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  1. That looks like an Ex BBC one, what with the fader where the pitch would have been & the pitch on a little knob above it. BBC faders were 'shut' when at the top. Very robust, the only thing that use to go wrong (25 odd years ago mind) was the little gold 'tooth' on the lid (photo #11 on the listing) would sometimes not make contact with the connectors below when the lid was shut & the CD would not play. A gentle bending would sort it.
  2. Is the block orientated NorthSouth or EastWest, or some arbitrary direction ?
  3. 'Vintage' gear is always a joy to own, can sound wonderful (Quad ELS 57s for instance) and is eminently fixable/restorable. Generally it's also a delight on the eye and so much more straight forward use. One button/knob has one function! A few years back I picked up a radio at our local dump. It was rather tatty, but turned out to be a gem, a B&O 900K stereo receiver from the first year of production. 900K A couple of weeks later my wife went to Berlin for a week, so to stop my hands being idle I set to work on it. Now has pride of place in the lounge. Here's a before & after
  4. Digital is like a photograph. Analogue is like a painting.
  5. Is there anyone yet who has seen/heard this arm 'in the flesh'? I had a Terminator arm (wish I hadn't sold it THB) and in my humble a parallel tracker with a very short arm is a top combination
  6. Bloody awful! OK, maybe for the GPS where there is typing required and a lot of menus. But for the radio and the heating?? no, No, NO!!! Impossible to operate without taking your eyes off the road, stupid and dangerous.
  7. In my humble the GUI of volumio is lovely, but... I used Volumio on a Pi3 for quite a while and it was fine until it refused to scan more than 15,000 (approx) tracks. Updates, fresh install etc didn't help. Also ran volumio on a Pi4 and it was very unhappy, often getting corrupted and needing a fresh install, and still the 15,000 track limit. Tried Moode, couldn't get it to work at all Now run PiCore on both 3 & 4, works lovely, just needs a laptop/tablet/phone as a remote. It uses LMS, and is a complete player on a Pi with just either a Digi Hat, an analogue Hat, or an Amp Hat. The PiCore installation guide could do with a rewrite though.
  8. Oh no, I wasn't having a pop at you Tuga, apologies if it seemed that way! But there are many who get utterly hung up on spending vast amounts of time & cash on mods on gear which in reality only change the sound in the mind of the beholder (or should that be Creditcard holder?). I think what many forget is that a DAC is just a computer doing one job, ditto a streamer, and bar the analogue stages, if its up to the job, its up to the job. If someone thinks that a (for instance) a 'better' PSU on a (decent) DAC improves the sound, then they ought to be complaining to the DAC manufacturer, not bigging up some snake oil merchants who recase PSUs and sell them for a packet.
  9. One of the points about digital sound is that it has high immunity to noise, if there is a little bit of shash in the digits out of the streamer and the DAC can't sort that out, then that is a piss poor DAC
  10. 'the processing horsepower needed to uncompress...especially [if your playing it] in real time...and the strain on the power supply' Well all I can say is if your PSU is strained by the slightly faster walk in the park that is uncompressing a FLAC, then your PSU must be piss poor. And digital sound cannot be played in real time, the DAC out always lags behind the 'in' by quite a bit. Try setting your watch to a DAB radio station!
  11. Agent Ribbons! Fantastic band, just hurts that I never saw them live.
  12. But it had Nixie tubes.......
  13. https://www.hamhigh.co.uk/news/muswell-hill-floods-devastate-park-road-record-shop-8141326
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