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  1. I said over a year ago to a friend carr is a good player
  2. Will watch the game later but looking around social people are saying it was a better team performance from the hawks.
  3. The fact we are so rubbish the past two weeks! Haha
  4. The hawks d is terrible i have said that for a while. Now wilsons gone off the boil you could be correct this week...
  5. None? If you are only doing 5 speakers with two subs id get a cheap amp with a minidsp?
  6. Thats what i meant! But! I would not be getting a arcam or a nad, they are very very flaky....i had a nad, sold it the new one doesn't sound any better!
  7. Then id wait till it comes back and if it does it again bin it!
  8. A bit of light hearted banter doesnt hurt...dont be so sensitive...go out i have been out to walk my dog and have never seen so many people outside, if youre gonna lockdown do it properly like greece
  9. Hawks are 5-0 at mo whilst we ship points I’ll be disappointed if we lose
  10. We(hawks) have a bye this week. Whilst its nice being 5-0 the amount of points we have let in is a worry.
  11. Sold the fronts there!