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  1. redken wrote: could you plug headphone amp into the cdp?
  2. Anthony wrote: In what way didthe improvement come when changing the aforementioned valves? the svet winged c kt88s were tonally richer, had better bass weight and definition, more seductive mids, and sweeter top end but not perhaps quite as airy. summary - all round better the 5751s were GE and kindly donated by another wammer. theymade everythingmuch clearer - you could hear into the music more. i was quite surprised the level of improvement they brought. links to my original posts from first impressions are below: and and Cheers for that, I may well give it a go.
  3. Had a listen to the Dali Ikon 6 the other day and loved the soundstage, bass and instument definition, however I found the topend very bright. Also tried the Kef XQ 20 standmount. I loved it's richness and it had amazing bass for a standmount, even better than the Dali's. Not bright at all. However, it didn't have the larger soundstage of the Dali's. Damn!
  4. Anthony wrote: In what way didthe improvement come when changing the aforementioned valves?
  5. Cheers everyone, keep em coming. PMC fb1+ look nice, what's the rough price?
  6. the dali ikon 6 has been suggested by a dealer, what does anyone think?
  7. I have recently bought a primaluna prologue 2 and unison research unico cdp. I have this all wired up with nordost blue heaven speaker cable and interconnects into B&W CM2's. While I already love the overall sound I have the opportunityto upgrade my speakers with a budget of £1000 (a couple hundred more if need be) Therefore, I would appreciate suggestions of speakers to audition please. I would like more bass and better quality lowend frequencies when listening at lower volume, if that makes sense. More space between instruments wouldbe nice if possible and that's about it really. My room is approx 15 foot by 10. I enjoy all kinds of music but seem to listen to a lot of folk, country, dance, and world. I am only looking to buy new, as I am severly disabled and rely on my hifi dealer to set everything up for me Thanks in advance, the Gimp.
  8. hhhhhhmmmmmm..... Thanks for all the advice. It seems to be pointing to me abandoning my little dreams of wood for that room then. Bugger.
  9. I have been planning to put wood/laminate floors down in the house including the room which housesmy hifi setup. Although I'm fairly new to the forum (& enjoying it a great deal) it has become apparent that wood floors are not condusive to good hifi. Is my grasp of the situation correct or not? Please help, as I don't want to find out the expensive way! Cheers, The Gimp.
  10. rockmeister wrote: Looks like a puresound demo then.
  11. Anthony wrote: Newcastle to Edinburgh is not that far via train, so yeah I would give it a go. Thanks for that.
  12. Anthony wrote: IMO the Puresound would be a great building block for your system. One of the dealers may post you one to try on home demo if you ask. ^ good suggestion by papaif you can't get to hear one otherwise. also home demo is the only way of truly knowing how it sounds in your room. thegimp - maybe you will find what you love in a local dealer and can give your business to them. but if you can it may be worthhearing afew otherbits and bobsjust for comparison. I wil demo my local dealers first and see what comes of that, however if I'm not fully satisfied or think that something in the sound is lacking or missing then I'll happily audition outside my location. How does posting out pieces of equippment to demo work? That is, do I pay a deposit or pay full price upfront with a refund if I don't want it after demo, as I really do fancy auditioning the Puresound?
  13. Anthony wrote: Thanks for the advice Anthony. Yeah, whatever I get now will be kept for years so finding the correct matching combo will be essential. I have two main dealers in the area that I live, Newcastle, both of which I have good relationships with (Global Hi-Fi & Lintone Audio). However, there aresome pieces of kit that neither dealer have that I would like to hear and the nearest dealers that do are 50 plus miles away. Mydealers, between them, can demo;PrimaLuna ProLogue One Integrated Valve Amplifier, Fatman iTube 252 , Sugden A21, & Unison Research hybrid amps; Shanling CDT80, Unison Research Unico, Rega Apollo & Saturn, & Primare CD21 CD Players;Opera Operetta, Jamo C803, Pmc AML 1 and other Pmc models. Altogether, from what I have read and been told,I would really like to demo; Melody SP3 Integrated Amp,Puresound A30 integrated Class A valve amp; Consonance CD120 Linear, Vincent S6 Mk2 CD, &Puresound A8000 valve output cd player; Dynaudio Focus 110, ACOUSTIC ENERGY AE1, PROAC STUDIO 110, & Focal JM Lab. 807, as well, butmy dealers don't sell this lot. Therefore my question is this. Do I just stick to what the dealers I know stock, or take a few journeys outside my region? I value the service of my dealers, but on the other hand I want the best sound within my budget.