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  1. Thank you to all the replies, I'm quite tempted by that Technics, there's a couple of other DD's on the auction site that dare not mention it's name that I have my eye on.
  2. As per the title. There seems to be hundreds of sub £200 DDs/Idlers on ebay, but its difficult to get a decent opinion on them, so any recommendations? Arm not important
  3. karlinamillion

    TV cover

    I was thinking much the same, my tellys a 32" so a bit easier in some respects. A nice Jackson Pollock would work well I think, and I have a laser cut paper picture of a Koi my neighbour made for me (like this), but that would need some sort of illumination
  4. Very useful data regarding disc reliability here; https://www.backblaze.com/b2/hard-drive-test-data.html Last time I looked (about 2019) the best choices were Hitachi & WD (but not WD green)
  5. I have 2 Picore/LMS servers, one connected to the network by ethernet with material skin and Firefox (IIRC) with its ip to control it, one wireless with LMS and the squeezer app to control it, and I always just turn the plug off, never had a problem with the wired one, sometimes the wireless one won't reconnect but its just a tap on the phone away. The Material skin version has a button to turn off LMS IIRC, but I just assumed that was only if you have a HD plugged directly into the pi
  6. Join the BP/Polar network on a PAYG subscription. Here Put the app on your phone and pay some money into it. Put the ZapMap app on your phone too. On ZapMap you will be able to find the BP charging posts that do the £1.20 flat rate, might take some looking. There is a desktop version of ZapMap which might be easier for this here.
  7. Recently got an electric car (Hyundai Ioniq, not sizzling but fine). I join the BP Polar network as a non-subscription member. Some of their charging posts cost £1.20 to connect to and that's it. The electricity is free. I don't work on Mondays, so now I leave it charging at my local charger to fill up and get a weeks driving of about 140 miles for £1.20. This roughly equates to 600mpg+ Fantastic!
  8. First Suzuki TS125 Best Harley davidson WLA ex-army bike. Foot clutch, tank shift and a 45ci side valve engine Current Above HD, plus a Harley Duoglide
  9. The way I'm reading the OP is the actual rocker has come off leaving the body of the switch behind & the little contacts & spring are long gone. A couple of photos will be a big help, both from outside & inside, and maybe the size of the hole the switch fits in
  10. Some ply, some aluminium, fome felt & one of these Shelf bracket
  11. Can I suggest a Pi 3 or 4, with picore player & Logitech Media Server. Fitting a touch screen ispossible plus physical buttons. Logitec Media server is, in my humble, the nicest user interface, specially if your using a phone as a remote.
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