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  1. I don’t suppose you have any other angel bits for sale do you ? Ive always fancied a pair of Wings !
  2. No ...you are nuts for thinking a good cd transport/player is less capable than flac stored on a nas.Your wife must have better hearing than you !
  3. Well ,I tried streaming Wav files from a hard drive through a good sotm network player, good n switch and a 3k Dac.I did this for three months before going back to try CDs again.Wow what a difference ! The CDs sounded much better, more dynamic,better soundstage etc, and they just sounded so much more more vivid.I can only conclude that it must be either the CD players transport , ( being a more direct link to the Dac )and or physically playing the original verses a digital copy .How many of you have gone back to a good CD player after playing files ? I was so surprised that my file base set
  4. Zouch Audio have a superb Accuphase E480 for sale.......it’s a superb end game integrated amp!
  5. Now I’m on the lookout for a Dac that sounds like the Wadia, I may be looking for a long time .....
  6. Nope that was the 581se i and apparently the digital in’s sounded poor in comparison to the CD mech !
  7. I recently thought I would try a file based streaming (from nas) system using a good quality SOtM network adaptor, the best network switch ,chord network cables and a new Benchmark dac3 Dac and roon software and have recently started playing CD’s again via my Wadia 581se CD player.Well after the novelty of the streaming , all I can say is that the CD player sounds better in every aspect of sound quality.I’m both pleased but disappointed at the same time,having spent so much money and effort on the streaming but CD’s are definitely better in my system and by a large margin !
  8. What about going in a slightly sideways direction.I have a superb Naim Nac 272 pre amp/network player for sale in the classifieds,with a matching Naim XP’S power supply (which substantially lifts its performance).All can be operated via the Naim app or its remote control.😷 It has digital and analogue inputs too!
  9. Thanks,I agree (obviously) but I payed a lot more than this when I brought it new.Someone will get a bargain as I’m going for a separate Dac solution and network player to replace this.
  10. For sale is my Naim 272 steaming PreAmp.This is in mint condition and works as new.This is a superb one box solution combining a superb pre amp with the ability to stream files from the internet or a local nas or usb drive.I have the remote and all packaging as supplied by Naim.Looking for £1600 and I’m near Derby And will post.I also have a Naim XPS power supply (non DR) for sale at £1200 .
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