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  1. I can vouch for that. I got a guaranteed price from Manheim (part of autotrader) for £28.5k (p/ex from garage was £27k) but I missed the car I wanted. Found another one 3 weeks later and asked for another quote and they came back with £30k
  2. Well it arrived back minus the stylus guard and definately not working. I've got no way of telling if a switch has been made or not. My only option now is to get someone to look at it and see if it can be sorted.
  3. Only time will tell. I'll update when it gets back here.
  4. Yes it was an ebay sale, they told me late last night that someone from a hifi shop came round and couldn't get it working either so they have now raised a return. C'est la vie, I guess I'll find out when it comes back.
  5. Thanks guys, the op was all I had to go on from his message. I've asked most of those questions and for some pics, but so far not had a reply. The tt itself is a std Concept MC and the cart is the original factory fitted option (concept MC) cable is direct wired. I can't see transit issues causing this, which points to something further down the chain, but that will be a process of elimination which I may not be able to resolve remotely. The buey are 60 mile (farnham) so I might bite the bullet and take some of my own kit over so i can double check everything. It would be a pain but perhaps better than paying for a return and giving a refund.
  6. Hi all, Solm my clearaudio concept and today the buyer contacted me to say he can't get any sound out, nothing not even a low noise. There is no sign of any damage. He says all connections are good, but has no way to test and no alternatives to try (ie other phono or speakers) Phonostage is a clearaudio nano, not sure what the B&O speakers are. Anybody any suggestions? Thanks in advance
  7. Correction purchased August not October
  8. A fantastic turntable in perfect condition. I am the 2nd owner and purchased it last August. RRP on this version is over £2,100. I'm only selling as I can't justify this as my 2nd system TT, which rarely gets used. Original packing available, would prefer collection from Tring HP3 but will deliver at purchasers risk Looking for £1,300 + P+P (vpi clamp not included)
  9. Avantree Oasis Plus Certified aptX HD Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter Receiver for TV/HiFi Great little device with excellent service, I bought this because I wanted to transmit from my phono stage to my Bluetooth speakers in my study system. I worked brilliantly except once connected I could then disconnect from the speaker end if I want to revert back to spotify. An issue with my Edifer speakers not the transmitter. Looking for £45 delivered
  10. Depends what you mean by lower value. A £5 item (inc P+P) for example will cost you 12.8% = 64p +30p fixed giving 94p an almost 20% fee in total A £2 item (inc P+P) for example will cost you 12.8% = 26p +30p fixed giving 56p an almost 28% fee in total
  11. Been after a Marantz for over a year now, but finally found one.
  12. The only criteria will be supply and demand, that's happening in a big way already and will continue. Of course the people who currently own CD's will not suddenly throw it all out (although as with vinyl some might) but what do you do when the only format for the new release you want is either streaming or download with no physical option? As has been said very few pc/laptop/mac gets a cd drive now, also increasingly being dropped from cars (mine doesn't have one). Will CD production stop entirely? probably not in my life time. US sales in 1999 were 1 billion, in 1999 that had dropped 95% to 46m my guess is within 5 years they will drop to 20m. At which point vinyl sales will probably outstrip CD
  13. Similar to whathifi avforums cover a much wider remit, but they are huge by comparison to niche hifi sites like the wam, pf etc. 4.0 Million Unique Users a month 9.7 Million Pageviews per month 449,000+ Active Members
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