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  1. haha, that is too funny
  2. I haven't posted for ages. During lockdown, didn't change things on the hifi but I did get into house plants
  3. So I havent gone totally cold on this, like always I put it on the back burner as I focus on my TT. I came across this Innuos ZENmini MK3. Never heard of them before. Ripper, NAS, DAC in one. Has anyone used one or heard anything about them? No reviews by the usual suspects makes me wonder.
  4. Les' reviews including many bus stops https://www.google.co.uk/maps/contrib/106940218410473080523/reviews/@51.5324757,-0.3559889,11z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m3!8m2!3m1!1e1?hl=en
  5. No Les totally turned his back on hifi, won’t even discuss hifi. Spends his time now eating and writing reviews of bus stops on google, I kid you not.
  6. phew, thanks for all the input. I must admit there are so many options it reminds me why i have put this off for so long
  7. i have 250 CDs, so at 700MB per CD that is 178GB. Can I just put them all on a USB stick and use a streamer/dac that has a USB input?
  8. yes, maybe I'm being sentimental about the physicality of the old silver disc. What is a SAD? I must be getting old
  9. I have put off (avoided) streaming so far. I also have been without a CD player for about 10 years, when the last one died I didnt replace it as I was playing alot more vinyl. Now due to less finances to upgrade my vinyl source I thought about dipping my toes into digital again. I have a few hundred CDs so it would be nice to play them again, especially as I'm not buying many new LPs atm. Starting to look around I realise that most streamers (eg Audiolab 6000N) have a DAC in them, so if i could buy a CD transport plus streamer and use the streamer as also the DAC. However the Audiolab 6000N doesnt seem to have a digital in ?? Do some streamers that include a DAC also have a digital input?
  10. I'm confused about the Nottingham EnVogue Astra https://www.loftsound.de/nottingham-analogue-en-vogue-astra I've never heard or seen of it before, but seems to be selling in Germany, priced lower than a Dias, looks different to a Hyperspace. Does anyone know anything about it?
  11. yes, i was keen to let the WAM know how things turned out. Its a funny hobby hifi, makes you happy as can be when its sounding good and then despair when things aren't right. Not to be melodramatic but it was affecting how i viewed the purchase of our new place. So all things good, I can now start to think about holding a bake-off. Never done one before, so i better read up on some previous reports. I'm in South London (Dulwich)
  12. still playing with the distance apart and toe-in, just overjoyed that i found my bass
  13. so everything is perfect now, and this is how the room looks. Now i'm not complaining as I have my bass back but isn't it weird that this placement the speakers have no side reinforcement at all but the bass sounds so much better and goes lower.
  14. amazingly she was ok with it. I'm as surprised about that as I am in the improvement in sound. I always thought you should fire speakers down the long side of a space. This will teach me never to assume anything about speaker placement (or women)
  15. So during the Christmas break i did try the speakers in front of the window. So much better, now the bass is as good as before if not better. So glad i didn't settle on the previous placement.
  16. well we are both architects so she's pretty good at predicted space, predicting sound - that's seems even harder
  17. I wanted to have them in front of the window as its a great view.
  18. i drew lots of combinations. I had the one you made there and the wife didn't agree to the speakers being in front of the window. Hmmm I could try it and if it sounds better i give her 2 options: Keep the LV in front of window OR i buy bigger speakers
  19. That's what I thought when we first viewed the flat. I thought this will sound better than the Barbican because there lots of space. I didn't consider at the time the unequal conditions for either side of the speakers (if they fire down the long side of the space). Curtains have helped but of course they are only on the right hand side. It would be great if I could convince the wife that I build a wall on the left hand side to match but that isn't going to happen. The speaker are now even a bit further apart and closer to back wall than in the attached photo.
  20. Sorry taken a while to respond. So lots of playing around and the current set up is what a couple of ppl suggested. LV speakers much further apart, closer to back wall and listening position 2/3 into the room. it still doesn’t quite have the sound of the Barbican flat but I’m sure I’ll get used to it. I’m a lot happier now than I was when I started this thread. Thanks to all who chipped in with advice. I do have a bit of the upgrade bug now. I’ve had the Prina Luna Prologue Two amp for the past 13 years!!! So I might consider upgrading that. They have a High Power version that takes KT150s so I’ll try track one down
  21. Keith That tone generator will be very interesting to play while moving things around. Great tip. Thanks
  22. thanks for the points, this weekend I'll do lots of moving around of speakers and listening position. Interesting idea about mirroring the window return to make it more symmetrical.
  23. I haven't posted for a while, been busy moving and DIYing. So my last flat in the Barbican sounded fantastic and I got very used to it (first photo attached). The new sounds like a massive downgrade, especially noticeable is lack of lower bass. Very disappointing. (next 3 photos). The room is bigger but harder to get the speakers to have equal distance to side walls. Any bright ideas out there.
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