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  1. Having sold on my Mactone power amp I have downsized to this for my second system.Its far from a downsize in sound quality ,rather a big improvement with my Tannoys.
  2. This will also be a very good bass trap.A lot of people underestimate this !
  3. No the 2200 does not run hot,very slightly warmish .It won’t be an issue.
  4. I have been using a McIntosh C2200 for about five years.I know it’s sound very well as I have a few other pre amps to compare against.I have also had ATC active 20’s in the past, but not at the same time.The Mac has a very well judged sound being very fluid & dynamic with just a touch of midrange warmth .The ATC’s I had were a little dry in the midrange so I think they would be a great match and your newer C2500 should be too if not even better.I personaly would want a valve pre with any ATC speaker and McIntosh are superb !
  5. Hi, PM me your postcode so I can check the postage cost.
  6. I’ve bought from this German site before.Highly recommend you search on here, probably best to buy from a dealer with warranty . https://www.audio-markt.de/en/market/accuphase-e211-9715869874
  7. Sorry I’m looking for either a sale or swap for different cables thanks.
  8. I’m glad you like the amplifier Nigel.I do think that you may be in the smallest owners club ever as Mactone is a little known manufacturer in this country.
  9. I may be interested in a swap for other 2m speaker cables.What have you got ? must be smooth sounding !
  10. I would consider swap for a very good Blu ray player !
  11. Price drop ,now £410 posted !
  12. Not sure then as I’ve had them 5 years.Still a great cable !