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  1. Depends what you mean by lower value. A £5 item (inc P+P) for example will cost you 12.8% = 64p +30p fixed giving 94p an almost 20% fee in total A £2 item (inc P+P) for example will cost you 12.8% = 26p +30p fixed giving 56p an almost 28% fee in total
  2. Been after a Marantz for over a year now, but finally found one.
  3. The only criteria will be supply and demand, that's happening in a big way already and will continue. Of course the people who currently own CD's will not suddenly throw it all out (although as with vinyl some might) but what do you do when the only format for the new release you want is either streaming or download with no physical option? As has been said very few pc/laptop/mac gets a cd drive now, also increasingly being dropped from cars (mine doesn't have one). Will CD production stop entirely? probably not in my life time. US sales in 1999 were 1 billion, in 1999 that had dropp
  4. Similar to whathifi avforums cover a much wider remit, but they are huge by comparison to niche hifi sites like the wam, pf etc. 4.0 Million Unique Users a month 9.7 Million Pageviews per month 449,000+ Active Members
  5. Yes and he sold it me for £5.5k, told me it was genuine mind.
  6. That's a tough one, I now have a different house & lifestyle. The focals would never work in my current house, even though my listening room at 10m x 7m is actually a bigger room. I've also moved on (and so has technology) from thinking only large volume boxes can produce good bass. Another factor is hearing, mine is now at least 10% worse than when I had the focals. But if I was forced to to make a choice with no compromising factors I believe I would still choose the Phantoms.
  7. I had a pair of these about 10-12 years ago. They are very impressive, but they do tend to dominate a room. From memory I paid a fair bit less than £2.5k and mine were perfect condition.
  8. Yes, they're one of the few that does, Discogs even SAY it's stereo but when you look at the images they clearly MONO printed on the label. https://www.discogs.com/Bob-Dylan-Highway-61-Revisited/release/17615578
  9. Follow up, some sellers in the track listing do how the individual tracks as mono, but most do not.
  10. This was released on 26th of March. I pre-ordered my copy and it arrived yesterday. However when I opened it up the label showed it as a Mono recording. I went back to check the listing no mention of mono. I checked all the other sellers also nothing showing for them. There's also nothing external on the sleeve to show it's mono. Mine is going back for a refund. I can only think that Sony forgot to mention this to their distributors when they announced the release. Now I accept many buyers might be happy with a mono release but a higher proportion will probably not be. Just be aware
  11. Wow I thought a courier that actually specialises in HI FI. They even say so on there website. But then you ask for a quote, and what a disappointment. They're just another broker who use DHL & UPS, who are good just not what I was hoping for.
  12. Looking for the SS version, is anyone thinking of selling? Ideally looking for one in silver with wood side cheeks. Cheers Ian
  13. Are you absolutely sure it isn't just your wife farting? Might save you a bunch of money on a custom job if she'd only own up.
  14. agree, this has got to be a piss take, never heard of PF or the beatles, but he has heard of Kenny G, WTF. Do not indulge him any longer!!
  15. I agree an auction is very unlikely to get the best price. I suspect less than £10k, with either a very lucky private buyer or they will get snapped up by a dealer and re offered for a substantial mark up.
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