lot of projectors pump out a decent amount of heat and fan noise...this can be quite distracting...a low db one is one of the major factors I look for...I went with a Sanyo HD z series a few years back and it has gradually upped in noise but one of the quietest in its day..
  3. http://www.hifiwigwam.com/showthread.php?34504-Guide-to-Using-a-Mac-Mini-for-Audio
  4. What the fucks a pre? Ahh forgot its 1938 and it's next to the mangle for women's big nic nacs.....pre my arsehole
  5. 47 labs but basically all Solid State is compromised bullshit;-)
  6. Zzzzzz Wammer speeks yea! Let's get LV's and sell a kidney for a twenty year old preamp!
  7. Thought about contacting Sonus Faber? Just because they are Italian..
  8. The GEC kt88's are worth near 200 used...site for wankers this is FFS
  9. All very well and I'm a fan of High res. Problem is the music I ACTUALLY want to listen is doesn't exist....great for plinky plonky crapola. I have a 96/24 Diana Krall CD and I'm hard pushed to want to listen to that.
  10. About time you got some decent speakers rather than those horn things..
  11. Just the Weiss int202 swap back to a Weiss DAC2 (again) Just realised the Beolab 5's have been in situ since March 2011, that's a record
  12. What are the interconnects? Do you have any others you can swap over with?
  13. Art loudspeakers....papp 57's are magical. I'll be first to admit the 2905 was a pale imitation with every day power valve amps...I never got mine to really sing, maybe more room, 100 watt push pull etc