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  1. Be interesting to hear what colin says
  2. I hadnt seen this one before.. https://www.nordacoustics.co.uk/starkrimsonultra
  3. Good evening, whats the best for both items?
  4. I was using a marantz av8805, but have had some issues so im not using the nords at this time.. Considering selling at mo
  5. I think they use the same hypex modules, i tried to pice a three channel 500 on both and i know kjf was dearer…i will check that again..trouble is nord have so many options to spec the same is confusing. different note its a shame the facebook group never came back
  6. When i specced up kjf it was dearer than nord…
  7. Im still on the hunt for a three channel…..
  8. Its just the noise of the fan tbh
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