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  1. You should give a try to Linlai on ebay I bought a pair of them thanks to the advice of a friend. Cheap as chips, with a mellower sound than my EML XLS but for one seventh of the price.
  2. T2000 is just another kind of beast with very different power and tubes but it might be interesting though. I currently have some WLM Diva Monitors but fancy a change or at last something to compare to.
  3. Hi fellow Wammers, long time no see (last time I wrote here, you were still in UE and nobody knew about COVID). Does anybody have some experience in pairing an Allnic T1500 with Living Voice ? If so, please share !
  4. Should you change your mind, I'm just the other side of the Channel in Le Havre. Silly question : would you consider swapping them with a pair of WLM Diva Monitor MKII with Diva Contral and stands and some cash ?
  5. I was told that it won't cost more than 100 £ for them to be fixed hence the trip.
  6. I'll bring them in Germany next week to the Lautsprecher Manufaktur in Manheim. They are the recommended specialists with a link on A 23 website. I hope they'll make the best possible job on my speakers.
  7. @jy3 : you can't mourn it as much as I do .... @waxy : how does it compare to your previous TT whichever they were, what kind of arm would you recommand, pros, cons ..... everything that could help me to make a choice and bit the bullet.....
  8. No answers? Just a few words from an Analogue Works TT owner , please.
  9. Hello wammers, my beloved Amazon is about to be shipped to a fellow wammer. My first target was to buy a pair of Heco Direkt but they don't come second hand very often and my Roiene are not gone yet. So, I'm back in turntable business with a lower budget and lower demand. I am lurking about 2 used turntables at the moment : an Analogue Works One which could be fitted with an OL or a Rega and a Scheu Premier already fitted with a SME 3009. I am looking for some pieces of advice, essentially on the Analogue Works, so thanks for your input.