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  1. Sold the fronts there!
  2. Friday beach day bump
  3. Cheapest i can find here?
  4. Hi i have two of these speakers for sale been ised as rears in my home are very nice indeed. They are the on wall. im in s.east £350 each?
  5. I used overland express recently was excellent.
  6. Ah yes i have sparkos! Good luck!
  7. What is the standard board? This one?
  8. That was a while back now. I have a marantz as i just hated what dirac done to the sound in the end, stripped it of life left-it soulless for me.
  9. Wowser...they are manly mens speakers! I remember you starting the hifilounge..i feel an aside they are awesome .. as an aside i seem to be watching your wafers on ebay...hmmmm
  10. So, with regard to the dead speaker...the guy i bought it off was very gracious and refunded immediately. Ive been in touch with Peter and he reckons around 5/600 to repair? Question? Yes or no? .