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    SME 20A
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    SMEV Ortofon
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    Luxman EQ500
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    Naim N Nac 272
  • Digital Source 2
    Wadia 581 SE
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    Benchmark DAC 1
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    Luxman & McIntosh
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    Cary,Mactone Belles
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    Raidho XT1 &Tannoy
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  1. That’s a superb deck.Glad it all worked out for you.
  2. Hifimad1

    My main setup

    Yes, it’s the best sounding sub I have tried.
  3. It’s a 581 se. cost £10k when new.
  4. Sorry no digital in or outs I’m afraid .
  5. No my Wadia doesn’t have a digital out.Ripping to Aflac does not interest me.Storage capacity is so cheap now.I understand the bit for bit data of a flac file is identical to the original Wav audio file when it has been decompressed and is being playing. But for some very strange reason when playing FLAC files they just don't sound as Crisp and Clean as the Wav version and I like the idea of a like for like direct copy.Just my opinion of course.
  6. Carpet is much better as the floor is one of the first reflection points of a room.Those Maggies are already quite a neutral sounding speaker and i think it would tip the balance and could make for an unpleasant result. Like it’s been said above, if you go with a wood floor ,be prepared to cover it with a large thick rug and possibly fit additional acoustic treatment on the walls as well.Im sure it will all be fun and like everything ....a learning curve.
  7. Hifimad1

    My main setup

    The Amp between my mono blocks is my new Luxman M700u Stereo Power amp,It sounds superb with the Raidho XT1s.The Cary mono’s don’t get much use in the summer months.
  8. Hifimad1

    My main setup

    All the mains leads are Screened (supra Lo-Rad) so the leads are just connected up as best I can with no snags etc as it’s tight behind the racks !
  9. Hifimad1

    My main setup

    Thanks newlash the room looks smaller in the pics for some reason.
  10. Hifimad1

    My main setup

    “Dough"........... I tried to put this in the right section..........honest I did
  11. When you said cones for feet I thought of this.....
  12. Hifimad1

    My main setup

    After selling off a few things I no longer used I thought I’d better post a pic of my main system.
  13. I didn’t know about it !
  14. l’m a bit of a ‘T-Rex’ when it comes to computer music having always loved my Wadia to play CD’s. I have had a Naim streaming system as part of a second system for a while but recently I have bought a Benchmark DAC3 and a SOtM SMS 200 network player to use in my main system. I’m genuinely Surprised at how nice this sounds. No, it doesn’t sound like the Wadia (not sure what DAC does) but it’s a nice detailed alternative with the easy access to my music that a NAS drive system allows. I have ripped about 300 CDs using ITunes (don’t shoot me) , but recently I’ve been having trouble with drop outs from my rips. Yesterday I downloaded dB Poweramp CD ripper and it easily ripped those problem discs !! I have always ripped to Wav/Wave as I want the best quality and a like for like copy , but I have had to use Bliss software to add the artwork to the file.A really nice surprise was that dB poweramp looks up the artwork and saves it along with the rip with no fuss ! I never new you could do this for a Wav file so it’s a great feature to have as Bliss is horribly slow and glitchy to use. What do you use to rip CDs ? I wish I’d looked at dB poweramp before..Not sure if it sounds better but it’s a great easy to use piece of software. James.
  15. Is that going to be for a nice Garrard ? It's been beautifuly made How on earth did they fit the nice silver edging ?? I really must get some of my equipment pictures on here.