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  1. Most embarrassing Hi Fi mistake. Russ Andrews
  2. All my LP's are one off purchases..... Why would I but 2 copies of the same album, other than an by accident (which to be fair I've done more than once) and there's no doubt even the most rubbish LP I have bought still sounds better than an overpriced kettle lead.
  3. If you possibly can I would ask your sister to test them out. But certainly check the cabinet condition just to make sure. Come Christmas it will be too late to do a return. Or maybe ask him to delay sending until just before you get back, so you can check them yourself. He may not be prepared to do that, but worth an ask.
  4. alphatoner

    Magico A3

    I wonder if they come with wall brackets?
  5. Convincing not at all, over 100 products with a minimum sale value of £500k total The address on the contact us page is Market Audio News Limited The Hawthorns Pottery Lane, Brede, Rye, TN31 6HB with a company registration No of 11131012 1. A quick google shows assets of £60 a bit different from the Stock holding 2. Only one picture per product, a red flag for hi end gear imo 3. Only a mobile number, another red flag 4. EVERY single item for sale in in a different room setting, a huge red flag 5. Companies House has an active proposal to strike off. 6. Market Audio News is registered as a News agent It is the same company because the text was from William Ingles. He is named as a director of Market Audio News and listing his occupation as accountant. However as he is an accountant perhaps we should give them the benefit of the doubt. After all who ever heard of a dodgy accountant.
  6. Much more than a possibility I would say, how else can you explain the Clangers.
  7. Marantz entry level amps like this always seem great value even at normal pricing. They also have a decent MM phono stage built in. Excellent basis for a low/mid budget (<£1k) system imo.
  8. and here's another one. So maybe the prediction is true
  9. Thanks guys, I do love Clearaudio TT's. This is my 3rd from them and very pleased with it. The Concept MC cart is also very sweet, now on the look out for a Clearaudio phono stage which should be a great match. One on ebay at the moment which may fit the bill.
  10. Yet another change of turntable, with a new VPI weight as well
  11. I bought this a while back (£50) but, tbh took one look and decided it was a bit too cheap and cheerful for my tastes so put it away again and have gone for something more aesthetically pleasing. Can be collected from Tring (herts) if preferred (£39) or £40 delivered All the reviews are good so if you're happy with the looks this should work perfectly.
  12. Used a Wood faced Musica with my Guarneri Memento's for a year or so. Not masses of power but beautifully smooth and a perfect match for SF speakers imo. I paid £750 for mine in mint condition back in early 2000's. Although I wouldn't buy the black version and I certainly wouldn't pay £2k, there was a mint wood one on ebay for quite a long time at c£1,500 which afaik never sold
  13. Odd I can't see any of the pics, do you need to have a Postimage account to view?
  14. I would suggest the standard litmus test. Never fails either way. Send your TT and vinyl to me. If after 3 months you haven't asked for it back, you can safely move on and never darken your thoughts with all this crappy vinylness again. I'll pm my address later
  15. Puts most dealer ads to shame, the majority of dealers hardly seem to bother with detail or decent pics.