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  1. Not an owner, I worked/work for the BBC since 1983, used them many times in dubbing theatres & Transfer Suites. Originally the slider was pitch control, but in a dubbing theatre an auto start fader was very useful ~ as soon as it came off the closed postion the CD would start to play, BBC faders traditionally had -∞ at the top, and the pitch control was move to a rotary knob just above it
  2. You might find my fingerprints on that! The only weakness is the little connector on the CD lid, it looks like a small gold tooth on the left of the front edge. Sometimes it would not do its job and the CD would not play, gently bending it towards yourself will sort it.
  3. Carpet for sure. Unless you want it to sound like a Californian mansion. Also remember a flat response is not the be all. You could tweek a wooden floor version to be flat, but the floor will act like an acoustic mirror, so you will be getting two sets of sound arriving at your ears, the direct and the reflected. These will be the higher frequencies, where it starts depends on room size, distance you to the speakers etc etc etc. Thing is the reflected sound will be taking a longer path, so will be phase shifted, and the frequency responce of the system in room does not reflect that.
  4. The Decca Sound Box set, 50 CD's complete and in very good condition. Wonderful selection of Decca recordings from the late '50s onwards. It's about 61 hours of music. Complete with an SD card of good scans (300 dpi/ 1400x1400) of all the covers front & back For a list of discs & tracks see; https://www.arkivmusic.com/classical/album.jsp?album_id=648280 £85 inc post UK mainland
  5. http://www.analogalley.com/osccart/product_info.php?products_id=1992 https://www.ebay.com/itm/JVC-QL-F300-Turntable-Service-Manual-/281728855233
  6. If you dont need digital inputs the Elektor 2012 pre amp is pretty good, based on solid electronic princibles. At the very least read the text, there is a lot of insights there. https://www.elektormagazine.com/labs/preamplifier-2012-1-introduction-and-line-intonevolume-board-110650
  7. That room arrangment sounds similar to mine. I have a pair of JM Reynald Offrandes, there is a pair on ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mega-Rare-J-M-Reynaud-Offrande-Speakers-with-stands-Near-Mint-Condition/382729204795?hash=item591c70343b:g:iggAAOSwA3xcGBfi They are superb, not like hifi at all, there is no 'wow' factor to impress the punters in the shop just a gentle realisation after a few hours how wonderful they are. Very good imaging, with width to the image, front port so I have them very close to the wall, a sound that warms you through like melting chocolate, clean detail, and correct bass without that awful boom that seems to be in fashion. I have had mine for about 15 years, and I doubt if I'll ever sell them. Mine & the ones above are 'Mk1' versions, which were only breifly officially sold in this country, for about £5700 IIRC. I bought mine from Mr Reynald himself in France. I was tempted to buy the pair for sale but SWMBO would not be happy! Quite a few reviews on net, universally good!; http://www.enjoythemusic.com/magazine/equipment/0402/reynaudoffrande.htm
  8. Yes. I had one which was getting a bit tatty, so did this to it. Also IIRC the original PSU was a big transformer & a bridge rectifer & some large electrolytics. There was a speed control board, with trim pots for 33 & 45. Should have hung on to it! If its any consilation the Android App 'RPM speed & wow' produces some shocking graphs, even for good performing TT's
  9. Duet only still avalible, £40 inc mainland post OVNO
  10. NAS box & controllers sold. Squeezebox Duet still avalible. £40 inc UK mainland post.